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animal liberation singer ebook torrents

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Singer's book is fantastic. It's beautifully written and consummately thought-provoking. You will not be able to look at your pet -- or your dinner -- in quite the same way after reading Singer. A definite must-read for anyone interested in animal A definite must-read for anyone interested in animal rights or welfare.

It will challenge the way you think about how we treat animals. Everybody will benefit from this book. Animals need our help! See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Any person interaction with animals would do well to read this book. Animal professionals must read it as it is a classic in the animal rights literature. The book is divided into 2 chapters examining widespread abuses by the research and intensive farming industries.

It also devotes a couple of chapters to the philosophical arguments supporting the equal consideration of animals. Finally, one chapter covers tips and views on vegetarianism. The gems The book in itself is a gem. These were some of the tidbits that I found particularly interesting: The chapters detailing the abuses of the research industry were shocking and depressing. Not enough, but a lot.

Sadly, not much has changed in the intensive farming industry, where regulatory bodies are more committed to pleasing crowds than effective action. His chapter on animal research gave me pause, particularly the species-specific idiosyncracies that are discovered after the fact again and again. Take the fact that morphine is a neurostimulant for mice it is a neurodepressant for us! Countless products have been tested on animals and have been revealed, come human trial times, to have paradoxical effects in humans.

The fact that promising animal models have to be taken lightly was not news to me, but the book opened my eyes to the horrifying scale of the problem. Having taken my last history course on the topic ages ago, it was a welcome refresher on the views of Descartes, Montaigne, Rousseau, Hume, Bentham, Thomas of Aquina, etc.

I was surprised by the list of animal-based products. I had never stopped to consider whether my candles, soap bars and perfume bottles had been were ethically sourced. Like I needed something else to feel guilty about. As a veggie, I am wary of having to justify my dietary choice all the time, particularly from people who imply you are an irrational softie for caring about killing animals.

He has a great way around that. He just says he is boycotting the intensive farming products. Effectively, unless you are getting your animal produce from your cousin or your neighbour, it means you are a veggie. An interesting passage on plants and pain, and the methods used to gain our knowledge neurology, evolutionary function and behaviour Possible points for optimization Stupidly, I read the edition instead of the one.

I found the chapter on vegetarianism out of place. It fell into prosaic topics like how easy it is for friends to accommodate for your change of diet and that really vegetarian recipes are more diverse, if anything, than ones based on meat. The logic and realities underlying his equal consideration arguments was occasionally weak, and it was a little repetitive.

This is disappointing considering he is a professional ethicist. Dodgy logic p. Yes, it would have, as a necessity. Surely he is not arguing that we should forego researching treatments and ONLY focus on prevention? For every disease? This is the predictable product of hard utilitarianism. He says that the only defense of speciesm namely to privilege members of our own group , is unjustifiable. It only is if you are a hard-line utilitarian. Take the classic thought experiment where you know your brother is evading his taxes on a grand scale, and you are asked whether you would report him.

Of course the circle of empathy rings deeper the closer the person is to our inner circle: immediate family, friends, community, country, species. Whilst I tend to abhore nationalism, I can still see the evolutionary function of this selective empathy along lines of closeness to oneself. A couple of statements are factually incorrect. I can think of two counter-examples in less than a second: cats and killer whales. I was surprised that he did not mention cognitive dissonance.

Sure most of his arguments supporting vegetarianism are sound better ecologically, medically and ethically. Meat eaters are so committed to the idea that any argument opposing their worldview will just entrench them further. Whilst I also still eat eggs and drink dairy product, I am aware of my hypocrisy. He, on the other hand, conveniently breezed over the horror that is the egg and leather industries when discussing the impracticality of veganism and not wearing leather.

He does not condemn the free-range egg industry explicitly enough, nearly trivializing its abuses male chicks are still crushed alive by the millions. The verdict: The book is a classic and must be read by every professional working with animals, and even by laymen.

Sometimes his arguments smacked of post hoc rationalisations and got tangled up by his hard line utilitarianism, but the central point is valid: we should view speciesm critically he would like us to condemn it altogether, which I find neither feasible nor desirable. We should grant animals equal consideration of interests. The book on animal liberation. I went veggie 15 years ago when I first read this book for philosophy a level and it reads just as well today. That's not to say its for those interested in animal rights, rather for those who are intertested in the rationale behind animal liberation.

If you want a well reasoned ethical proposal, read this book! This book could change the way you think about animals. In my case, it finally answers a question that I have been musing on for some years: we laugh at our grandparents for their sexism and racism; what are we doing that our grandchildren will laugh at us for? The answer is speciesism and animal rights. The book focuses on a logical and moral argument, but without shoving it down your throat.

Minor quibbles: I would have preferred to see the unedited text of the original edition with comments in brackets or at the end of each section about what has changed since then rather than a completely updated work. I finished the first chapter, which was interesting but quite hard going.

Something that strikes me immediately is the inappropriate language, especially as Mr Singer is an academic. I grew up in the late 60s and to mid 70s, and even then 'retard' was considered highly offensive. I shall update further when I've finished the book. In 'Animal Liberation' Peter Singer makes a strong moral case against speciesism, "a prejudice or attitude of bias in favor of the interests of members of one's own species and against those of members of other species".

He draws a convincing analogy between the discrimination of non-human animals through speciesism, and the discrimination of women through sexism, or the discrimination of people based on their ethnicity through racism. Everyone makes choices on an everyday basis that affect the life and welfare of non-human animals in the most fundamental ways, and thus everyone should engage with the ethical arguments revolving around our treatment of them.

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Dr. Peter Singer: Advancing Animal Liberation

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