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So does the Power of Kabbalah. Look for more show- cases eight nights now , including some from high-octane presenters Funny or Die and Upright Citizens Brigade; afternoon performances during the week on the SXSW trade show Next stage; special events with Kelly Carlin daughter of George , Paul Provenza, Reggie Watts, and Doug Benson; a slew of live podcast tapings; panels during SXSW Interactive; and, most significantly, its own official named track through the three conferences.

Why are comedians seizing on this medium and how are they shaping its development? Some sites are breathing new life into the written tradition of humor and satire, creating for the s what National Lampoon was to the s. Miller hosts. Then this live show from Los Angeles and New York is for you. How risky are these stories? Hear some samples on the podcast or the website at www. Kevin Allison of the State hosts. Diddy on the show via Twitter or using social media to direct the route of an unplanned cross-country trip.

And expect to be interacted with. Mostly, expect Chris Gethard. Sixth Troy Conrad and Paul Provenza give stand-up an improvisational spin by making the comics who take part provide material off the cuff from topics that are handed to them just as they step up to the mic.

The creative process is a subject at once fascinating and largely inscrutable. Staley in a statement released Wednesday. Few archives so clearly capture the working life and imagi- nation of an author. In the meantime, Austinites can meet the man behind the archive on March 19, when Boyle will appear at BookPeople to sup- port his latest novel, When the Killing's Done, now out in paperback. Boyle on Nov. Two weeks later, protesters formed a mile human chain around the city to demon- strate their desire to see Vladimir Putin defeated in the upcoming presidential elec- tion.

The dramatic staging of these displays makes sense - in Russia, the line between politics and the theatre has always been thin. And Maksym Kurochkin, an impor- tant figure in both, will spend the days lead- ing up to the election in Austin as the fea- tured playwright at the second New Russian Drama Festival. Petersburg at the moment but also to understand the very different role that the- atre plays in Russian culture compared to the U. There was a transfer of that moral authority from the priest to the director.

Russian theatre was always a place where theatres emerged around geniuses and guiding directors who were seen as the visionary fathers of that house. Petersburg as an undergrad at UT in After I was there for a study-abroad semester, I came back and staged a student production of Uncle Vanya.

The classics were being staged over and over, and it was a very safe repertory. Then this class of playwrights started emerging. Max was one of them; Olga, whose play we staged last year, was also one of them. The Schooling of Bento Bonchev, the fully staged production that Breaking String is producing, with Schmidt as the director, premiered in Moscow in There are visionary directors and set design- ers now.

WORLD For more information , visit www. The Right of the Captain of the R. Together, they offer a unique opportunity to hear two important critics discuss the state of the avant-garde and fringe theatre in their respective cities. Jekyll and Mr. The exhibition examines the history of this translation and its influence on the arts and humanities. Wheel Get your Western Swing on! MAR 9 Friday, p. All artists, programs, and dates subject to change.

For tickets and information: austinsymphony. For more info about exhibitions and public programs visit amoa-arthouse. Additional support is provided by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division, The Texas Commission on the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves great art. Instead, the perfor- mances are blustering and shouty, with none of the simmering rage, resentment, and dis- Always be closing: Robert Deike and Shanon Weaver appointment that the best performances of the material utilize.

What it is, though, is a performance of classic work that seems to get lost in surface interpreta- tions of rich material. For example, the incorporation of tango music and dance by choreographer Rose Mitchell including a clever mingling of tango-infused gesture within a larger form reminiscent of contra dance - coupled with stylistic costuming and scene change music - clearly point toward this same influence.

As Juliet, Chelsea Bunn brings a youthful exuberance to the role that is as refreshing as it is honest. Her approach is far from the melodramatic portrayals of Juliet that one too often observes, and her scansion smartly reflects the adolescent angle of her take on the character. To an extent greater than his fellow actors here, McLemore does not bring the standard tenor of his character to the table, but instead an everyman spin on the role.

His naturalistic acting is often convincing, if at times a bit nonchalant for the high stakes at play. At times, these peculiar- ities of physical acting serve to mar staging that could otherwise prove more satisfying. Nonetheless, the band of actors manages to provide performances so passionate as to counterbalance most of these shortcomings.

Yes, the production elements on the whole may be minimalist. But this choice helps to direct our attention to what are some truly unique and interesting interpretations of perhaps the most well-known play in the Western canon. I felt a strong urge to leave after the interviews, to allow humane space to follow them rather than more little dances that would no doubt seem trite in their shadow.

I did not leave, and my expectations were realized. Call me oversensitive, but it seems to me that if you could engage with the rest of the program after watching the inter- views, you are perhaps desensitized in a frightening way.

Was it her feeling of being marginal- ized? By whom? Was it that she felt no longer relevant? If so, perhaps that was because she spent her time lounging on an oversized chair with copies of More and 0, The Oprah Magazine and having the occa- sional tantrum. This dance was lovely and intelligent, but it seemed out of place on this program. Write to our Style Avatar with your related events , news , and hautey bits : style austinchronicle.

Hi So are we. Take us with you. Ben White - workclothesandmore. For him. New arrivals! Find the nearest happy hour. Hundreds of places to choose from! CON N. Lamar Blvd. With so many customers, who needs discounts? Well, we do. Luckily, we have a bunch of dependable places that are either sticking to their discounts or are holding the reins on their prices. We love places with exotic beers, perfect cocktails, and unusual wines, all at prices that make us smile when handed the final tally.

Here are a few of our favorites, all but one within walking distance of Downtown. No windows, dark, and quite anonymous. Also, spend a little time perusing the jukebox. This is quintessential old Austin. And before you go, check the website or call to avoid private event closings during SXSW: www.

Yes, but rea- sonable if you choose to sit at the bar, where the drinks are inventive and the food is brilliant. Cru - A Wine Bar W. Second, has a thoughtful selection of well-priced wines and lovely indoor and outdoor seating. On Thursdays, all sparkling wines and Champagnes! East Side Show Room E. Sixth, It uses freshly squeezed juices and prepares its own syrups, tinc- tures, and infusions. The Ginger Man Lavaca, Beer, glorious beer.

The vibe is friendly, the food surprisingly inventive, and the inexpensive wine list is manna for both connoisseurs and the adventurous. Complimentary food and drinks. Thursday, March 8, pm. Braker celebrates its first anniversary with samples of new beers and food from local food trucks.

Saturday, March 10, l-5pm. Sunday, March 11, noon-3pm. Local cooks will compete for prizes with their best and most outrageous bacon dishes at Shangri-La E. Sixth , judged by Hilah Johnson and Addie Broyles. Sunday, March 11, pm. Wednesday- Saturday, March , noon-6pm. Learn more at www. Wednesday, March Thursday, March 15, pm. SXSW Interactive Awards finalist Stamped lets you put a virtual stamp of approval on things such as restau- rants, books, movies, and music.

It also follows respected critics in major markets and provides links to their recommendations, such as a list of favorite restaurants from The Austin Chronicle. The Austin launch includes info on almost 1, local res- taurants. Grubwithus is a social dining site that puts together restaurant dinner outings. It will host meals at the Clay Pit, Lamberts, Piranha Killer Sushi, and La Condesa during the festival and sponsor the Grubmobile, a flatbed truck tricked out with comfortable seating and a photo booth cruising around Downtown.

Trover is a free mobile app offering users fascinating local discoveries such as galleries, restaurants, and other must-visit places in various cities. These folks are also Interactive Award nominees and will host a full lineup of Austin activities, such as live graffiti parties, shot walks, and daily cool discovery challenges with restaurant dinners as prizes. Connect with them at www. Zagat debuts its first Flavor of Austin guide this week. Download evaluations of Austin and Hill Country eateries in a variety of catego- ries, at www.

Plus, The Austin Chronicle Restaurant Guide has just gotten a face-lift and some new search functionality - and be sure to check our On the Range blog for info about more food-related happenings dur- ing the next 10 days. No word on who might take over that prime restaurant row location Owners of the Melting Pot E. Third have closed the Downtown location, but the Northwest outlet remains open C has added cus- tom cocktails, and new chef Joe Anguiano is pleasing crowds with eclectic new menu items Jessica and Michael Sanders have opened Drink.

Well American Pub E. Bill Norris and Brian Dressel are in charge of the newest concept from the Alamo Drafthouse entertainment jug- gernaut, a reservation-based cocktail lounge where drinks will be prepared table-side. The young guns of Austin barbecue Central Texas is the home of revered barbecue traditions, with knowledge, skills, techniques, recipes, and family pride often passed down through genera- tions. Barbecue has always been good business in these parts, and never more so than in Austin over the last couple of years.

Thanks to a group of talented and hardworking young men, capitol city bar- becue aficionados currently have an embarrassment of riches where exempla- ry barbecue is concerned. Some of these men represent the second or third genera- tion of respected Texas barbecue families, others put in years of apprenticeship in iconic Central Texas barbecue temples, and one is self-taught and proud of it.

A couple of the places in this story have garnered so much national and regional acclaim lately that it could require plenty of patience and willingness to stand in line to experience their meats. Make no mistake, however - each of these young guns is part of the reason Austin is a great barbecue destination.

To set the record straight, all three of the principals involved in Stiles Switch are from Taylor, Texas. Owner Shane Stiles is a longtime barbecue enthusiast who named his restaurant after a 19th century rural rail- road stop and put together an experienced team to bring his vision to life in Austin.

I chopped his onions, peeled his potatoes, fetched wood - whatever Bobby needed those first few years until he finally asked me to cook with him. Meats at Stiles Switch are smoked over post oak, sold market-style, and priced by the half pound: brisket, chopped beef sandwiches, three kinds of sausage, beef ribs, pork ribs, pork shoulder, chicken, and turkey.

The sides here were the only real disappoint- ment. The cobbler, on the other hand, was just dandy. Stiles Switch offers good barbecue in a friendly setting with plenty of ice-cold beer and big-screen TVs on hand. First, Wednesday-Sunday r am to until the meat runs out www.

I was pleased to learn he was making a comeback personally and profession- ally. Then I began to see blog posts about his imminent arrival at a tree-shaded vacant lot on South First. It took a few weeks of false starts, but eventu- ally John installed a shiny new barbecue trailer and a screened-in pit on the lot, along with some comfortable picnic tables.

Lines quickly began to form. Many of the first folks in line were die-hard loyalists from that gone- but-not-forgotten Manor Road outlet, thrilled to see their favorite barbecue available once again. The meats are the reason to come here, and they are indeed spectacular. John learned his trade working along- side his father and grandfather at the renowned Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor.

His father and grandfather built their reputa- tions on dry-rubbed brisket and their house-made sau- sage. Huge and crusty, with a melting layer of caramelized fat under the bark, the ribs are a marvel- ous wonder. It may look seedy, but the food is exceptional. The jalapeno cornbread casserole is emphatically not to be missed. Some say they have the best chicken in town. The Gospel Brunch on Sundays has become so popular that reservations are a must for both seatings.

Second , Daily, llam-8pm www. Jack-of-all- trades pit master, as well as barbecue competitor and judge, Spaulding had garnered a good reputation as an experimental but devoted fan of the meat-smoking and -grilling arts, per- forming acts like grilling whole, butterflied hogs on a custom metal frame and building cowboy pits just to smoke pound batches of beef for parties.

The Stocktons sampled his barbecue at an event, and after the usual chitchat, a partner- ship was formed. After devoted rehab and remodeling to the old bar, Live Oak was ready; they had the spot and the pit master to make it happen.

Two dining rooms inside, a deck on the west side, and a patio out back provide plenty of seating. The superlative ribs were tender and moist, smoky and pep- pery, and not overcooked, oversmoked, or too mushy. A barbe- cue judge deducts points for rib meat that falls off the bone; it should be tender but still toothsome and substantial.

The sausage is first-rate, with a medium grind, peppery flavor, the kiss of smoldering post oak, and a good snap on the casing. The chicken was juicy and ten- der, with a rendered, crackling skin. The pork loin has a really nice, smoky, deep, sweet, porky flavor, and a tender bite; Live Oak is known for its pork loin. We loved the borracho beans, which are loaded with meat and flavored with chile and garlic. The crisp, sweet-sour cucumber salad counterbalances the richness of the meat to perfection.

The slightly mustardy potato salad has ample boiled egg in it, which we love. The crisp slaw is also of the sweet-sour variety, which is the only way to eat it. Onion slices, pickles, crackers, and white bread round out the plate; splurge on a jalapeho or two. On Saturday afternoons, around 2pm or so, Live Oak does a weekly special, where it flexes its culinary muscles and goes out- side of the CenTex box check its Facebook page for the current special.

Fourth , Daily, 7am-9pm www. The sides, banana pudding, and sauce are made in-house at the base of the Frost Bank Building, near the southwest corner, in what used to be the WeFuse location. The turkey tastes brined, has a quarter-inch smoke ring with a light smoky flavor, and is tender, moist, and delicious; we thought this would make a dynamite sandwich.

The pork- and-beef sausage was fairly good, with a medium grind, a snappy casing, a fair amount of smokiness, and the lingering kick of pep- per and cayenne. The brisket was fall-apart tender and fairly moist with a smoky edge to the flavor, although it was from the lean end - we prefer the point or fatty end, where the most flavor hangs out, and should have asked for it. The pork spareribs were moist, smoky, and fall-off-the-bone tender.

I ate them and enjoyed them, as I would almost any rib, but I prefer a rib that has a little more bite to it, one where the meat clings a little more precariously to the bone. Pulled pork was the big star of the show. Done in a chunky style rather than shredded, it had small chunks of the fat and the caramelized crust mixed all through it, making meat that was porky, suc- culent, and moist. From the world of sides, we tried four of the nine veggies. Potato salad was the fave, prepared mayo-style, with some mustard, bal- anced flavor, and soft yet defined chunks of spud.

The coleslaw is finely shredded, done in the sweetish mayo style. The corn was lack- luster, and the meaty pinto beans could have stood more cooking to develop that creamy texture. The banana pudding was definitely not made from a mix, and it had a thickish texture, as if a little whipped cream or Cool Whip had been folded into the custard. Nilla Wafers were pleasantly crunchy, but the pudding was a little shy on banana slices for my taste merely a portioning problem.

Franklin Barbecue E. Almost from day one, it was like the morning-forming line had been picked up on Concordia Street and teleported down to 11th. Some days, it starts forming at 7am, and the line can grow to folks or so. The sauce options include sweet, espresso pitch dark with a hint of cof- fee , and pork peppery, thin, and vinegary.

We recommend mixing the sweet and espres- so sauces half-and-half, and then adding a dab of the pork for balance. We use a little sauce with the pulled pork; god forbid you use it on the ribs or brisket! We should all be glad that Franklin decided to listen to his smoky muse. This is truly delicious barbecue, worthy of the wait, the mania, and devotion, and well worth the price of admission. Cafe Making Vietnamese cuisine with grass-fed meats, eggs from pastured chickens, locally grown organic produce, and seafood fresh from the Gulf makes us happy - but not as happy as the dreamy drip coffee served iced or hot.

First , From the Chronicle Restaurant Guide austinchronicie. Here are a few spots not to be missed, but if none of them suit your needs and you want something away from the relentless foot traffic of South by Southwest, dial up the The Austin Chronicle's o Restaurant Guide at austinchronicle. Happy hour specials are good all day on Sunday, too. It is quite proud of its espresso cocktails and delights across the board with Nutella crepes, paninis, and, as with any fabulous coffee bar, a fine selection of cigars and ciga- rettes.

Fourth , Second , It also offers some exciting Mexican dishes. Le Cafe Crepe is a full-service espresso and coffee shop that specializes in crepes for breakfast, lunch, and dessert. Create your own crepe from the savory filling choices. Leaf Wait a minute, what's this green stuff? Well, Leaf has fruit and veggie combos that are attractive to any palate. Both parkside and the Backspace will be open for lunch during the Festival.

Royal Blue Grocery specializes in local products with a wide variety of ready-made foods, from spring rolls with peanut sauce to savory Brazilian pastries, vegetarian and meat tacos, falafel wraps, and deli-style sandwiches. It's open until midnight every night and delivers in the Downtown area. The food is eclectic, with an emphasis on seasonal, farm-to-table ingredients.

All at Congress. Lamar ; Lamar, El Alma Chef Alma Alcocer-Thomas interprets the Mexico City-style cuisine of her childhood in a casual setting, with full-bar service and a rooftop patio allowing you a view of the SXSW hordes and the Downtown skyline. El Meson Housed in an inviting, native-stone building that shares a parking lot with the Horseshoe Lounge, El Meson serves authentic Mexican cuisine, including exotic stuff like huitlacoche, or corn fungus, enchiladas; and mole verde.

The emphasis on the menu is seasonal and local, with tasty and unique cocktails to wash it all down. La Feria This popular Mexican and margarita spot with a good, solid menu is particularly known for its shrimp fajitas. Olivia is home to another celebrated chef, James Holmes, who offers inventive, upscale, seasonal and local fare, but features larger portions, ample seating, and a full bar.

Sandy's has been doing cheap burgers and frozen custard for more than 50 years, so it'll get you fed and on your way. Covered outdoor seating only. Riverside, Uchi This Japanese restaurant of chef Tyson Cole is nationally renowned as well as locally loved. Uchi is one of the best restaurants in Texas and boasts a truly world- class sushi bar. It can be hard to get in, but if you get there when they open at 5pm, it's well worth the effort. Must mention coupon at time of order.

Lamar Alamo Ritz E. Boy, do we have a lot more to say. The good bet are the SXsatellite venues, the Alamo Village and Alamo Slaughter, chosen especially for their distance far from the madding crowds. Bonus points: You can be one of the first to breathe in that new-car smell at the Alamo Slaughter location, which has its grand opening later this month. Flow hands-on?

The only information was a date and some map coordinates. It was all in the trademark cooler-than-cool Mondo style, but it marked a new era for the local movie poster and print firm: the announce- ment of the opening of its new brick-and-mor- tar gallery. The site at Guadalupe finally allows Mondo to expand beyond limited-edition movie prints into original art. Currently, the office for its Internet store is located under screen two at the Alamo South Lamar. You had to scrunch down and a do a sort of crabwalk.

Was it worth the wait? Do teenagers die in the woods? Every now and then, genre cin- ema needs someone to come along and rip its head off, slit its belly, and give the audience and Hollywood a good look at the naked, fathomable gears inside. Sometimes, you need to pay attention to the man behind the curtain, if only to reassure yourself that somebody is running the thing.

Things get weird. Sure, there will be blood, but there will also be conversa- tions and probably not a few arguments. Genre and non- genre fans alike will exit the theatre wondering whose cine- matic fist just hit them square in their solar geexuses. And between the two of us, that anger combined to form what eventually became this film.

Too many Saws in the knife drawer, so to speak. You write what you know, and what I know is writers and the ways in which they decide to manipulate [their characters] and the terrible things that they do to them. Those characters are so expendable that the audience is only iden- tifying with the thrill of destroying them and not at all with the hope that he may somehow get away.

E Lo veer aft. It was equally important for Joss and I to try and create something totally new along the way. Blew our minds. Not valid during lunch. Not valid for happy hour or sushi. Seriously have you seen the hypermilitarized riot gear the long truncheon of the law is wielding these days? Or the inescapable presence of the entirely incongruous - to American history anyway - preponderance of Guy Fawkes masks both online and on the streets?

And where better to assemble the multiversed masses of geekerati and technogenii than at South by Southwest ? This year SXSW presents multiple panels on the virulent protestations sweeping the globe as well as two excellent documen- tary films for those late to the barricades.

The self-dubbed Anonymous has since moved from utter mainstream obscurity to become the virtual face of rage in this era of ever- present inequality, appropriating the Fawkes visage along the way. It butted heads with the infamously litigious Church of Scientology before engaging and breach- ing the servers of the Tunisian government in January and officially or as official as Anonymous gets announcing its new- found pro-activist leanings.

There are, as the Feds and Interpol surely know, far more Anons and their sympathizers out there than law enforcement has the ability to corral. Our guess? Not half as long as it took Alan Moore to grow that beard of his. All the stuff that was said about how this would destroy all the temples of modern day civilization and governance And there is some argument that the release of the WikiLeaks files has brought about some good.

I felt that a lot of the cov- erage around Julian and the rape stuff was a complete distraction from the main issues. Not really. Governments fear WikiLeaks and by extension, Anonymous, Occupy, etc. The populace, on the other hand, is already aware even if only intui- tively of shady goings-on between their leaders and those of other countries. Either way, however, the genie is completely out of the bottle at this point.

We are in a new era, and WikiLeaks is a symptom of that. Everybody involved has got to face up to that. Assuming that Bradley Manning did what he is alleged to have done, and that has yet to be proven, then the guy did a heroic thing for, it would seem, heroic motives. There he was sitting with this vast amount of information right there at his fingertips, he hit send, and it all went out in a nanosecond.

Trying to say that will never happen again, or threaten- ing Bradley Manning with life imprisonment, is just foolish. Any attempt to put that genie back in the bottle is doomed to failure. And swarm they have.

Hey, if Egypt can do it, why not the Anons? You bullied us into your delusion. We have seen you brutalize harmless old womans [sic] who were protesting for peace. We do not forget because we know you will only use that to start again.

We know your true face. We know you will never stop. Neither are we. We know. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget. You know who you are, Expect us. But it was their presence, their physi- cal presence, that I just found amazing. The Internet itself seemed to call forth this world- wide protest movement that was at once bizarre, compelling, and very intriguing. Later in the film, we have the other extreme, with interview sub- jects using voice distortion and so on.

These are peo- ple who are hunted by the FBI, still, and in all cases, when I approached it as a film- maker, I tried to respect whatever level of privacy that specific individual asked for. Outside of Wired. But when it comes to the number of people who go online, the prevalence of new communication tools such as Twitter and all that, the amount of personal information online, and the ability to spy on that per- sonal information - when you combine all off these disparate elements, then I think you have something that is very, legiti- mately new in the human experience.

It turned out to be a tool that is extremely powerful and extremely frightening to gov- ernments around the world. And the Occupy movement is also part of this con- tinuum which revolves around freedom of speech, human rights. These tools have given people a way to mess with the pow- ers that be. It is, for now, a standoff. Not between good and evil, per se, but between the morally neutral transparency of the truth and the shady opacity of traditional governance.

Freedom and privacy hang in the balance as never before, and what comes next? Visit sxswscreenburn. Big Star officially existed for three years, releasing three albums to rave reviews, 1 Record , Radio City , and later, Third eventually released in , and later under the name Sister Lovers. Set apart by genius audio production, mysterious frontman Alex Chilton, and a fervid cult following, Big Star was - to borrow a phrase from rough contemporaries the Flatlanders - more a legend than a band. As Bruce Eaton wrote in his book, Radio City, Big Star was also more a studio project than a touring group, which hurt its chances commercially.

By late February, the filmmakers had distilled their footage into a three-hour movie. The screening is the culmination of a six- year passion project started by McCarthy and buoyed by the Big Star fan community. The story has changed dramatically since production began because two central fig- ures have died: Dickinson, the outspoken Memphis luminary who produced Third; and of course Chilton, who passed away on March 17, , three days before he was scheduled to play a Big Star semi-reunion show at SXSW.

McCarthy, a longtime fan, says she had the idea for the documentary while dis- cussing Big Star over beers with a friend in Memphis, Tenn. And yet they were surround- ed by Memphis music. When Big Star signed to Ardent, they were Stax artists. Then Columbia bought Stax, and they thought they were going to be huge. In the heyday of payola, Big Star was harnessed to a doomed distributor.

Though the crew spent time with Chilton, he did not agree to be inter- viewed. McCarthy approached Fry and Stephens, warily, about recording the show. We had two days to try to figure out how. By luck, another documentary crew was going to the show to film Dwight Twilley, who was scheduled to open for Big Star. They gave us everything. Again, the film- makers found themselves with no means to shoot it, so they launched a Kickstarter campaign, becoming one of the first DIY documentaries to successfully do so.

They made their goal within 24 hours and more than doubled it in two weeks. Now I wear a bit of a film investor hat. Memphis being a town of labels. The one thing I want to do is go to the Counter Cafe and have one of those amazing hamburg- ers. I can do My Left Foot or Milk. His Registered Sex Offender and Harmony and Me were black comedy takes on the million small dramas that constitute our daily lives, squirm-inducing yet thrilling in their ability to capture reality in all its messiness.

With his latest, Somebody Up There Likes Me, Byington extends his reach into the realm of the magical, or at least the whimsical and highly improbable. The movie follows Max played by frequent col- laborator Keith Poulson , a deadpan yet charming cynic, through the ups and downs of several relation- ships over the course of 35 years.

The film is divided into five-year segments, each a minor-key celebration of life and all its failures. At the center of the story lies a mysterious briefcase which may or may not possess magical powers. Somebody Up There Likes Me is a remark- ably original vision of life as deadpan farce, a world populated by characters who are both too knowing and too lost to seem at home anywhere.

Generational cinema tropes like whimsy, quirkiness, irony, and sarcasm are played out to their extremes, out past the world of actuality into near-Pla- tonic idealizations. Each scene is a blow struck for stylized dialogue and just-so cam- era placement. With its animated sequences, comic sound effects, and a plot structure that plays with time and memory and stretches the limits of reality, Somebody feels like a great stylistic leap forward for Byington. He was also very flexible and easy to communi- cate with, which is slightly rare for camera people, in my experience.

We buy only select crawfish that means the best of the catch. We season our boil with a special blend of seasonings and soak them for up to 20 minutes so the flavor permeates deep into the crawfish. We cook them up with corn and potatoes for that true Cajun experience.

In an earlier film, Zahedi - whose on-cam- era persona and cinematic explorations out-Albert Brooks Albert Brooks - attempted to prove the existence of God by taking a road trip to Las Vegas with his Iranian-born father and half-brother. Yes, others - on either side - might have sniffed trouble ahead. But the story of how a seemingly straightforward commission ended not with an lavish Persian Gulf world premiere but with a Rushdie-esque bang - the filmmaker and his then- spoiler-titled film, Plot for a Biennial, banned from Sharjah - is one crazy tale.

All of it is unpacked with signature Caveh style in the feature he made, upon the conclusion of protracted legal negotiations and with footage repurposed from his kiboshed orig- inal commission. Caveh Zahedi: I think the curator liked my work and thought I was appropriately edgy and might supply some desirable street cred for a festival not necessarily associated with edgy work. I assume that their theme of art as a subversive act was part of that same impulse at achieving greater legitimacy in the eyes of the art world.

AC: And you accepted because I like the challenge of a commission and I liked that other people would be involved. AC: Was Sheik really as shoot from the hip as it seemed? CZ: It was as shoot from the hip as it seems. It could have turned out terribly. CZ: I describe them as autobiographical. AC: What about your on-camera persona? Are you scripted or just talking off the cuff as you appear to be? CZ: The camera persona is partly constructed and partly not. AC: I must say, watching Sheik after Sex Addict, it was a bit jarring to see you so settled into domestic life, now mar- ried and with a son, Beckett.

Has your personal life affected the direction of your films? CZ: I try to follow the lead of my life, and my life takes me where it takes me. And in the last week before the performance, no one is sure whether the storm clouds will break long enough for the dance to take place or if anyone will come see it if it does. It turns out there was uncertainty behind the camera as well. Garrison started filming without really knowing Orr, her Forklift Danceworks company, or how she works, except that she makes dances with nontra- ditional performers and that The Trash Project, as she called it, would be focusing on sanitation workers.

Their response as the two dozen city workers and 16 trucks created unexpectedly lyrical movements on the rain-slicked tar- mac had the electric enthusiasm of a rock concert. That night, Garrison knew that the film would come together. But he had become sure of his subject months earlier, on the day he was filming Orr in the recy- cling center and she walked up to a city employee and began speaking to him in Spanish.

He was knocked out by the way she remembered him, remembered his family, remembered his cultural background, and was very comfortable relating to him in that way. No narrative leading to the shot, no narrative leading away, just the singular image itself. Ben Shapiro is a filmmaker. And at that point, I decided to go ahead and follow him - and that was in Did you ever feel a kind of hall- of-mirrors effect? Garrison believes that a transformational quality is embedded in his film.

Where should I be? What should I be shooting? At what point should I talk to the artist, engage with him? In a way, though, I had certain advantages. Because the sets were all lit, which benefits the films. There are definite visual advantages. AC: What kind of crew do you use for these shoots? BS: For almost all that stuff, it was just me. And Gregory was always very accommodating and welcoming on the sets, told his crew I could go anywhere.

There were a couple of times when I was physically on the set, hiding behind a car or something while they were shooting. This lack of a carrot scares away many programmers and artists to established development teams with regular paychecks while those with games in their hearts and no fear of long nights, setbacks, and the distinct pos- sibility for utter failure go the indie route.

For film and game indies, crunch time often coincides with a running-up of credit card debt, which only adds to the pressure to make a quality prod- uct and hopefully get out of the red soon after release. It was just long. Even before the film had been seen by the public, things were looking good for Pajot and Swirsky.

With a panel at South by Southwest ScreenBurn, in addition to mul- tiple festival screenings, momentum con- tinues to build. The one hurdle film has yet to overcome is the transition to digital distribution that is inherent to the gaming medium. But even without a distributor, Swirsky and Pajot are wading through more than 3, requests to have Indie Game: The Movie brought to hometowns across the states and Canada, and are planning to take the movie on tour.

Our impressive showcase features lower prices on all your favorites, no badge required. Talk about your niche genres. He had moved to the country not long before and found work as a kindergarten teacher. You became friends with people really fast because everything was intensified. It was a really important time for me because I thought there was a very good possibility that I was going to die in that moment.

People just barely paid attention to you; you just existed outside of everything. Getting The Taiwan Oyster made required Jarrett and his small cast and crew to perform repeated acts of low- budget, guerrilla filmmaking in a strange land and by the seat of their pants. Every step of the way we got super- lucky.

The stuntmen, for example, have all been work- ing in television, where they shoot an entire episode in one day. So during preproduc- tion, we had to workshop everyone to get them all back up to speed. Our plan was to raise the bar. A lot. To be sure, The Raid: Redemption pulls zero punches. Even Wile E. Coyote rarely suffered this much abuse. We always have an ambulance crew and a paramedics team on the set.

But as soon as he regained consciousness, he was really eager to do it again. So, you know, in the end it all worked out for the best. The final choice is Nadya, a curveless year-old with doe eyes and shiny rivers of blond hair. With this, the often grim doc- umentary from Ashley Sabin and David Redmon is off and running between two worlds of extremes. Japan, in con- trast, is cool business: the stark white cell Nadya shares with another blond model- ling hopeful amid promises of fame and money, the blur of faces, cars, and modeling auditions set in motion by a Japanese agen- cy owner named Messiah.

We are shown home movies of an year- old Ashley, troubled, addressing the camera like a lover, and we realize she was indeed much like these girls she collects at the behest of a Siberian businessman named Tigran, who sees himself as on an almost religious journey but admits to his own darker past.

Ashley remains teasingly aloof. Surprisingly, both Nadya and Ashley continue their involvement in the industry, Sabin says, and have pulled back from the film project. But the movie emphasizes charac- ter more than it pushes any agenda.

Life is com- plex and there are different ways to inter- pret it. So the lads hop a ferry at dusk to explore this uncharted lurid realm of fire-breathers, brass bands, street preachers, barely clad babes, young hip-hop bucks, and dirty, flirty oyster shuckers. Ghosts, colors, lights It was otherworldly. For half a year, they wandered the wrought-iron byways and collected stories of the denizens - banana-skirted, Josephine Baker-channeling burlesque dancer Perle Noire, bluesman Little Freddie King, and hip- hop crew Da Goonz, to name a few.

But seven months into shooting, the ideal group eluded them, until a chance meeting with Kentrell. So brothers met brothers, and the Rosses found their own Crescent City connection, as it were. Naked pictures! He just wanted to eat the way his grandfather ate. His plan was to spend a year eating food produced within his home state.

The other was sustainability. What his film documents is the slow death of traditional agriculture at the hands of modern technology. The rural lifestyle that his grandfather escaped via the GI Bill is gone, and the farms he documented in family photographs have been destroyed by factory techniques. Seventy years ago, it took a whole family to run a subsistence farm.

Now one person can raise a million chickens a year as a part-time job. This new wave of small farmers mostly grew up in a com- fortable middle-class, suburban setting; Grace attributes their return to the soil less to making money and more to lifestyle.

See the blur of color to your right. The trees rustle and a high trill com- mences. Those who are truly awake to the world around them will look more closely, the documentary The Central Park Effect suggests. Set in the giant natural expanse sur- rounded by New York City, the film is a meditation on nature and the human need to experience it. It provides shelter, water, and lots of food in the way of insects. A bit of a curmudgeon, she is also facing her own mortality while living with terminal cancer.

FlfiRCH Film Passes gain entry into screenings follow- ing Badge Holders based on capacity. SXSW wristbands guarantee no cover. Admission is subject to legal capacity. Many venues fill up. Badges get priority admission. Some shows on schedule may admit SXSW badges only. Most venues restrict minors. No refunds or transfers. Austin 9pm Grape St.

Detroit Ml pm Dr. B Atlanta G A am T. No, Captain Chunk! Best Film deal in town! Amor Cronico weaves footage of singer Cucu Diamantes' Cuban tour into a fictional love story. The result is an energetic display of her glamorous and infectious performance style and a fascinating portrait of Cuba today. How four young men from DC changed music forever.

Charles Bradley: Soul of America captures the incredible, late-in-life rise of 62 year old aspiring soul singer Charles Bradley, whose debut album rocketed him from the projects to the pages of Rolling Stone. After a devastating breakup, musician Goh Nakamura hits the road with his irresponsible cousin to pursue a promising rebound with fellow musician Yea-Ming Chen.

At the tender age of 70 she started making music - and then she couldn't stop! True story of the greatest 70s US rock icon who never was, how he was rediscovered and finally became the legend he deserved to be. A story of hope, inspiration and the power of music.

The final days of LCD Soundsystem. For years, Sunset Strip is that curvy 1. Paul Simon returns to South Africa to explore the incredible journey of his historic Graceland album, including the political backlash he received for allegedly breaking the UN cultural boycott of South Africa designed to end the Apartheid regime. Twenty years after riots ripped through Los Angeles, Uprising documents how hip hop forecasted - and some say ignited - the worst civil unrest of the 20th century.

An ordinary family is accused of murder when a stranger dies at their dinner table. Five street teens break into a house in a rich Dublin suburb for a night of partying. But games are twisted into something more emotional and ultimately out of control through a series of surprising revelations. A quest to eat locally becomes a meditation on community, the South and sustainability in this thoughtful and often humorous story about why food matters.

Rachel, a year-old fundamentalist Mormon, believes she's had an immaculate conception by listening to rock and roll. She flees to Las Vegas to escape an arranged marriage, seeking answers to her mysterious pregnancy. A scientist is trapped in the memories of a criminal and must solve a crime in order to get back home to his family.

Cassidy, Melanie Shatzky. Academy- Award-winner Melissa Leo plays Francine, a woman struggling to find her place in a downtrodden lakeside town after leaving behind a life in prison. For three year-old boys at St. Mark's Middle School, it's always a good day for a funeral. Helena prepares to open her own business: a neighborhood grocery store.

She hires a maid. But when her husband Octavio is suddenly fired from his job, Helena is left to support the family alone. Made entirely from camera-phone footage, King Kelly is a sensational journey into hedonistic American youth culture and the YouTube generation. On a 3,mile adventure across the borders between the Americas, La Camioneta follows the journey of one out-of-service American school bus as it is repaired, repainted and resurrected into a Guatemalan camioneta.

An NFL journeyman struggles to deal with life's complexities after his professional career is over at age Big trees. Broken hearts. Beginning again. Two formerly close friends reunite for a fly-fishing trip and struggle to understand how much they've each changed - and how these changes now threaten their friendship. Max, a quietly troubled 1 5 year- old, leaves his lakeside town to live with his father on the sun-blasted fringe of suburban Arizona.

What begins in a calm and lush environment ends in a drastic, frayed confusion. Two lovers. On the back roads of Florida. Do bad things. When May returns to LA and runs smack into JP, the man she left behind, past and present collide sending them on a twenty-four hour journey in search of what they lost. Three young brothers' immersive journey into the wonders of the New Orleans night. Thale revolves around huldra, a mythical, tailed creature, found by two crime scene cleaners in a concealed cellar.

Someone's been keeping her down here for decades, for reasons soon to surface. A family is shaken to the core when they discover their son has been molested. As they struggle to deal with the betrayal, their son heads towards a total mental collapse. Five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods.

Bad things happen. From fan favorites Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard comes a mind blowing horror film that turns the genre inside out. Filmmaker Gotham Chopra spends a year on the road decoding his father and spiritual icon Deepak Chopra.

An inspiring know-it-all guru to millions might just be an irksome know-it-all dad to one. Created by and starring Lena Dunham Tiny Furniture , the show is a comic look at the assorted humiliations and rare triumphs of a group of girls in their early 20s.

A mercenary is dispatched from Europe to the Tasmanian wilderness by a mysterious biotech company to search for the last surviving Tasmanian tiger. The definitive life story of Bob Marley - musician, revolutionary, legend - from the early days to international superstardom.

Made with the support of his family, featuring rare footage, incredible performances and revelatory interviews. How long will you go, to hold on to the person you love? Photographer James Balog was once a skeptic about climate change, but he discovers undeniable evidence. Balog reveals hauntingly beautiful, time-lapse videos of vanishing glaciers, while delivering hope to our carbon-powered planet.

Indifferent even to the prospects of inheriting his father's estate, Swanson Tim Heidecker , a desensitized, aging Brooklyn hipster, strays into a series of reckless situations that may offer the promise of redemption or the threat of retribution. When a prank caller convinces a fast food restaurant manager to interrogate an innocent young employee, no one is left unscathed.

Inspired by true events.

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