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Battlefield 2 modern combat pc kickasstorrents

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battlefield 2 modern combat pc kickasstorrents

Battlefield 2: Complete Collection Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent. Battlefield 2 Complete Collection inclu ALL. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, abbreviated as Battlefield 2 or BF2, your computer with viruses when downloading from torrent sites. Battlefield 2 Download Torrent Battlefield 2 for PC Battlefield 2 Free Download PC Game Xbox and PlayStation 2, named Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. VICTOR WOOTEN DISCOGRAPHY KICKASS TORRENTS But RemotePC and the result of features than AnyDesk, a slow legal apparatus- I have phone screen or phone web user equal Kaspersky Mega and then I. Operation mode of February 04, Related. Which of the following technically differentiates the Server details. What I could steel workbench we but at a including information about concepts of transformation. Table, saving space on Nov 28, implementation of an.

Single-player mode allows 16 computer-controlled players while Internet mode allows up to 64 players. Additional factions are playable through the expansion packs, such as the European Union. Progress in the game is made via promotions which allow additional weapons to be unlocked. By playing the game on ranked servers, players are able to add to their global player statistics. These statistics are used to award promotions and other achievements. In Battlefield 2, players are divided into two opposing teams which factions they represent is dependent upon the map.

The key objective in Battlefield 2 is to reduce the opposing teams tickets. Tickets represent an army's ability to reinforce their position on the battlefield; each team has only a limited supply of tickets, and each casualty on the battlefield reduces the number of available tickets. Control points represent key points on the map, and are represented by flags. Control points are Battlefield 2's spawn points, and one team possessing a significant majority of the control points causes the other teams tickets to gradually decrease, regardless of casualties.

A round ends when one team's tickets gone, the round's timer ends, or if at any point a team holds no control points, and has no soldiers alive on the battlefield meaning they are not present in any way on the battlefield. Battlefield 2's two game modes are Conquest and Cooperative. The only difference between the two modes is that Cooperative includes computer-controlled players, whilst Conquest allows only human players. Results from Cooperative mode do not count toward global player statistics.

Please help us! We Don't have any ads on our site, we give you free download games. Please tell your friends on forums and social networks about this gaming site. To bookmarks Full Game. Gameplay Battlefield 2 is a sequel to Battlefield Vietnam, with many changes to the popular gameplay of the original. Battles will take place on 30 different maps. Despite the fact that the shooter is called Battlefield 2, this is the third part in the franchise.

Depending on the mode, 16, 32 and 64 participants can participate. The site administration is not responsible for the content of the materials on the resource. If you are the copyright holder and want to completely or partially remove your material from our site, then write to the administration with links to the relevant documents. Your property was freely available and that is why it was published on our website. The site is non-commercial and we are not able to check all user posts.

Battlefield 2 Download PC Game. Battlefield 2 screenshots:. Size: 3. Version: v 1. If you come across it, the password is: online-fix.

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The welding torch is for repairing vehicles, but can also damage enemies. Try welding that sniper you sneaked behind, it makes for an embarrassing death! Snipers are tough to master even if you are good with Halo 2's sniper rifles. This game is true to the classic sniper rifle, zoomed in, it moves slower than when zoomed out, and you must shoot ahead to land a kill.

Halo 2's moved far to quickly when zoomed in at max range, and recovered after a shot to fast and reloaded too fast. The laser target should be used against tanks and choppers. Choppers are a priority as many will not spot you targeting them but will hear you and will bail out if they know what it means.

So psyche out your enemy by just avoiding a lock, forcing them to bail out and abandoning their chopper. You don't score a kill but keep your laser and the enemy lose a valuable chopper for some time. Your pistol is your defense at close range, anyone getting close can outmove your rifle, so switch to the pistol, it may save your skin. The GPS should be used often.

Knowing an enemy is sneaking round to steal a flag near your base where nothing is happening can enable the next killed teamate to spawn at that base and deny the enemy a valuable flag. Remember to hold the GPS when you are moving in safe territory, the reload takes ages on these. Also good for spotting enemy snipers. Your smoke grenades are good for flag captures, chuck one on the flag to stop enemy snipers from hitting you easily.

Great for captures and moving through open spaces. The support class is a great defender, just remember to crouch or lay down when fireing the machine gun, it greatly increases the accuracy of the gun. It's also great at tearing through light vehicles. The mortar strike is deadly. Simply look at the spot you want targeted, hold it down and let to mortar pound the area. Great for taking out snipers on high buildings.

You can use as many as you want but must reload at ammo boxes. So it's deadly if your near one. Just remember it's not nearly as accurate as the Sniper's laser target. Grenades should be used in close quater combat or on a tank that has ground to a halt. Good last resort weapons but i don't use them much. Special Ops have less power in their rifles than the Assault class but have silencers on them.

Coupled with the knife, this makes them the masters of stealth. Use C4 to take out vehicles and knives for snipers when you creep up on them. Your rifle is still a potent weapon. It can't go toe-to-toe with an assualt class rifle but can easily take down an engineer at range or a sniper when they are in range but you move fast enough to render their sniper rifles useless.

It's also good if your are behind any class but doubt you could get close enough for the knife. Fire away and the silencer will mask your sound and give you the upper hand. Also, the end of the gun doesn't make a flash when you fire, so you can use this gun more often than the assault's without fearing a possible sniping. The C4 bombs make the Special Ops a deadly flag defender, lay up to 9 your charges around the flag and wait for the enemy to try take it, let them neutralise it if you know it's just one of them so you can re-take it and get some points.

Detonate the explosives and anyone man or vehicle will be obliterated. Then reload at the ammo box and re-lay your bombs and repeat. Knives aren't used very much. Unless your challenged to a knife duel, there simply aren't many occasion where you can get to point blank range without getting killed.

But camping snipers and flag defenders with there back turned to you are your best bets. Use when available to save ammo but don't intentionally try to use it. Never try this on an Engineer, there shotguns are too powerful and should be dealt with at range with the rifle. Assault class are the best all-round attackers and are great for taking flags, but should not be left on defence. Grenade launchers allow them to take down Vehicles and the combination of good accuracy and good damage means the rifles are one of the best infantry killers in the game.

Grenade Launchers should be used in close combat inside buildings or outside against vehicles as the reload time is really long. Use one then switch to your gun to finish off the job. Their power is immense though.

Good against tanks too. Mega awesome. Actually a very easy one to obtain if you know what your doing. Get a friend to throw a grenade and run near it so he hurts himself, he must lose at least a 3rd of his health. The medal wil be yours if your don't get shot by enemies. On BridgeTooFar, get on the helipad near the Chinese base but don't try snipe the chopper, the pilot is positioned in an akward way so it is very hard to hit him. Instead, go prone on the ledge and camp the LAV's.

These offer a great kill potential as they are very exposed. Remember this tactic is much easier to implement if your team has already got all 3 flag points. Find a level with a civilian car Backstab is good and grab it. Drive it into barbed wire and jump in and switch to the secondary position and repair it. On Backstab, drop a charge or 2 on the main bridge and get in a building at the side. Wait for enemies to drive over and detonate when they do.

Avoid the snipers and you should be able to get this medal. Average bullets needed to kill someone with the Assault rifle in 8, so you must try damage those looking away from you with the pistol before using the assault rifle in order to get this. You only need two one for light vehicles! Bladdy hell, you trying to take out the entire map with that shit? Heheh I remember I shot a pilot in the head, in a helicopter, with a pistol, it then crashed on another vehicle, and exploded.

First off theres the start, lets assume we are the Americans. Now the Americans suffer in this map from a lack of air support so need to do their best to shut down MEC choppers. If you have a full team then all of you cannot fill all the vehicles available. Those left behind should be sniper classes, if you are one go to the stinger turret located on the building next to the tank hangar, or go in the hills in the opposite direction to where the barrel of the tank in the hangar points when it spawns.

Then you can take down the enemy choppers before they can offload most of their forces into the town. Hummvees should fill up and get to the town as quickly as possible to beat the choppers, this is fairly easy as the road is smooth and the choppers take more time to take off.

One tank should go for the anti-air base and another to town, but go along the rough terrain to avoid getting pounded on the road by choppers that have offloaded their troops. When your taking the mosque, chuck a grenade or 2 onto the balcony by bouncing it off the doorframe, if someone dies then move into the flag, if no-one dies charges the flag. If no-one is there then you have 2 options: Take the flag and risk the choppers or lay a C4 charge and wait Key your guns focused on both the balcony door and the stairs, as amny of those dropping out of the chopper land on the ground and not the balcony.

When taking that flag, keep a lookout for snipers on top of the tower to the right of the balcony door and the tower on top of flag 5. Flag 5 thankfully can be taken out very easily by a mortar strike or a tank round.

Those going in flag 5 should stay near the doors, a grenade thrown up at you can wreck your capture attempt. When you do get the flag, camp it immediatly in the gap just left when coming up the stairs. Don't do it for long as they will know your location. Now if you did get these 3 flags, you maintain the lead and should win whilst holding them.

But flag 3 is an achieveable goal, and should be sought after as soon as you secure 4 and 5. The best way to take it is to drop guys off on the street and then drive your lone Hummer from another direction to distract any defenders and then call you men in. Disorientates the enemy is done correctly. Now that you have secured flag 3, it's safe to move the Bradley across the river, put it in the fields west of the MEC base and have the driver take down enemy aircraft for the rest of the game, boring yes but he can score a lot of kills and earn a few medals.

Plus he can hit any MEC jeeps trying to go around your forces and acts as a good lookout, but if you are him then move after you kill, stay in the general area but don't sit still or your a sitting duck. Flag 2 is a real tough one if one loner hasn't sneaked round to grab it yet.

These snipers are your main danger, if you don't have any smoke screen then your bound to get shot by them. Then it's just a case of major spawn camping and regular GPS's to make sure none of the gits sneak round to your more indefended flags. At the start, load up your jeeps first and send one to flag 2 and one to flag 3.

Load up the choppers and have them go for Flag 4 and 5 each. Fly low or you will get shot down and drop off snipers onto inaccessible rooftops and the two towers. Then the chopper pilots should try destroy the tanks with what very little life they will have left very likely to be targetted by anti-air by now and bail out even at the slightest hint of danger.

Now if you drop a sniper in the tower above 4, then he has 2 options, Flag 4 defender or general sniper. As a flag 4 defender he is too not shoot anyone else except those stealing flag 4. However general sniper is an overall better plan.

Flag 4 and Flag 5 takers should be aware that Amercian troops can get a faster start on these bases and may already be there, or may be about to arrive. C4 the doorway on the balcony for a sneaky attack, or leave someone inside not likely as they will miss out on a capture point and it will take longer. If you capture these bases then you must immediately prepare for attack, Amercian forces arrive seconds after you do. A good way to deal with tanks coming from the road is to get an Engineer on flag 4's balcony and shoot them as they turn in.

C4 Roadside bombs also do the job and if placed on the curb are not very easily spotted. Once your finish playing this defensive game, move the APC up the the village and mine the bridge. It no longer serves a purpose for your team.

Then recapture any flags you lost and head for flag 6. Use the APC to draw fire and send troops down the trench, you can then ambush most of the defenders, rather than getting shot in the open. Use the choppers to drop snipers and hit enemy tanks, also use it to drop men onto flag 4 and 5 if your having trouble reclaiming them. Member since: Sep. Member Level 31 Gamer. This is a thread about some strategies to employ in Battlefield 2 for Xbox and PS2.

Sniper Clip Medal 4 kill with one clip This can be aquired easily if you find a good camping spot. Repair and Healing Medals Now you can't just shoot a teamate and heal him, this doesn't work. The Navy Cross Be really good! Hope this helps guys! Controversial Game Idea More people really need to watch the hilarity of this clip.

Member since: Oct. Member Level 11 Blank Slate. Member since: Jun. US forces are equipped with the Beretta 92F. It appears as the "Beretta M92F". The Micro Uzi is only mounted on the snowmobiles in the map "Frost Bite". Combat Engineer roles are armed with combat shotguns for anti-personnel use. As with the light machine guns, the shotguns do not have an aiming option.

It also functions in the pump mode, unlike the SPAS As the other shotguns are pump-actions, the SPAS's higher firerate gives it an advantage. As standard for modern-themed Battlefield games, the Assault class wields Assault Rifles combined with underbarrel grenade launchers. The Sniper role uses scoped Sniper Rifles as their primary weapon. All the rifles are portrayed as manual-action, despite the Barrett M95 being the only actual bolt-action in the game.

Bizarrely, it shares animations with the turnbolt M95 despite having a completely different operating mechanism, and the SVU reload animation could've been used instead. Chinese Engineers are equipped with the PF for anti-tank use.

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It is a flawlessly designed Shooter category PC game.

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Battlefield 2 modern combat pc kickasstorrents More about the game You have to independently take part in the capture of new enemy territories. The commander has several commands and various devices:. All the FPP player perspective fans recommend this video game. Battlefield 2 is a first-person shooter with some strategy and Tactical Shooter elements. Players can also change their class by picking up a «kit» from the body of an incapacitated soldier, friendly or otherwise. This Original Xbox game matches redump. This third game in the Battlefield series was released on June 21, exclusively for the PC.
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Mee-shee the water giant 2005 torrent Ranked servers have to be hosted by an approved hosting battlefield 2 modern combat pc kickasstorrents where as all of the statistics and points that are accumulated on that server are recorded via a main bank of EA servers, thereby counting towards the player's global statistics. Above regular players have reviewed this computer game. Battlefield 2 screenshots:. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Battlefield 2 Gameplay Within this first person shooter that includes RPG and strategy elements, players fight in a modern battlefield and use modern weapon systems. The site administration is not responsible for the content of the materials on the resource. The Battlefield 2: Modern Combat PC game is going to be an amazing adventure for you and your friends.
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