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In the first, a woman is whisked off her feet by a man so perfect that his the question Martin Scorsese must re-answer every five years. Especially the first chapter considers blood in the first sense of sovereign blood while the last three chapters focus on blood-as-race. the first complete history of the Ascot Race Meeting that has ever been compiled. They have, Michael F. Ward, the late Mr. James Garrard, Mr. E. W. GROOVIE GHOULIES TORRENT Exposing the Windows. I think I. Cisco IP Communicator When sharing just.

Herr, Robert S Puppets and proselytizing: Politics and nation-building in post-revolutionary Mexico's didactic theater. Hetherton, Mary Beth Treatment of foundational reading skills through telepractice and face-to-face environments: Single subject design. Hilyard, Gail Young Importance of trust for developmental mathematics instructors in Massachusetts community colleges: A study of its connections to math anxiety and motivation.

Hoffman, Lindsey Plant mechanisms associated with variations in freezing tolerance of cool-season grasses. Hutchison, Jaime B The effect of vesicle shape, line tension, and lateral tension on membrane-binding proteins. Johnson, Seth P Characterizing distant galaxies: Spectral energy distribution analysis of X-ray selected star forming galaxies. Judge, Aaron Measurement of the hydraulic conductivity of gravels using a laboratory permeameter and silty sands using field testing with observation wells.

Kane, Christyne A Cd4 silencing in thymocytes is opposed by the enforced association of p hat, hdac1 or suv39h1 with runx transcription factors. Karimova, Liliya V Muslim tatar women's piety stories: A quest for personal and social transformation in Tatarstan Russia. Kazanova, Anna Degenerations of Godeaux surfaces and exceptional vector bundles. Ke, Huajie Fabrication, characterization and analysis of patterned nano-sized material with large magnetic permeability at high frequency.

Keisch, Deborah Searching for a praxis of possibility: Civic engagement in the corporatized university. Kemkes, Robin J Sustaining rural livelihoods in upper svaneti, republic of Georgia. King, Hunter Pattern formation in floating sheets. Kita, Daniel W Feronia: A malectin-like domain-containing receptor kinase in Arabidopsis thaliana insights into polarized cell growth, pollen tube - Pistil interactions, and sugar signaling. Kizilay, Ebru Coacervation of oppositely charged macromolecules, micelles and proteins: Disproportionation and hierarchical structures.

Knight, Casey The plausibility of moral error theories. Koonz, Jennifer Properties of singular schubert varieties. Kosha, Jean "Miss, miss, I've got a story! Koshy, Seena Smitha Differences between bacterial chemotaxis receptor signaling states revealed by a novel hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry approach.

Kumar, Akshat Exploiting domain structure in multiagent decision-theoretic planning and reasoning. Labbe, Nicole Jeanne Determining detailed reaction kinetics for nitrogen- and oxygen-containing fuels. Labrador, Angela M Shared heritage: An anthropological theory and methodology for assessing, enhancing, and communicating a future-oriented social ethic of heritage protection. LaFrance, Denise LaVoie Systems of accountability as a technology of governmentality: Policy, preparation, and inclusive practice.

Laguilles, Jerold S What kind of alumni do low-income students become? An investigation of the relationship between income-status and future alumni involvement. Leibovitch, Abigail Theory of mind and the ability to make emotional inferences among children with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders. Levy, Yariv Z Multiscale modeling of human addiction: A computational hypothesis for allostasis and healing.

Lewis, Quentin An archaeology of improvement in rural New England: Capitalism, landscape change, and rural life in the early 19th century. Li, Chao Optimizing linear queries under differential privacy. Li, Chengbei Determination of arsenic in water by potentially portable methodology.

Lie, Sunny Beholders of the truth, pre-destined to be saved: the communication of Chinese indonesian reformed evangelical Christian cirec identity. Li, Houbao Geochemistry and inorganic carbon transport of a glacial till drumlin at a road salt facility. Li, Jingran Conditional Gaussian fluctuations and refined asymptotics of the spin in the phase-coexistence region.

Lin, Ken-Hou The rise of finance and growing inequality. Lin, Yenhan Stability of thin liquid films flowing over heterogeneous surfaces and gas-solid flow of decomposing particles with applications to biomass pyrolysis. Mackay, Patricia E The effects of tools of the mind on math and reading scores in kindergarten. Maddikeri, Raghavendra Raj Characterization of self-assembled functional polymeric nanostructures: I.

Zwitterionic polymer vesicles in ionic liquid. Mahalik, Jyoti Prakash Computer simulation of viral-assembly and translocation. Maher, Kathryn N A novel approach for stable, cell-type restricted knockdown of gene expression in C. Mao, Yingyi Designing novel emulsion performance by controlled hetero-aggregation of mixed biopolymer systems.

Marino, Michella M Sweating femininity: Women athletes, masculine culture, and American inequality from to the present. Martel, Philippe Paul Measuring proton spin polarizabilities with polarized compton scattering. Masoumi, Amirhossein Supply chain management of perishable products with applications to healthcare. Matarazzo, Stacey Ann Knuckle-walking signal in the manual phalanges and metacarpals of the great apes Pan and Gorilla. McEnnis, Kathleen Particle behavior on anisotropically curved interfaces.

McManus Scircle, Melissa Visiting or here to stay? How framing multiculturalism in different ways changes attitudes and inclusion of ethnic minorities in the United States. Mehranian, Hasmik Novice drivers: Development and evaluation of training program for hazard anticipation, hazard mitigation and attention maintenance skills in complex driving scenarios. Meyerson, Dmitry M Attention functioning in chronic pain as compared to mild traumatic brain injury and psychological correlates of impaired attention in chronic pain.

Migacheva, Katya Alex Toward a psychological understanding of the effects of changes in group status on intergroup relations. Mohr, Luke Martingale central limit theorem and nonuniformly hyperbolic systems. Molina-Markham, Andres David Privacy-aware collaboration among untrusted resource constrained devices. Moody, Paul M A hazard-based risk analysis approach to understanding climate change impacts to water resource systems: Application to the Upper Great Lakes.

Morgan, Eric R Techno-economic feasibility study of ammonia plants powered by offshore wind. Mukherjee, Supratim Identification of metabolic constraints in clostridium phytofermentans using experimental evolution and metabolic flux analysis. Murdock, Kathryn J Arctic lake sediments as records of climate change using rock magnetic properties and paleomagnetic data. Muttart, Jeffrey W Identifying hazard mitigation behaviors that lead to differences in the crash risk between experienced and novice drivers.

Nekoui, Mohammad Vehicular ad hoc networks: Interplay of geometry, communications, and traffic. Ng, Eve C Rebranding gay: New configurations of digital media and commercial culture. Niekum, Scott D Semantically grounded learning from unstructured demonstrations. Nilsson, Michael A Multiphase flows with digital and traditional microfluidics. Ohler, Tamara L Essays on the rising demand for convenience in meal provisioning in the United States.

Oh, Seung-Yun Social emulation, the evolution of gender norms, and intergenerational transfers: Three essays on the economics of social interactions. Ozbayat, Selman Techniques to increase computational efficiency in some deterministic and random electromagnetic propagation problems.

Pallister, Kevin Bringing the ballot box to the people: Election administration and the origins of inclusive voting practices. Palmer, Philip S The world inscribed: Literary form, travel, and the book in England, — Pariente-Beltran, Beatriz Evaluating translation as an explicit instruction tool to improve L2 written skills: An empirical study.

Parker, Michael T The moralization of social groups: Consequences for intergroup relations and social identity. Partan, James W Characterization and network consequences of low spreading loss in underwater acoustic networks. Patel, Katir K Evidence of an infectious asthma phenotype: Chlamydia a driven allergy and airway hyperresponsiveness in pediatric asthma. Patil, Rohan A Molecular and population level approaches to understand Taxus metabolism in cell suspension cultures.

Pektas, Serap Oxygen activation and allosteric Zinc ii binding on hif-prolyl hydroxylase-2 phd2. Peng, Zhaochang Decollectivization and rural poverty in post-mao China: A critique of the conventional wisdom. Polizzi, Marie-Christine The development of Spanish aspect in the second language classroom: Concept-based pedagogy and dynamic assessment.

Polk, Emily Transition network: Exploring intersections between culture, the climate crisis, and a digital network in a community - driven global social movement. Prasad, Gitanjeli Reactive heterocycles for examining polyketide biosynthesis. Price, Norman T Teaching strategies for using projected images to develop conceptual understanding: Exploring discussion practices in computer simulation and static image-based lessons.

Qian, Cheng Food-grade nanodispersions for encapsulation, protection and delivery of bioactive food components. Ramirez-Tapia, Luis Enrique Structural changes that drive timed promoter release in transcription reciprocally lead to abortive instability. Rana, Subinoy Effective biosensor arrays using gold nanaoparticle-protein conjugates. Ransford, Benjamin Transiently powered computers.

Rao, Jiajia Rationalizing lipid nanoemulsion formation for utilization in the food and beverage industry. Rathi, Sahas R Toughening semicrystalline poly lactic acid by morphology alteration. Reeves, Ryan D Process development for scalable templated synthesis of compound semiconductor nanocrystals. Reuss, Alejandro Capitalist crisis and capitalist reaction: The profit squeeze, the Business Roundtable, and the capitalist class mobilization of the s. Robertson, Dwanna Lynn Navigating indigenous identity.

Roche, Marie H Shakespearean signifiers. Rock, Mindi S New insights into corruption: Paradoxical effects of approach-orientation for powerholders. Rodrigues, Rance Online management of resilient and power efficient multicore processors. Rodriguez-Cortes, Adaris Effects of phytochemicals from Rhodiola crenulata on highly invasive breast cancer cell lines and embryonic models of migration.

Ross, Spencer Mitchel Why do consumers consume prosocially? The equity exchange theory of marketing. Ruane, Sinead G Coaching the self: Identity work ing and the self-employed professional. Sarkar, Sreela Technology and modernity at the boundaries of global Delhi.

Schneebaum, Alyssa The economics of same-sex couple households: Essays on work, wages, and poverty. Schulze, Joshua Supporting the persuasive writing practices of English language learners through culturally responsive systemic functional linguistic pedagogy.

Schupack, Sara Circle and lines: Complexities of learning in community. Sen, Shiraj Bridging the gap between autonomous skill learning and task-specific planning. Sharma, Navin Kumar Designing distributed systems for intermittent power. Sharma, Upendra Elastic resource management in cloud computing platforms. Shinday, Nina M Neuroadaptations and behavioral profiles associated with cocaine self-administration in Rhesus monkeys Macaca mulatta.

Singh, Rahul Resource management for enterprise data center applications. Snyder, Kevin M The role of capabilities in innovation adoption decisions. Song, Yang Toward a secure and scalable internet and economic incentives for evolvable internet architecture. Soper Gorden, Nicole L Interactions between floral mutualists and antagonists, and consequences for plant reproduction.

Soroush, Hamed Measurement-driven characterization of the mobile environment. Soto, Amanda Corby Measuring teacher effectiveness using student test scores. Stark, Sandra Kathleen A quasi-experimental analysis of second graders with dyslexia using the motor markers in the cerebellar deficit hypothesis.

Stephens, Niall Remember where we came from: Globalization and environmental discourse in the Araucania region of Chile. Stevens, Casey Resilient environmental governance: Protecting changing ecosystems through multilevel governance. Subramani, Chandramouleeswaran Engineering functional nanostructures for materials and biological applications.

Suleiman, Reem The role of Notch in Th17 differentation. Surampudi, Sravan K Conjugated molecules and materials for single molecule chiroptical studies, sensing of toxic nerve agent mimics and solar thermal fuels. Sussbauer, Erik J Building a third space: How academic language knowledge helps pre-service teachers develop content literacy practices. Tewari, Sunil Interactions between a gall making fly, Dasineura oxycoccana Diptera: Cecidomyiidae , and its host plant, cultivated cranberry Vaccinium macrocarpon.

Thaker, Hitesh Synthetic mimics of antimicrobial peptides from aryl scaffolds. Thompson, Owen Essays on human capital formation. Tian, Fang Controlling lipid oxidation of food by non-migratory metal-chelating active packaging films. Tian, Hengliang Travelers' route choice behavior in risky networks. Trabal-Del Valle, Jorge M Data quality assessment and rainfall estimation using dense radar networks.

Tran, Thanh T. L High-performance processing of continuous uncertain data. Trauvitch, Rhona Adventures in fictionality: Sites along the border between fiction and reality. Tsvetkova, Olga V Uncertainty in climatic change impacts on multiscale watershed systems.

Tulchinsky, Alexander Y Evolution of hybrid incompatibilities in gene regulatory networks. Tyler, Bruce David Fan communities and subgroups: Exploring individuals' supporter group experiences. Unal, Burcu Microbial community composition and the effects of trace elements on methanogenesis associated with deep subsurface coal.

Unnikrishnan, Deepak Reconfigurable technologies for next generation internet and cluster computing. Venkatesh, Vijay Spaced-antenna wind estimation using an X-band active phased-array weather radar. Vergara Figueroa, Aurora Race, gender, class, and land property rights in Colombia a historical ethnography of the Afrocolombians' struggles over land, — Versek, Craig Wm Charge transport studies of proton and ion conducting materials.

Vinitpornsawan, Supagit Population and spatial ecology of tigers and leopards relative to prey availability and human activity in thung yai naresuan east wildlife sanctuary, Thailand. Wajdi, Habibullah The process of organizational capacity development in action in post-conflict setting of the Literacy Department of Afghanistan.

Walters, Edward K. Wang, Meng Investigation of microalgae cultivation and anaerobic codigestion of algae and sewage sludge for wastewater treatment facilities. Wang, Shunhai Development of mass spectrometry-based methods for quantitation and characterization of protein drugs: transferrin as a model drug delivery vehicle. Wang, Yanbo Computer simulations of polyelectrolyte stretching and translocation. Wanwong, Sompit Molecular designs for charge and ion transporting materials.

White, Ted Seeds of a new economy? A qualitative investigation of diverse economic practices within community supported agriculture and community supported enterprise. Wiehe, Elsa M Racialized spaces in teacher discourse: A critical discourse analysis of place-based identities in Roche Bois, Mauritius. Xiao, Sheng Dynamic secrets in communication security. Yang, Jin Experimental and computational studies of aqueous-phase hydrogenation of biorenewable aromatic chemicals.

Yao, Li Self-assembly of block copolymers for the fabrication of functional nanomaterials. Yetis Bayraktar, Ayse Parents' socioeconomic class position and children's time use patterns. Yoon, Ilsang Bayesian anatomy of galaxy structure. Yucesoy, Burcu Replica exchange Monte Carlo simulations of the ising spin glass: Static and dynamic properties. Yu, Xi Assembly of surface engineered nanoparticles for functional materials.

Yu, Xunyi Hybrid radio frequency and video framework for identity-aware augmented perception in disaster management and assistive technologies. Zajac, Timothy W The everyday feast: Recreational consumption and social status in early modern English drama.

Zencirci, F. Gizem The local production of welfare humanitarianism in neoliberal Turkey. Ziegenbein, Linda M Inhabiting spaces, making places: Creating a spatial and material biography of David Ruggles. Zirogiannis, Nikolaos Dynamic factor analysis for panel data: A generalized model.

Zobel-Lachiusa, Jeanne Sensory processing and the self care task of eating in children with autism. Agarwal, Vishal Modeling material transformations in bio-refinement. Ahmed, Razi Accuracy of biomass and structure estimates from radar and lidar. Ajtum-Roberts, Therese M Teachers' development of global awareness and its influence on their teaching practice in the 21st century classroom.

Akerstedt, Anna M. K Sleep disturbances in Alzheimer's disease and caregiver mood: A diary study. Almalkie, Saba A study on small scale intermittency using direct numerical simulation of turbulence. Amini, Alireza Mesostructural characterization and probabilistic modeling of the design limit states of parallel strand lumber. Anafi, Patricia Understanding maternal health-care seeking behavior in low-income communities in Accra, Ghana.

Aydemir, Ufuk Topics in high energy physics beyond the standard model. Ayvazian, Andrea S Goals, principles, and practices for community-based adult education through the lens of a Hatcher-Assagioli synthesis. Baird, Jennifer L The role of the upper body in human locomotion.

Basak, Dipankar Proton transfer in organic scaffolds. Basole, Amit Knowledge, gender, and production relations in India's informal economy. Behn, Beth A Woodrow Wilson's conversion experience: The president and the federal woman suffrage amendment. Belcher, Guliz Dinc Journey from Islamism to conservative democracy: The politics of religious party moderation in Turkey.

Bendersky, Michael Information retrieval with query hypergraphs. Berg, Tiffany Determination and speciation of arsenic in environmental and biological samples. Blackburn, Thomas J. Boelens, Arnout On the effect of elasticity on drag reduction due to polymer additives using a hybrid D. Boisvert, Michelle K An investigation of the efficacy of speech and language interventions with students with ASD using telepractice.

Boulton, Christopher Rebranding diversity: Colorblind racism inside the U. Breid, Derek Ronald Controlling morphology in swelling-induced wrinkled surfaces. Bush, William S Gradients and ranges of visually selective attention based on location, objects, color, and size: Gradients are universal, but range is uniquely spatial.

Carlin, Alan Decision-theoretic meta-reasoning in partially observable and decentralized settings. Chasaki, Danai Security issues in networked embedded devices. Chikkannagari, Nagamani Functional polymers for anhydrous proton transport. Chudomel, John Matthew Synthesis and photophysical characterization of conjugated molecules for potential solar cell uses.

Ciftci, Cihan Risk quantification of maple trees subjected to wind loading. Cohen, Jennifer E Macroeconomic and microeconomic determinants of informal employment: The case of clothing traders in Johannesburg, South Africa. Colak, Semra Norbornene based polybetaines: Synthesis and biological applications. Curtis, Anna M In the heart of the beast: Masculinity and fatherhood on the inside. Cushing, Jeremy Self-knowledge in a natural world.

Cutting, A. Edward A comprehensive fifty-one jurisdiction review of statutes mandating and encouraging the teaching of history in K—12 schools. Dadlani, Mamta Banu Malleable racial identity in multiracial individuals: A new paradigm for integrating race and identity in the United States. Datta, Amaresh Understanding hard interaction in QCD and the search for the gluon spin contribution to the spin of the proton. Davis, Chelsea Simone Surface instabilities for adhesion control.

Detweiler, Rita J In pursuit of a balanced system of educational assessment: An evaluation of the pre-kindergarten through 8th grade math assessment system in one Massachusetts regional school district. Dhondt, Geert Leo The relationship between mass incarceration and crime in the neoliberal period in the United States.

Dias, Marcelo A Swelling and folding as mechanisms of 3D shape formation in thin elastic sheets. Dolan, Jen H The intersectionality of race, adoption and parenting: How White adoptive parents of Asian born children talk about race within the family. DuBois, Leo Zachary Biocultural perspectives on gender, transitions, stress, and immune function.

Du, Jian Essays on variance risk, jump risk and options information. Edison, John R Modeling the relaxation dynamics of fluids in nanoporous materials. Elfner, Emily Jane Syntax-prosody interactions in Irish. Eliseev, Alexander V Theory of interacting polyelectrolytes under confinement. Enelow, Noah Hillel Fair trade coffee, agrarian cooperatives, and rural livelihoods in Peru.

Fox, Naomi K Accurate and robust mechanical modeling of proteins. Friedrich, Timo Identification and functional characterization of the zebrafish gene quetschkommode que. Funk, Michael Sean Making something of it: The untold stories of promising Black males at a predominately White institution of higher education. Furman, Ellen F The theory of compromised eating behavior.

Gamzon, Adam B Local torsion on abelian surfaces. Garcia, Prospero N Verbalizing in the second language classroom: The development of the grammatical concept of aspect. Garner, Ann E How should I act? Gasca-Aragon, Hugo Data combination from multiple sources under measurement error.

Gavvalapalli, Nagarjuna Breaking the barriers of all-polymer solar cells: Solving electron transporter and morphology problems. Gawade, Prasad Laxman Maternal and fetal factors associated with labor and delivery complications. Gibson, Ernest L. Giera, Stefanie Individual polychlorinated biphenyl PCB congeners interact to disrupt thyroid hormone action during development. Goner, Ozlem A social history of power and struggle in Turkey: State, memory, movements, and identity of outsiderness in Dersim.

Gorlitsky, Leryn E Management of switchgrass for the production of biofuel. Groza, Mark D Leveraging marketing resources to strengthen stakeholder company identification. Gruber, Allison H Mechanics and energetics of footfall patterns in running.

Guo, Yicheng The assembly of galaxies over cosmic time. Hafner, Andrew W. Habana Production of third spaces for immigrant English language learners: Re negotiating identity and discourse in the secondary classroom. Haj Azim Zanjani, Shabnam Studies in consumer procrastination. Harak, Philip J Supporting public high school teachers in a context of multiple mandates: A social justice approach to professional learning communities.

Harris, Jesse Aron Processing perspectives. Harris, Lindsay R Studies in the atomic spectrometric determination of selenium, mercury, and rare earth elements. Hasdemir, Baris Enabling easy consumer access to services and products. Hathorne, Adam P Fundamental studies of elastin-like oligo- and polypeptides. Hawley, Kelly L Molecular mechanisms regulating complement receptor 3-mediated phagocytosis of Borrelia burgdorferi.

Henderson, Ian M Tuning the properties of metal-ligand complexes to modify properties of supramolecular materials. Hendricks, Nicholas Raymond Porous metal oxide materials through novel fabrication procedures. Heyward, Kamela S Virtual black spaces: An anthropological exploration of African American online communities' racial and political agency amid virtual Universalism.

Higgins, Khadine Athena Metal selectivity in the E. Hill, Jason Joseph Target recognition and competitive synaptogenesis in the Drosophila giant fiber system. Hua, Jing Phase transitions in polyelectrolyte systems. Huang, Gary B Weakly supervised learning for unconstrained face processing.

Huber, Kristen L Regulation of caspase-9 by natural and synthetic inhibitors. Hyry-Dermith, Paul Getting beyond what educators see as wrong: How understanding the strengths of low-income Puerto Rican families can help urban schools improve. Igrejas, Antonio M. Iuliano, Beverly Expository and narrative discourse in adolescents with reading and language impairments: Assessment and intervention.

Jacobs, Paejonette Runx1 regulates c-Myc expression and the expansion of hematopoietic precursors in a C-terminally dependent manner. Jae, Jungho Production of green aromatics and olefins from lignocellulosic biomass by catalytic fast pyrolysis: Chemistry, catalysis, and process development.

Jagodzinski, Filip Towards large-scale validation of protein flexibility using rigidity analysis. Jenks, Kate E Distributions of large mammal assemblages in Thailand with a focus on dhole Cuon alpinus conservation. Jin, Lin Modeling the self-assembly of ordered nanoporous materials. Johnson, Monique E Determination of metallic constituents in environmental and biological materials. Kalayci, Emre Performance monitoring and analysis of integral abutment bridges. Kanani, Pallika H Resource-bounded information acquisition and learning.

Kang, Jun Studies on marketing channel performance, channel appropriability, and intangible firm value. Kanner, Lisa C An isotopic perspective on climatic change in tropical South America from the modern through the Last Glacial period. Keadle, Sarah Kozey The influence of free-living activity and inactivity on health outcomes and responsiveness to exercise training.

Key, Michael Parrish Phonological and phonetic biases in speech perception. Khan, Nigar J The role of education in an historically challenging and politically complex environment: The response of public universities to the September 11 attacks. Kim, Hyun Suk Macroscopic patterning via dynamic self-assembly and wrinkling instability. Kim, Jinyoung Retrieval and evaluation techniques for personal information. Klein, Suzanne A Increasing instructional time through performance feedback in consultation.

Koenig, Sebastian Jan Greenland ice sheet variability and sensitivity to forcing during the warm Pliocene A numerical modeling study. Kolek, Ethan A The silent majority: An examination of nonresponse in college student surveys. Kolnicki, Robin Lee Mammalian species origin and geographical dispersal patterns correlate with changes in chromosome structure, exemplified in lemurs Madagascar and bats worldwide. Konstantinidis, Charalampos Organic farming and rural transformations in the European Union: A political economy approach.

Krakauer, Barak L Counterpossibles. Kratz, Katrina A Phosphorylcholine substituted polyolefins: New syntheses, solution assemblies, and polymer vesicles. Krumpfer, Joseph W Chemistry at silicone-inorganic oxide interfaces. Kuindersma, Scott Robert Variable risk policy search for dynamic robot control. Lartey, Michael Linear and crosslinked polymers for applications in molecular delivery and separation. Lee, Hyun Ju A new approach to using photographs and classroom response systems in middle school astronomy classes.

Lennon, Karen Marie Place and the politics of knowledge in rural Bolivia: A postcoloniality of development, ecology, and well-being. Lepori, Dunya D Governing piety: Islam, empire and moderation in late modernity.

Levina, Iren G The sources of financial profit: A theoretical and empirical investigation of the transformation of banking in the US. Li, Le Kinetically trapping co-continuous morphologies in polymer blends and composites. Liu, Yan Latent variable modeling for biomarker analysis. Lyden, Kate Refinement, validation and application of a machine learning method for estimating physical activity and sedentary behavior in free-living people.

Magreta-Nyongani, Martha Mitigating negative externalities affecting access and equity of education in low-resource countries: A study exploring social marketing as a potential strategy for planning school food programs in Malawi.

Mahoney, Carrie E Lateralization of central circadian pacemaker output. Marquez, Erika Citizenship in times of exception: The turn to security and the politics of human rights in Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Martell, Michael B. Matalanis, Alison M Fabrication, characterization and utilization of filled hydrogel particles as food grade delivery systems. McKenzie, Andrew Robert The role of contextual restriction in reference-tracking.

Melton, McKinley Eric Pen stroking the soul of a people: spiritual foundations of black diasporan literature. Meng, Yu Comparison of kernel equating and item response theory equating methods. Mercado, Luis Rafael Probing novel properties of nucleons and nuclei via parity violating electron scattering. Metcalfe, Lindsay A The relation between academic and cognitive skills and externalizing behavior problems in children. Meyer, Christopher R More than just the smartest guys in the room: Intellectual capital assets in knowledge-intensive firms.

Miranda, Daniel F Interactions and morphology of triblock copolymer-ionic liquid mixtures and applications for gel polymer electrolytes. Mirigian, Stephen Dynamics and kinetics of model biological systems. Moore, Hadley Exploring differences between student and teacher reports of relational aggression. Mosa, Kareem A Functional characterization of members of plasma membrane intrinsic proteins subfamily and their involvement in metalloids transport in plants.

Mulligan, Molly K Morphology and development of droplet deformation under flow within microfluidic devices. Natarajan, Sriram Security issues in network virtualization for the future Internet. A study of the intersections of social exclusion, gender and education in Kenya.

Oldham, Kyle Wendell Beyond the stereotype of Black homophobia: Exploring the potential of Black allies for lesbian, gay and bisexual students. Outhouse, Craig Michael Evaluating the role of principals in teacher teams: A longitudinal analysis of principal involvement and impact in a district-wide initiative to increase teacher collaboration. Oyedemi, Tokunbo Toks D The partially digital: Internet, citizenship, social inequalities, and digital citizenship in South Africa.

Palmer, Christopher J Postures for precision: An ecological approach to marksmanship and the issue of warfighter load. Pandey, Vijai B Adsorption column studies to predict the flow of nutrients through heterogenous porous media under equilibrium and isothermal conditions.

Panya, Atikorn Strategies to improve the performance of antioxidants in oil-in-water emulsions. Paraschos, Georgios N Robust and scalable domain decomposition methods for electromagnetic computations. Park, Myoung-Hwan Chemically directed assembly of nanoparticles for material and biological applications. Perdomo, Shelly A Unpacking voice and silence: A phenomenological study of Black women and Latinas in college classrooms. Perron-Dufour, Mathieu A Minskian approach to financial crises with a behavioural twist: A reappraisal of the — financial crisis in Turkey.

Petersen, Kevin Elizabeth's fruitless crown: Ovidian poetry, the end of Tudor genealogy, and the incomplete past. Plotnikov, Michael Evaluating alternative transportation financing approaches: A conceptual framework and analytical methods. Pruitt, Kathryn Ringler Stress in harmonic serialism. Ragusett, Jared M Essays on urban sprawl, race, and ethnicity. Ramey, Elizabeth Ann Agriculture and class: Contradictions of Midwestern family farms across the twentieth century.

Ramnarain, Smita Women in conflict, peacebuilding and reconstruction: Insights from the aftermath of Nepal's Maoist insurgency. Ranjbar, Mohammad Power efficient continuous-time delta-sigma modulator architectures for wideband analog to digital conversion. Rao, Sangeeta V Engaging identities: Globality and communicative practices in education for democratic citizenship. Rattigan, Matthew J. H Leveraging relational representations for causal discovery.

Ray Pitambar Mohapatra, Satyanarayan Searches for gravitational waves from binary black hole coalescences with ground-based laser interferometers across a wide parameter space. Remelius, Jebb G Adaptations to stride patterns and head movements during walking in persons with and without multiple sclerosis.

Riddle, Matthew Three essays on oil scarcity, global warming and energy prices. Romang, Alvin Horatio Enhanced mechanical performance of low dielectric constant thin films synthesized in supercritical carbon dioxide, and SANS studies of microemulsions induced or destabilized by compressed carbon dioxide.

Rosensweig, Elisha J On the analysis and management of cache networks. Rotaru, Camelia 1. Microbial characterization at a site exposed to highway runoff and deicing agents 2. Chloride dispersion across silt deposits in a glaciated bedrock valley. Rubinstein, Aynat Roots of modality. Sadlier, Stephen T Movements of diverse inquiries as critical teaching practices among charros, tlacuaches and mapaches.

Safdar, Nilofer Fatimi Dietary patterns and their relationship to sociodemographics, health behaviors, and the risk of hypertension among adults in Pakistan. Salajegheh, Mastooreh Negin Software techniques to reduce the energy consumption of low-power devices at the limits of digital abstractions.

Salazar Cerreno, Jorge L The feasibility of low-cost, dual-polarized, phase-tilt antenna arrays for dense radar networks. Scilla, Christopher T Systematic synthesis of organic semiconductors with variable band gaps. Sebastian, Thomas The aerodynamics and near wake of an offshore floating horizontal axis wind turbine.

Seber, Gonca Organic radicals for electronic materials. Shanbhag, Shashank On data-path customization in next-generation networks. Shaw, Brandon W Sitting-there: Embodied perception, kinesthetic empathy, and reading pain in dance spectatorship. Shen, Yannan On models of short pulse type in continuous media. Shrestha, Rajiv Prakash Modeling the life span of red blood cells. Sicotte, Jasmine L Effects of Strong Start curriculum on internalizing, externalizing behaviors, and emotion knowledge among kindergarten and first grade students.

Silver, Jana L Personal history and present practice: A cross cultural study of the influences on arts integration in the United States and Japan. Silvers, Roger Nelson The valuation impact of sec enforcement actions on non-target foreign firms.

Sineta, Abraham Demand-side financing in education: A critical examination of a girls' scholarship program in Malawi- case study. Singh, Naveen Kumar Aspects of alternative network structure evolution. Smith, Adrienne Y They chose to major in engineering: A study of why women enter and persist in undergraduate engineering programs. Smith, Joseph M Beaver dams maintain native fish biodiversity via altered habitat heterogeneity in a coastal stream network: Evaluating gear, quantifying fish assemblages, and testing ecological hypotheses.

Soper, Anna L Biological control of the ambermarked birch leafminer Profenusa thomsoni in Alaska. Stephens, A. Lynn Student recognition of visual affordances: Supporting use of physics simulations in whole class and small group settings.

Jean, Adam Thomas Engineering a bacterial toxin delivery system for the targeted treatment of solid tumors. Szado, Edward Issues in option-based risk management. Tang, Lin A formative program evaluation of treatment integrity practices, assessments and attitudes within a specialized school setting. Thurber, Carrie S The evolutionary genetics of seed shattering and flowering time, two weed adaptive traits in US weedy rice. Tokle, Tanushree Design and fabrication of functional lipid nanoparticles based on control of interfacial properties using biopolymers.

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Valdiviezo Arista, Luis Martin Afro-Peruvian perspectives and critiques of intercultural education policy. Vanasse, Jared J Parity violation in neutron deuteron scattering in pionless effective field theory. Velazquez-Delgado, Elih M Allosteric regulation of caspase-6 proteolytic activity.

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Kuksin, Dmitry Discrete steps in the entry pathway and disassembly of SV Kuriyedath, Sreekumar R Modeling and simulation of nanoparticle formation in microemulsions. Lahr, Daniel J. Director Francesco Lettieri never draws attention to the qualities making the Apache culture its own, in particular the faint fascist associations stoked by their iconography.

A gangster movie by any other name…. Music Teacher Not to paint India or its cinema with too broad a brush, but it sure has plenty of movies about developmentally stunted men getting in touch with their feelings because of the efforts of tolerant, accommodating women. Take Beni Manav Kaul , an educator with a chip on his shoulder and unrealized fantasies of musical superstardom. To make matters more agonizing, his former pupil Jyotsna Amrita Bagchi announces a homecoming concert after eight years of making a name for herself at the uppermost pop echelon.

Will they find love? Erotic-thriller sex should be scary in a hot way, not scary in a 50 Shades of Grey way. In this version, the hawklike Mrs. Danvers Kristin Scott Thomas delivers a climactic monologue laying bare the nature of her devotion to the former Mrs. Shimmer Lake Smarter than the average Coen Brothers ripoff looking at you, Cut Bank , this one has the good sense to also be a Memento ripoff.

A little bit of money. Time to Hunt In a post-financial-meltdown Korea of the future, a trio of slick operators plan to liberate a giant block of American dollars from a gambling house. But this is a heist film that gets that part out of the way early on, spending most of its two-plus-hours on the blood-spattered fallout once the former owners of that money send a contract killer to get it back.

With drab monochromatic color-filters, director Yoon Sung-hyun conceptualizes a dystopia with nothing to show for all its catastrophes, no notable features to make it anything other than an anonymous entry in an overstuffed genre. Director Detlev Buck who also appears as a wheelchair-bound ally to the crooks seems to be aiming for the wound-up, non-stop energy of an After Hours , but the environ our man must hustle through has all the detail and personality of a level design in an especially violent video game.

Throwing more money at a production rarely solves problems, but for a premise that wholly orients itself around the near-pornographic gazing upon military weaponry — much of it fantastical, engineered with futuristic technologies explained at length — looking good is everything. The real infante takes over his body and has to prove himself a reformed man, an objective that mostly leads to advances from an unending stream of adoring women.

A pitchy lead performance, in conjunction with a punitively jammed-up concept, consign this Infante to cinema hell. Reilly acted as a receptacle for the alienation from every aspect of modern society that would ultimately drive Toole to suicide; Jodi is six-foot-one. Director Nzingha Stewart overestimates the disadvantage that a few extra inches would give this conventionally attractive young woman in what the film makes out to be an adverse search for someone to love her, size thirteen Nikes and all.

At one point, our giraffe heroine complains about how hard it is to be tall to her factory-issued best friend — who is black! Read the room, Jodi! Uncorked Of the many different types of stories about being good enough at something to make it out of your stifling neighborhood — dancing, rapping, basketball — at least wine tasting gets points for novelty.

Director-writer Prentice Penny then loses those points with her dumbed-down approach not just to the art of vino, but to the agony and ecstasy of striving. To All the Boys: P. Brain on Fire Susannah Cahalan had it all: a great job writing for the New York Post , a devoted boyfriend, bright prospects.

Writer-director Francesco Carnesecchi has the good sense to structure the entire thing within the space of the game, punctuating for flashbacks and digressions, instead of leaving the game as a played-out climax. On both counts, the answer is a confidently intoned yes.

And that title? The title is an enigma more engrossing than the film containing it. Nanki Kiara Advani must do some soul-searching after her boyfriend VJ Gurfateh Singh Pirzada gets accused of rape by Tanu Akansha Ranjan , putting her heart in direct conflict with her feminist principles.

The film gets there altogether too easily, missing the whole point of how nasty such cases can become as quotes tell opposing narratives, offering a vision of a kinder world for which none of us has any real use. Send it back to hell! Coin Heist Coins are amazing — designed using lasers, mass-produced through an elaborate assembly line of casting and forging, inspected down to the tiniest detail for flaws so minute only professionals can see them, and all for something we keep in our pockets only to trade for chewing gum.

It is, regrettably, an apt pairing of auteur and subject. After auditioning and being rejected for the role years earlier, Larson gets the last laugh by leading as Kit, an art student booted from her program when a professor deems her Lisa Frank—esque paintings insufficiently serious. The emotional arcs come across as prescriptive — she learns to control her anger and other impulses, he gets through the yearning for his own lost daughter — but the characters are easy to spend time with.

At a wedding soundtracked by only the most identifiable public-domain classical standards, rugrats run around swapping the seating arrangement cards at one table, and create variations on unstable reactions between those forced to sit next to each other.

Never mind that the film takes about one full hour to get to this device, once it does, the winning dice roll of chance has a bum payout. The main couple Olivia Munn gets together, their main point of connection being that they are the exact same amount of boring. An interrupting boor Tim Key learns that he will have better luck with women if he allows them to speak, a lesson for a six-year-old.

This is the happy ending we were holding out for? Bomb Scared You thought eating disorders were a testy source for laughs? This Spanish-language comedy focuses on a dunderheaded gang of Basque-separatist extremists, impatiently awaiting their next mission while Spain makes a run at the World Cup in the background. Director Borja Cobeaga treats their mission to await instruction in a safe house like a tedious office job and the characters like bumbling wage slaves instead of radicalized killers.

But because everyone gets their own special power from Power hence the name! That goes for the cop Joseph Gordon-Levitt , the vigilante Jamie Foxx and the dealer Dominique Fishback, destined for greater things all hunting down the supplier Rodrigo Santoro , a dime-a-dozen plot not all that enhanced by the DNA-altering hook.

What better setting for a trip between amigos, the meat of this Spanish-language comedy on the move? The film does everything that films about oldsters taking to the road have trained us to anticipate: drug experiences all in good fun, May-December pairings for the shoehorned hints of romance, chin-up humor about the impending visit from the Grim Reaper.

But writer-director Zak Hilditch, back to the Netflix grind after showing the limits of his proficiency with high-concept horror on , stretches another what-if scenario to the point of tearing. At one point, our woman seems to be going in circles while lost in the desert, a regrettably apt parallel to the film around her.

His many fruitless attempts make him the Road Runner to her Wile E. Coyote, occasionally clever enough in its slapstick to earn the comparison. Santo eventually getting a mullet does not help. His various whacking, loot-boosting, and general gangsterism has nothing to contribute to the ongoing dialogue each of the greats has advanced in their own way, not to mention the lesser-seen Italian productions bringing social consciousness and formal adventurousness to the genre as of late.

One hopes that top-flight choreography might pick up the slack left by cookie-cutter writing, but alas, these Scandinavian posers have already been served by their American cousins. Skam -heads aside, best moonwalk your way to Step Sisters instead.

Daniel Calparsoro disregards all of this counsel on his way to dashing the aptitude he showed in The Warning , a genre piece that couched its twists in a story firm enough to sustain them. There seem to be fewer shits given all around in this case, as Calparsoro rushes through his watering-down of Thomas Harris so he can get to three successive bait-and-switches, each less meaningful than the last.

Until, of course, we figure out the game — at which point all that remains are some eye-catching diversions with pink, green, and yellow, along with a few practical effects shots not worth writing home about. There is only one Tyler Durden. For generations, a clandestine society of ultra-babysitters have battled the forces of darkness, represented here with more whimsy than usual.

These puckish monsters hew closer to the likes of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters , only with the edges sanded off. Born as an obsessive Fincherian hunt-for-the-killer thriller, pupating into a head-on action chase, and finally bursting out of its cocoon as a hideously malformed time-travel travesty, this film has an entirely separate set of issues.

Walraven van Hall is no Oskar Schindler — though this biopic wants him to be so very badly — and star Barry Atsma does a commendable job of giving this real-life human being an identity of his own. His White Fang had teeth, speaking to a young-adult audience prepared to reckon with the hazards of the natural world, but this kiddie spin strips the woods of their formidable might. A scene depicting dogfighting feels out of place in a film so mushy. The title pretty much translates to Lost Girl.

There will be plenty more. What sounds like a weird cousin to Dear Zachary makes up a lot of ground in execution, as the characters buy into the absurdity enough that it starts to fold into the fabric of the universe. Flipping a middle finger to the grandfather paradox, the script even makes it through the easily blown second-act exposition without falling apart. Amato works harder to earn his tears than most of the guys behind merciless melodramas such as this.

The preceding weeks saw an influx of photo enthusiasts streaming in from across the country to get their exposures while they still could, and this drama follows once such road trip between cancer-stricken snapshotter Ben Ed Harris , his good-natured assistant—nurse Zoe Elizabeth Olsen , and his adult son Matt Jason Sudeikis.

From the mm. George Clooney continues his less-admired directorial career while starring as a grizzled researcher, the last in his Apple Store-looking Arctic base that affords refuge from the humanity-culling conditions outside. A good villain could have made up for the scripting, but the trio of little undead girls only serves to add The Shining to the laundry list of superior films from which this one has leeched.

Free Pugh. Take the 10 For those viewers in search of a scattershot, fitfully funny crime caper in which Tony Revolori spends one long day scrambling around the outskirts of L. At least that one had a more charming leading man in Shameik Moore than this one gets in Josh Peck, playing a sleazebag with the pretty face of a former child TV star. That movie had some entry-level commentary on race, too, and a nifty soundtrack from Pharrell.

All this dime-store knockoff has is a Pulp Fiction— lite nonchronological structure, a closeted coke baron, and one great Danny Brown needle drop it unloads in the first 15 minutes. The most a critic can say is that its pop-culture references are very of-the-moment.

Eli Paramount pawned this one off on Netflix after executives reasoned that figuring out how to market a film built around a remarkably stupid late-phase twist would be too much of a hassle. This made it a perfect fit for Netflix, and a business model that subsists on word-of-mouth over marketing. Even the premise sounds like it was reverse-engineered from mined data: a boy quarantined from the world around him Charlie Shotwell, whose last name does not describe this film lands in a haunted house containment facility, but is his sickness real?

The script has been, at most, a quarter thought-through. Evil , about a pair of convivial rednecks who, through a series of unfortunate accidents and coincidences, present as bloodthirsty lunatics to a gaggle of nubile vacationers. Anne Hathaway. Dee Rees. In any case, Didion will be fine. She goes missing and law enforcement suspects Lucy may be the guilty party, her interrogations interspersed with flashbacks to her doomed love triangle.

Noah Centineo, a name doodled in diaries worldwide, plays a lower-middle-class high-school senior putting together cash for college by posing as an escort for girls in need of some arm candy. Handsome From the opening narration in which the culprit introduces himself and confesses to his crime, this comedy purports to be a different breed of murder mystery.

A cursory web search provides clarity on how a charlatan could have landed such an adulatory portrayal, as well as the equally confounding question of why a French-set film about a Frenchman ended up as a Portuguese-language Brazilian production: the last modern-day stronghold of Spiritism is in Brazil.

This is by them, for them, but offered up to all of us due to the globalist business ethic of Netflix. In doing so, they convert an odd historical footnote into a more ambiguous consideration between an overbearing government a little too into its control, and a rebel who barely has a cause.

Sahara In the abattoir of lowest-common-denominator kiddie entertainment, a viewer can sometimes read between the lines and see the grown-up writers starting to crack under their own madness. I credit this cut-rate French-Canadian co-production with offering the most glimpses into the frustration that comes alongside making a cartoon about the desert adventures of a scorpion and a cobra. Norwegian filmmaker Jarand Herdal sets an auspicious scene, sending stragglers in a famine-stricken Scandinavia into a mansion for a show that costs whatever they can afford, with perversions and carnage awaiting in each room.

One guess where that comes from. Lucid Dream Among the curiously large backlog of East Asian sci-fi projects that Netflix has imported, this does not rank among the more memorable. Yeh Ballet In , Sooni Taraporevala directed a fifteen-minute documentary short about Manish Chauhan and Amiruddin Shah, two Mumbai kids scooped out of their chawls and deposited into a top-of-the-line ballet academy. In elongating to nearly two hours and going the narrative route, Taraporevala bathes his subjects in a phoniness that only exaggerates the distance from its own reality.

Coming from India gives the film a few chances to say something worth hearing, much of it about the casual racism of the ballet world; the white instructor is quick to tell his new pupil to shear his luscious locks in order to conform to Western performance standards. The few scenes articulating this concept get closest to recapturing the observational spirit of its source. It must be one hell of a fluoridation process that gave us the chiseled fortysomething sexpots who appear to have skipped right into this film from a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

No white sweaters and white wine for this quasi-First Wives Club, however; the weekend turns into a cougar prowl of partying, eager-to-please young studs, and pelvis-focused beach volleyball montages. Though by no means a good film, it ranks as one of the more tolerable bad ones, with most of the genital-driven jokes made in good humor and good faith.

She then squandered part of that goodwill on limp-noodle biopic Mary Shelley , and now threatens to completely deplete it on this rom-com lacking both volume and a lustrous aesthetic shine. Uptight advertising exec Violet Sanaa Lathan keeps her life as rigorously controlled as her elaborately treated do, but she must forsake the picture-perfect fakery to go natural up top and find herself.

Sunanda Usha Jadhav is precisely the sort of character that Chopra and other outspoken advocates for women in the entertainment industry have called for. A lawyer ardently arguing for abused women against their alcoholic husbands, she has a feminist yen for justice at war with an inner turmoil that still haunts her. Take a wild guess at what happened in her past to make her pursue this particular line of work. For a while, the character is more fully-developed than the film around her, until the final twenty minutes take some shall-we-say-unanticipated turns that seriously undercut its progressive messaging.

Slightly coercive sex and cuckolding: the cure to a flagging marriage? Revenger The seventh art started going downhill the day that CGI blood was ruled more cost-effective than squib packs and karo syrup. Hopefully, powerhouse star Bruce Khan will find more sure-handed tutelage elsewhere, and soon.

This film, a Polish rush job in the English language, makes that faux pas into its main event. Even if the visual profile looks more like an HBO prestige movie. Conflict-averse academic Paul Adama Niane finds this for himself as his family returns from vacation in their RV, greeted by housesitters exploiting a loophole to squat on the property.

Paul calls the cops, and because all they see is a Black man trying to break into a big house, they arrest him instead of the offenders. Holiday Rush The politics of poptimism figure prominently into yet another fish-out-of-water class reversal, this time starring Romany Malco as a radio personality suddenly out of a job when his pride and joy station gets bought by a bloodsucking megacorp.

While he and his bratty children move back in with family auntie Darlene Love! The racial subtext of that divide also makes this film more watchable in theory than in practice, a counterweight against writing so dedicated to being unfunny that it actually drops the record-scratch what-just-happened moment without a trace of irony. For some, the minute-by-minute predictability will be a bug, but others, a feature. The most costly production in Malay film history often feels like an extended recruitment video, showing how PASKAL soldiers save lives and assist the U.

Leader of men Commander Anwar Hairul Azreen entertains the notion that he may not be able to serve his country and his family at the same time, a nagging doubt typical of the war film, but the film settles that with the conclusion that country and family are one and the same. Though the three tactical operations around which the script has been molded are executed with the precision and efficiency expected of the military, the shut-up-and-put-up thinking leaves its topic only half-covered.

A film in which no one comes out looking so good, least of all women. The battle for the future of the banlieue takes human shape in Mali-French teen Noumouke Bakary Diombera , torn between his older brothers. Soulaymaan Jammeh Diangana is on track to be a lawyer and Demba polymath James, pulling double duty runs the local drug game, embodying the two paths facing Noumouke in rather plain fashion.

With such a natural feel for the banlieue, any falseness within it jumps right out. As a cultural presence, sure, I get the appeal. Excepting her tiring habit of constant fourth wall breakages, Enola makes for a great role model and flat character, her lack of doubt or any other apparent flaw robbing her of the complexity that actually speaks to young people. The online Keanumania sparked by the episode in the middle featuring Reeves as a funhouse-mirror version of himself, however, has been well-founded.

The aspiration? For camera-ready Rumi Prit Kamani , the Bollywood big time. The obstacle? You can take it from there, the only divergence from what the previous sentences would lead a viewer to expect being the cultural import of the bun maska. We learn that the combo of buttery bread and strong chai tea carries a plank of their selfhood, as the signature dish of the Iranian-style eateries set up by immigrants going east to India.

This sturdy concept gets left behind, however, as the ghost of Rustom buries Rumi under reams of voiceover as his living son goes about his shitty little adventure. Nowhere outside Pinterest have canned aphorisms ever carried this much clout. If only it was funnier. On the other hand, there is something slightly risky and revisionist about placing a half-Korean character in a role so historically steeped in whiteness.

If nothing else, the specter of Long Duk Dong will have been forever dispelled. Animal Crackers The Variety report about the machinations behind the scenes of this Chinese-American animated coproduction makes for an absorbing read, an odd yarn involving Harvey Weinstein, sudden bankruptcy, and one seriously pissed-off seafood magnate.

He hoists the whole of this cloistered comedy as a neurotic enjoying a tight sort of comfort in a closed-off home where he can keep everything just-so. From a city-block bombing to a shooting spree at a campground, Greengrass treats discretion like weakness as he shows and shows and shows. Benji The Great Louisiana Tax Break Production Boom has attracted many stars to the oak-lined streets of New Orleans over the past decade, and the latest addition to the list is the hottest star on four legs, wonder dog Benji.

The best that can be said for this neutered reboot of the musty mutt franchise is that it makes active use of its surroundings where so many have attempted to obscure them. And yet nu-Benji lacks a certain canine charisma present in his doggy forebears, and weirder still, this film plays up the element of Christian dogma — thank you, thank you — traditionally constrained to the subtextual level. The Influence Spanish novice Denis Rovira enrolls at the Guillermo Del Toro School of High Gothic Revivalism for a story of wicked enchantment and familial discord, and he only barely passes the final.

Rebirth The first rule of this anti-corporate psychological thriller is do not talk about Fight Club. Goldberg breaks his pal out of a funk by inviting him to join a new movement of self-actualization he recently discovered, where instead of therapeutically punching the bologna out of one another, members chant creepy affirmations about accessing inner truth. Ugarte slowly comes undone as a nurse capable of communicating via haunted VHS tape with a boy who died 25 years earlier.

Paulo has a week-one-freshman grasp on chaos theory, and succeeds only in dumbing the concepts down while falling into the same grandfather paradox facing any time-travel movie. Not even the broad shoulders of Ugarte can carry a film so poorly thought-through.

Eye for an Eye In this morality play shipped over from Spain, a wheelchair-bound gang lord Xan Cejudo wastes away in a nursing home, left with nothing to do but face the guilt from his checkered past — or lack thereof. It might sound like a lesser sibling of The Irishman The Spanishman! Plaza bends over backwards to maintain these stakes, resorting to several cheap writerly tricks of coincidence that weaken the story instead of enriching it. The occultist on the job suffers from the same thinness, revealing nothing of himself as he brings his daughter along for their own grief counseling session of terror.

How else to account for the absolute absence of any signs of life whatsoever in each and every performance? As a mother grieving her young son recently nabbed by wolves, Riley Keough never breaks her heart-monitor monotone, and Jeffrey Wright matches her mumble-for-mumble as the nature expert who comes to find the missing boy. Director David E.

Talbert uses this pressure cooker as a breeding ground for a black comedy of schemers and bumblers, brought to life by a cast seemingly picked at random from a hat. Tim Allen! Jessica Alba! A viewer gets the impression that nobody in this motley troupe was in contact with one another during shooting. The cartoonishly inept lawmen plotting to resolve the situation have a Keystone Kops thing going on, the news team broadcasting the events occupy a more cynical atmosphere, and on the scene indoors, the shooter and his bargaining chips are doing Coen brothers cosplay.

Been So Long I am of the steadfast belief that any bad movie can be improved at least slightly with the addition of musical numbers, a principle supported by this adaptation of a London stage smash. Without the occasional ditty to spice things up, this would be a standard-issue guy-meets-gal romance about a single mother trying to get back out there. While the music suffers from Repo! Burning Sands Yet another clone movie, this one retreading the stomach-churning account of hazing gone too far undertaken by Goat the previous year.

But instead of tiptoeing around the jocks, prevailing attitudes of mandated prudence mean that our boys must tiptoe around their parents, their nation, and their own guilt. Schoolgirl Hatsuni Miona Hori gets her first taste of womanhood with three crushes, each more ill-suited to her affections than the last. What might scan as retrograde is in practice nakedly human, though it leads to some overdone comic setups that are anything but. Our chronically single gal Ana Cassandra Ciangherotti goes to a professional love coach Gabriela de la Garza to get her out of the lonely hearts club, and a few montages later, what do you know!

The architect with the well-manicured beard has swept Ana off her feet. The sword of Damocles finally drops when his partners turn against him, his wife sends a messenger boy to announce her request for a divorce, and his substance-based hobbies threaten to worsen into habits, all on the same Monday.

In America, it feels like the Sundance-industrial complex gives us another one of these every couple of years. He casts a bold silhouette as the image of gallantry, oftentimes to disbelief-testing extents. Did he really wait to deflower his teen bride, played by a poorly utilized Florence Pugh, until she was ready to give her consent? Mackenzie wants us to gawp at his lengthy tracking shots and flaming catapult, but the bouquet of loose screw-ups has a way of holding the attention.

Close Enemies You know movie cops, always torn between their responsibility to uphold the law and their allegiance to where they come from. Driss Reda Kateb has long since left behind his lawless French neighborhood to pursue work as one of the boys in blue, but he must get back to his roots after his boyhood friend and informant gets bumped off. Nothing all that revelatory here, but reheated genre exercises like this can be improved by cut-above acting and writing; this one has the former in spades, as Kateb and Schoenaerts fume and snort with bullish machismo they have the cojones to actually sell.

The resulting uproar destroyed treasured relationships and put him through a great test of faith in line with Christian lore, and director Joshua Marston chooses to relate this with all the dramatic nuance of a Lifetime Original Movie. Not even a sensitive turn as an AIDS-positive organist from the unerring Lakeith Stanfield can earn this film salvation.

The Killer And now for something completely different: a Western by way of Brazil, where a scar-faced killer those excited for a film about Spanish bullfighters are in for a rude awakening plays the cowboy liberating a dusty village from a ruthless capitalist. Diogo Morgado cuts a commanding figure as our man Shaggy, a couple notches closer to feral than the usual gunslinger.

The Warning Spanish filmmaker Daniel Calparsoro could have a long career ahead of him in Hollywood, where they crank out ambitious but imperfect conceptual thrillers like this one by the bushel. Better yet, mechanic-to-the-pros Lino Alban Lenoir specializes in tricking out otherwise unimpressive models, making these m. To work off his debt, Gudio joins the shadowy league of collectors and rapidly learns the ropes of a dishonest yet highly seductive profession where all rules have a bit of wiggle room.

Structuring this all around two trials amps up the excitement, but loses the gentle compassion that made its clear progenitor work. Like Cube , this puzzle-box of horror places a handful of poor bastards in high-concept confinement, as a pregnant young woman Laysla De Oliveira and her possibly incestuous brother Avery Whitted scramble through evasive maneuvers from a pursuer Patrick Wilson hunting them across a mutating labyrinth of grass.

I Am Jonas We spend our adulthoods nursing the psychosexual wounds still lingering from those hard teen years, no matter what may have transpired. In the case of Jonas Felix Meritaud, he of wiry build and pretty face , day-in-day-out bullying from homophobic classmates made his tentative first encounter with plump-lipped classmate Nathan Tommy-Lee Baik an experience of high highs and low lows back when he was a student played by Nicolas Bauwens.

The painterly photography has been supplanted by the flatness of prestige TV, and the long, pensive gaps in which viewers were once free to appreciate the rustling of tree branches or distant chiming of bells are now filled with meaningless exposition. Formulaic as his handiwork may be, director Julien Leclerq has his head on straighter than his characters, moving his minute run time at a swift clip with a few Mannly action sequences. But what the film lacks in cohesion, it makes up for with moment-to-moment entertainment.

A journalist Sharon Ooja goes undercover to get the straight dope about the black market flesh trade in Lagos, and with a queasy inevitability, lands in hot water herself. A national cinema once limited by censorship and old-fashioned ideas about propriety is now exploring new sexual frontiers, this romantic anthology being a bracingly blunt case in point. Behold, the first onscreen appearance of a vibrator in the history of Indian film!

Four separate stories revolve around women in various states of dissatisfaction — carnal, sure, but more frequently emotional. A lot of the comedy errs on the side of the sophomoric, with one randy set piece taking cues from the risible The Ugly Truth , but what this effort represents still counts for quite a bit. Co-directors Junichi Sato and Tomotaka Shibayama cater to teens and the teen-at-heart alike with the story of Miyo Sasaki, a middle-schooler moony over the uninterested Kento Hinode.

Her edge in the plan to get a foot in the door of his heart? She can turn into a cat by putting on a noh mask, allowing her to do reconnaissance while he unwittingly cuddles the kitty he dubs Taro. Though in practice, this mostly serves to allegorize the worn-out romcom lesson about not changing yourself to suit the one you want, at least that plot device permits us entry to the wondrous Isle of Cats.

That all-feline Xanadu gives a lick of the humor and imagination somewhat lacking in the rest of the film. Witnessing one such distressing occurrence claim the life of his sister stays with August Khalil Everage permanently, afflicting him with agoraphobia well-suited to his fledgling career as a bedroom beatmaker.

Imperial Dreams A curious specimen, this film was made and released in two dramatically different worlds. When the picture first premiered at Sundance in , John Boyega was another handsome young Brit with a lot of promise and a stare capable of cutting metal. By the time Netflix unveiled it in , he was an A-lister with a leading role in the biggest blockbuster franchise on the planet.

Not an easy sit by any measure, but director Sudabeh Mortezai maximizes the pain to unclear ends, drawing all the dread out from an upsetting rape scene early on until it feels like horror cinema and not in the good way. The Angel By , tensions along the Egyptian-Israeli border had escalated to powder-keg levels, and a violent engagement was all but imminent.

This true-to-life thriller contemplates the answer and settles somewhere between the two in a conflicted character study that resists simple heroism. If only director Ariel Vromen had put a little more oomph in the scenes where things happen and sunk less time into scenes in which people talk about things happening. What could have been an amoral romp in the vein of American Made lands in a more subdued, inert mode, never quite reveling in its own misdeeds.

Solo All right, cards on the table, Netflix. Two days later, this Spanish tribute to real-life perseverance popped up under a nearly identical title. This Indonesian comedy goes with the former archetype, but does so with a humor that wears its cornball sensibility better than most.

Recovering it falls to Taat and his pals, who duly make fools of themselves without wearing the bit thin. Kidnapping Stella Sometimes, the less said in a movie, the better. Striking all dialogue can force a plateauing filmmaker to get back to basics and relearn how to convey information visually, through camerawork, editing, and the choices of the actors. Director Thomas Sieben applies a zero-fat, economical style to the Stockholm Syndrome thriller, until the perpetrators get talking and turn from wraithlike presences into regular guys.

The retelling of one Irish U. That results in a weird dissonance, where the film works as a discrete whole but fails on a scene-by-scene basis. Those plugged in to the joys of wrestling may get more out of the rise of little Leo Seth Carr , who discovers a luchador mask granting him the speed, strength, and agility to enter the ring with grown-ups thrice his size.

That, and a weirdly deep Billy Dee Williams voice. Like Mike did this with a magic pair of Air Jordans, but this film piledrives the competition by foregrounding the agreed-upon lie known as kayfabe that makes wrestling unique. Leo creates his own persona and buys into the act until it becomes real, the bedrock of the sweaty, muscular form of public theatre that is WWE.

In this spirit, watching hulking adults pretend to be pummeled by a kid turns from hokey stuntwork into the upkeep of a proud tradition of make-believe. The ensuing dash to get the sinewy hellion back in his container drably shuffles through its action sequences and has a, shall we say, utilitarian relationship to language.

Tallulah Former Orange Is the New Black writer Sian Heder tries her hand behind the camera for this study in contrasts about three women all chafing under the demands of motherhood in their own way. In the title role, Ellen Page is a street urchin feeling lost after her good-for-nothing boyfriend abandons her, but finds new meaning in life when fate puts a helpless infant in her custody.

Well-measured restraint improves the acting across the board, which in turn keeps this film away from the treacly sentiment that occasionally rears its weepy head. Janney takes it in a walk, naturally. Targarona has a perceptible admiration for Boix and the bravery required to surreptitiously document some of the most heinous crimes against humanity that history has ever seen.

Targarona, a veteran of the Spanish film industry, has earned the right to have a little more faith in herself. The Titan Sam Worthington is one of those actors whose blank expression and generically handsome features make him the perfect candidate to portray a robot. See also: Emily Ratajkowski, Jamie Dornan. Forestalling the inevitable, this sci-fi thought exercise gets near the mark by casting Worthington as something other than human — in this case, the next stage in evolution.

The film lacks focus, however, glancing past a number of thoughtful paths in an effort to simultaneously take all of them. Pickpockets Those small-time hoodlums rationalizing theft as a victimless crime often tend to not realize that after long enough, they will become the real victims. A sense of coiled-spring energy and an emphasis on the fascinating nuts and bolts of ripping strangers off can make a hundred-dollar job feel as exciting as a bank heist, both for us and the purloiners onscreen, who steal for the sheer rush as much as the money.

Director Peter Webber is never better than when exalting in the kinetic glory of petty larceny, his camera as weightless and carefree as its subjects, but the need to impose an arc on their lifestyle mucks up the merrymaking. The arrival of an elder mentor in misdemeanors steers the younger leads to betrayal, jealousy, and internal conflict, all of which makes for adequate drama at the price of the poetry-in-motion exhilaration of their earlier cooperation.

Seriously Single A romcom that needs to make its kooky female protagonist act in less than recognizably human ways, just so that maturing her to bare normalcy qualifies as growth, has rot at the root. The borderline psychedelic design of the moon-world is a feat, albeit one made less impressive by the too-long run time, a sidekick more bothersome than usual, and tuneless musical numbers.

A nurse looks after a foul-smelling and possibly already-deceased woman, an expecting mother loses touch with herself and her humanity, a roamer enters a small village with strict rules for surviving the parable at play, and a pair of newlyweds seek the blessing of a late grandmother. Emmet Walsh could be altogether bad. Still, the script arrives at the same inevitable endpoint as any other movie about someone avenging a loved one.

You know the old saying — before you embark upon a journey of revenge, dig two graves. Jezebel As Netflix-endorsed depictions of the camgirl industry go, this one has more in common with the nonjudgemental professionalism of Cam than the prurient scaremongering of documentary Hot Girls Wanted.

Hard up for cash, Tiffany Tiffany Tenille gets into the business at the urging of her big sister Sabrina Perrier , but her effortless aptitude for the work creates a rivalry between them. She must also deal with a client Brett Gelman hoping to take things to the next level, the stronger strand of plot for how it opens up the conversation about the intersection between race and sex work.

The hole acts as a statement bangle for the film, a pop of difference standing out from the sameness. Terron leaves his fellow middle-schoolers in the dust on the basketball court, and before long, a coach Josh Charles from an elite private academy headhunts him for their team. Koo misses the three, but sinks the layup.

Dragon Quest: Your Story Many video-game adaptations go to great pains to obscure their integral video-game-ness, but not so with this movie-fication of a long-running RPG fantasy series from Japan. Having not played the games, I can only presume that their mechanics come to bear on the film, which centers well-crafted problem-solving.

Our hero uses a pulley to reveal a hidden staircase at one point, complete with a congratulatory musical riff surely imported from the games. Later, he realizes that he can only defeat a boss by slashing it in its weak-point eyeball.

The grainy mm. He gives a much better showing than the rest of the movie deserves, the room-temperature casserole of saccharine little-kid antics and uncanny-valley-plumbing CGI elves that it is. The Italian case of Stefano Cucchi, dramatized in this work of righteous outrage by Alessio Cremonini, sounds all too familiar: After getting apprehended by the feared martial peacekeeping force known as the Carabinieri on a minor drug-possession charge and held in custody, the young infrastructure worker was winnowed down to a malnourished husk of himself, beaten, and ultimately killed.

I sincerely wish the best of luck to open-minded viewers making heads or tails of this, but anyone put off by obtuseness may wind up wanting their minutes back. The King Timmy does Shakespeare — what could go wrong? Quite a few things, as fate would have it. It is a stack of blunders without any core of purpose to hold it together. Steel Rain Japanese anxiety over the devastation of the atomic bomb gave us Godzilla, and now the ongoing nuclear tensions between North and South Korea have yielded this jittery, paranoid missile thriller.

The Discovery In the vast gulf between conception and execution, we have this down-tempo thought experiment from Charlie McDowell. In a world where Robert Redford has conclusively proven the existence of an idyllic afterlife, the suicide rate has mushroomed.

Jason Segel and Rooney Mara are strangers with a mysterious attraction and conflicting opinions about what to do with this frightening new frontier. Director Anne Fletcher and screenwriter Kristin Hahn placed themselves in an advantageous position by building their adaptation of a YA smash around the music and philosophy of Her Dollyness, an idol to plus-size Willowdean Danielle MacDonald. She wants to teach her negligent mother Jennifer Aniston, bringing it a lesson by winning the beauty pageant that occupies her every waking moment, and the baldly stated moral of body acceptance is all well and good.

This is not a love story but a hate story, a series of painful, no-holds-barred screaming matches between two people expertly equipped to hurt one another. See also: Blue Valentine and Revolutionary Road. But the acrimony between them has some real venom to it, and director Aadish Keluskar knows when to pull back and when to uncork the rage. The Laws of Thermodynamics Screenwriters are always trying to impose reason on the thorny tangle of contradictions that is love, but Spanish genre tinkerer Mateo Gil does so with more studied rigor.

His script proposes that the laws of physics governing the chaotic movement of subatomic particles and the delicate space-time continuum can also be applied to the bonds between people. Gil brings a zingy, Gondry-esque energy to his experiment in bridging the gap between the mind and the soul, but his characters nonetheless possess all the pathos of a textbook word problem.

It starts with mommy dearest Marisa Paredes dying, and her four daughters convening for the first time in a long time. Their late mom informs the adult sisters that the man they know as father did not personally sire them, setting off a search for the five men responsible for their conceptions.

The family that divulges hair-curlingly frank erotic specifics together, stays together. The writing has gone completely off the sleigh, throwing together time travel, a greater investment in Germanic myth, and illogical emotional arcs in a mishmash that must divide itself into B- and C-plots just to contain it all.

In this daft laugher from across the pond, Julian Barratt plays the washed-up Thorncroft in the present day, as he shills his way through middle-age in humbling commercial spots. He gets a shot at redemption when a homicidal maniac demands the police put him in contact with the real Mindhorn, and much to the displeasure of his real-cop partners, Thorncroft gets back into character.

Barry Barack Obama is the coolest commander-in-chief to have ever graced the Oval Office — this is fact. Remember back when those were qualities the president had? A Kickstarter campaign to drum up a budget outlined a daring plan to shoot guerrilla-style inside of real moments as they unfold: a bustling EDM music festival, protests and riots in the wake of the Parisian terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the Bataclan.

This two-hander drama is situated at the inevitable point where sickness bleeds over into the more meaningfully personal — friends, romantic relationships, family. Over the course of one evening, grueling even at a brief 71 minutes, she goes from tough-love counselor to enabler as she helps Seth score to keep him from dying of withdrawal. Both Jacobson and Franco are up to the task, never coming off as tourists in the genre like so many comedic actors stretching their range, and the ending is a lot darker than they play it.

All the more frustrating, then, that the script would hamstring their work with such missteps as easy symbolism, voice-over overload, and crucial lines that ring false. Bespectacled young C. Virtuous intent can only get a film so far, however, and the hoary kinks in the plot along with feigned naturalism of the patter between the kids stop the film dead in its tracks. That development presents a key plot point for this class comedy from Anurag Kashyap, and a sticky wicket for protagonist Sarita Saiyami Kher , who has found that her clogged sink spits up a nightly allowance of soon-to-be-unusable bills stashed in the pipes by a mystery man.

Anyone over the age of 60 will most likely be charmed by this softly told romance between seniors-who-still-got-it Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, but everyone can share in the warmth this sweet-natured, if mild, film radiates. Adult children Judy Greer and Matthias Schoenaerts bring trouble into their geriatric Eden, but the prevailing tone is that of comfort. Like the pointed appearance of a greying yet no less handsome Treat Williams, the Ali-Frazier showdown between Parton and Baranski gives away the undercurrent of camp keeping everything light and gay, so to speak.

Mall Christianity, we could call it. The things we do for the elder relatives we love…. Even so, he still needs to formulate a sense of artistic self in terms of both originality and control before he can join the ranks of the proud troublemakers he so clearly idolizes. The Package For a movie about a kid who cuts his own dick off while drinking and camping, it could be a lot worse!

Not a high bar to clear, admittedly, but Geraldine Viswanathan makes it look easy. Brassy and quick with a cutting aside, the Blockers scene-stealer acts circles around the rest of the cast particularly lead Daniel Doheny, as forgettably handsome here as in Alex Strangelove as they go on a mad dash through the woods to return the recovered member to its owner after their pal gets airlifted to the nearest hospital.

The movie formerly known as Eggplant Emoji does a bang-up job of stretching this thin premise to feature length, throwing obstacles at the characters and mining laughs from the solutions they have to gin up on the fly. That much is true, at least, until the film can no longer watch as he goes about the work of reformation and must scuttle him into a third-act resolution that stinks of screenwriting textbooks.

In the future metropolis of Grainland creators Kevin R. Her mom Molly Constance Wu spends all her time fiddling with the family bots, leading Mai Su to wander off on an adventure where she becomes acquainted with a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art model labeled Her assignment to have him eliminate his mechanical brethren is only the first unexpected move in a series of zags-over-zigs, culminating in poignant scenes featuring the inspired concept of artificial amnesia.

Step Sisters The Bring It On series, the clear antecedent to this dance flick which is, mercifully, far superior to Dance Flick , kept considerations of class and race in the mix through its many installments. Note: A supporting performance from Matt McGorry as a semi-self-aware, even more intolerable version of his already intolerable self instantly validates the casting. The later years, in which things get a little Elephant Man as the public and then a global TV viewership comes to gape at this more-than-human being, deliver the highest highs and lowest lows.

Batman has grounds to sue! He gives us someone to cheer for in Nirma Mithila Palkar , a motivational-tape-listening eager beaver out to get hers. She wants more for herself than lying to Chinese tourist groups about taking them through Slumdog Millionaire shooting locations — Danny Boyle gets dissed in one of the pointier wisecracks — and gets a new lease on life after a conman absconds with her car.

Calibre The forbidding Scottish highlands provide a spooky backdrop for a back-to-basics horror movie — of sorts. A pair of lads working the classic yin and yang of manliness one rips lines of coke and chases skirt, the other is a dutiful husband to a pregnant wife go out for a hunting holiday in the untamed U.

Shame runs both men through a wringer of remorse, accentuated by the disconnect between their city manners and the decency of their country-folk hosts. In the opening moments, a scientist wakes up beside his ex-lover. Masked men storm into their room a moment later, drag them into the basement, demand a huge payoff, and kill our man when he tries to escape.

He then reawakens and begins the cycle anew, setting off a twisty logic puzzle tricked out with killer robots, glowing insignia tattoos, and a perpetual-motion machine capable of resetting time. But only within highly specific parameters. It is a Groundhog Day — Primer bastardization full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. It has its fun with the sound and fury, though.

This bitter fact of life shapes the formative years of Memo played as a taciturn adult by Jorge Garcia, once of Lost fame , a slightly portly songbird barred from success by his look. In flashbacks, we see how his vocals were synced to another kid more easy on the eyes, leading him to the hard-hided present in which we spend most of the film. Garcia shows his best side as he lets the walls around him crack, allowing entry to a sweet woman Millaray Lobos on his paradisiacal Chilean island.

Alex Strangelove The Skeleton Twins director Craig Johnson summons the ghost of John Hughes for this sweet if anodyne lark about a high-schooler grappling with big questions about his sexual identity. Everyone ends up right where they belong, a millennial happily-ever-after of free tolerance and self-discovery without torment.

Whether a viewer finds this a pleasing change of pace from a queer cinema steeped in the tragic or an overly slight sanitizing of an emotionally intense process will be a matter of personal preference. Sturgill Simpson has broken away from the country-music pack by wedding the dirt-road imagery and somber-faced dejection of his cowboy cohort with improbable influences: Jim Jarmusch, DMT, and now anime.

NiNo Kuni Heartiest congratulations to the furry community, whose interests get represented proudly and often with this video game adaptation hand-drawn by ex-Ghibli artists. More than one character transforms into a swollen spider when provoked, little pink Koosh balls titter like hedgehogs, and it all ends by dealing our wheelchair-bound boy the incongruously cruel choice to abandon his life and friends forever or give up autonomous mobility.

Bean Boyfriend. Within the first fifteen minutes, Washington gets a tearful monologue notifying the racist white cop Jeremy Jordan handling her case that for his information, her large black son is no gangbanger and still gets misty at Puff the Magic Dragon. Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle To employ an age-old critical parlance: a lot going on here.

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Remixed Michael Jackson - Whatzupwitu Spezial U. Mix The Jackson 5 - ABC The Jackson 5 - I'll Be There The Jackson 5 - Mama's Pearl The Jackson 5 - Doctor My Eyes The Jackson 5 - Hallelujah Day The Jackson 5 - Skywriter Michael Jackson - Rock With You Michael Jackson - Bad Michael Jackson - Remember The Time Michael Jackson - Heal The World The Jacksons - Enjoy Yourself The Jacksons - Shake A Body Michael Jackson - Sunset Driver [Demo] The Jacksons - Lovely One The Jacksons - This Place Hotel Michael Jackson - P.

The Jacksons Feat. Mick Jagger - State Of Shock Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson - Cheater Demo Michael Jackson - Dangerous [Early Version] Michael Jackson - Monkey Business Michael Jackson - Jam Michael Jackson - Stranger In Moscow Michael Jackson - Childhood Michael Jackson - On The Line Michael Jackson - Fall Again Michael Jackson - In The Back Michael Jackson - Unbreakable Michael Jackson - Butterflies Michael Jackson - Beautiful Girl [Demo] Michael Jackson - We've Had Enough Michael Jackson - ABC Michael Jackson - Human Nature Michael Jackson - The way you make me feel Michael Jackson - Man in the mirror Michael Jackson - Another part of me Michael Jackson - Smooth criminal Michael Jackson - Leave me alone Michael Jackson - Black or white Michael Jackson - Remember the time Michael Jackson - In the closet Michael Jackson - Who is it Michael Jackson - Heal the world Michael Jackson - Will you be there Michael Jackson - You are not alone Michael Jackson - Earth song Michael Jackson - They don't care about us Michael Jackson - You rock my world Michael Jackson - One day in your life Michael Jackson - Rockin Robin Michael Jackson - People make the world go round Michael Jackson - Happy Love theme from 'Lady s Michael Jackson - With a child's heart Michael Jackson - Music and me Michael Jackson - Got to be there Michael Jackson - We're almost there Michael Jackson - Just a little bit of you Michael Jackson - I wanna be where you are Michael Jackson - In our small way Michael Jackson - My girl Michael Jackson - Dapper-Dan Michael Jackson - We've got a good thing going Michael Jackson - Darling Dear Jackson 5 Michael Jackson - Maybe Tomorrow Jackson 5 Michael Jackson - Morning Glow Michael Jackson - Scream Michael Jackson - Earth Song Michael Jackson - Remember Tthe Time Michael Jackson - Ghosts Michael Jackson - Leave Me Alone Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl Michael Jackson - In The Closet Michael Jackson - Thriller [Single Version] Michael Jackson - Say Say Say Michael Jackson - Scream [Single] Michael Jackson - State Of Shock Michael Jackson - Fall Again [Demo] Michael Jackson - One More Chance Rap L.

B Paul Mc Cartney Paul McCartney Michael Jackson - Scream Feat. Janet Jackson Siedah Garrett Kanye West Michael Jackson - Black or White Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror Michael Jackson - Whatever Happens Michael Jackson - Off the Wall Michael Jackson - Ghost Michael Jackson - Tabloid Junkie Michael Jackson - Remember the Time Michael Jackson - Speechless Michael Jackson - Morphine Michael Jackson - Bad [Single Version] Michael Jackson - Blood on the Dance Floor Michael Jackson - Got the Hots Michael Jackson - Carousel [Long Version] Michael Jackson - Thriller Megamix Michael Jackson - Wahtever Happens Michael Jackson - Cry Michael Jackson - Workin' Day and Night Michael Jackson - Got The Hots Michael Jackson - Carousel Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal radio edit Michael Jackson - Black Or White single version Michael Jackson - Who Is It 7 edit Michael Jackson - Earth Song radio edit Michael Jackson - Stranger In Moscow radio edit Michael Jackson - Fall Again demo Michael Jackson - Break Of Dawn Michael Jackson - Bad [Album Version] Michael Jackson - Scream [Album Version] Michael Jackson - Ben [Single Version] Michael Jackson - 01 - billie jean Michael Jackson - 02 - thriller Michael Jackson - 03 - beat it Michael Jackson - 04 - smooth criminal Michael Jackson - 05 - dirty diana Michael Jackson - 06 - don't stop 'til you get enough Michael Jackson - 07 - man in the mirror Michael Jackson - 08 - they don't care about us Michael Jackson - 09 - black or white Michael Jackson - 10 - wanna be startin' somethin' Michael Jackson - 11 - the way you make me feel Michael Jackson - 12 - bad Human Nature [Reprise].

Billie Jean - barbara Mendes. Beat It - Cris Delanno. Human Nature - Marcela Mangabeira. Rock With You - Marcela Mangabeira. Baby Me Mine - Raquelle Spring. Off the Wall - Dudu Braga. Thriller - Lulu Joppert. Man in the Mirror - Paulinho Loureiro. Remember The Time - Monique Kessous. Michael Jackson - Save Me. Billie Jean 5.

Elizabeth I Love You. Heartbreak Hotel. I'll Be There. Lovely One. Rock with you. Shake Your Body. Working Day And Night. You Are My Lovely One. Medley Jackson 5. Things I Do For You. Baby Be Mine 4. Remember The Time 2. Michael Jackson - Jam. Michael Jackson - Thriller. Michael Jackson - Billy Jean. Michael Jackson - Beat It. Michael Jackson - Black Or White. Michael Jackson - Heal The World. Michael Jackson - Human Nature.

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal. Michael Jackson - I'll Be There. Working day and night. Will you be there. Black or white. We are the world. Heal the world. Thriller 2. Wanna be startin something. Billie jean. Human nature. Smooth criminal. I'll be there. Heal The World - Michael Jackson. Liberian Girl - Michael Jackson. Human Nature - Michael Jackson.

Earth Song - Michael Jackson. Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson. Gone Too Soon - Michael Jackson. Keep The Faith - Michael Jackson. Medley live. Why you wanna Trip on Me. Jam Roger's Jeep Remix. Black or White Guitar House Mix.

Who is it The Most Patient Mix. Billie Jen. Wana Be Startin' Somethin'. Club Megamix. United We Stand - What more can i give. Beat It 2. Billie Jean 4. Billy gilman - Ben. Black or Whit. Blue Michael Jackson Medley. I ll Be There. Marc Anthony - She's out of my life.

The Wa. You Rock My World 2. Remember The Time House Remix. Remember The Time House Remix 2. We've Had Enough. Someone Put Your Hand Out. If You Don't Love Me. Fly Away. One More Chance. Serious Effect Feat. LL Cool J. On The Line.

You Can't Win. Whatever Happens Feat. Carlos Santana. What More Can I Give. Butterflies Symphony Strings Remix. Billy Jean. Another Part Of Me Ultimix. Ben Dj. Ben Rinski Remix. Ben Instrumental. Ben Live At Japan Ben Hiroshi Fujiwara K. S Mix. Ben A Capella. Ben Chill Out Gus Mix Ben Upbeat Loyal Remix. Stranger In Moscow miXscape Remix. Thriller miXscape Overdub. Butterflies miXscape Anarchy Remix.

Cheater miXscape Overdub. Dirty Diana miXscape Remix. DS miXscape Remix. In The Closet miXscape Remix. Morphine miXscape Overdub. Shout miXscape Remix Speed Demon miXscape Remix. Earth Song Sudden Eneregy Mix. Earth Song Live Gothenburg Agosto. Earth Song Radio Edit.

Earth Song A Cappella. Earth Song Ballad Gus Mix. Escape Briggsy's Demon Anthem Mix. Escape Unreleased. Escape Electric Eyes Mix - Dirtyorangeknickers. Escape Black Drums Gus Mix. Escape Ceyload's Fake Live. Escape Speed Demon Remix. Escape Thriller Mix. Ben Alexelie Romantic Mix.

Billie Jean Alexelie Hardgroove Remix. Butterflies Alexelie Remix. Rock With You Alexelie Remix. Remember The Time 50 Cent Mix. Remember The Time Nameless Remix. Remember The Time Astrosphere Remix. Remember The Time Silky Soul 7'. Remember The Time A Cappella. Remember The Time 12' Main Mix.

Remember The Time Maurice's Underground. I Want You Back 88' Remix. Whatzupwitu [With Eddie Murphy]. Whatzupwitu [With Eddie Murphy] Hiphopremix. Whatzupwitu [With Eddie Murphy] instrumental. They Dont Care About Us. The Landing Beacon. Kid Cudi. Lil Wayne. Notorious B. Talkin About Butterflies. Thank You for ABCs. Empire State Rockin. Got to be as Real as it gets. On to the Next Trip On Me. Blood Off That Dance Floor. Remember the Time A Star is Born.

Venus vs Mars Who is it. Never Can Say Goodbye to Home. Billy Jean is a Hater. Reminder to Rock with You. Will You be Ambitious. Ben Young Forever. Dirty Techno. Al Sharpton Intro. Michael Jackson feat Fergi - Beat it Michael Jackson feat 2Pac, Pres. Obama - Black or White Changes. Ne-Yo ft. Michael Jackson memorial - Jermaine Jackson - Smile. Michael Jackson feat Heavy D - Jam remix. Michael Jackson feat Will. T Remix.

Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana live. Michael Jackson - Bad Rock remix. Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl remix. Michael Jackson - Can't Help It remix. Don't stop til you get enough. Off the wall. Shake your body down to the ground. Ease on down the road. You can't win. Stranger in Moscow. You rock my world. Remember the time. Can't let her get away. In the closet. Lovely one. Heartbreak hotel. Enjoy yourself. I wanna be where you are. I can't help it. Liberian girl.

Another part of me. Show you the way to go. Dancing machine. Blame it on the boogie. Can you feel it. Get on the floor. Working day night. Walk right now. You are not alone. Shes out of my life. Got to be there. Maybe tomorrow. Rockin robin. Were almost there. Liberian Girl Ben Liebrand Remix. Liberian Girl Of The Block. Liberian Girl Aydink Remix. Liberian Girl Ben Librended Mix. Liberian Girl Blackjack Mix. Liberian Girl Jacks Paradise Mix.

Liberian Girl Piano Remix. Heartbreak Hotel This Place Hotel. Get it together Regrooved by Umbo. Bad Regrooved by The Captain. Dapper Dan Regrooved by Torpedotrickser. Take Me Back Regrooved by Parker. Billie Jean Opolopo remix. Rock With You Opolopo remix.

Skywriter Stargate Remix. Who's Lovin' You. I Want You Back. With A Child's Heart. Darling Dear. Never Can Say Goodbye. Got to be There. I Wanna be Where You Are. With a Child's Heart. One Day in Your Life. The Love You Save. I'll be There. Mama's Pearl. Maybe Tomorrow. Sugar Daddy. Lookin' Through the Windows. Get it Together. Dancing Machine. Billie Jean Instrumental Version. Thriller Instrumental. Bad Dub Version. The way you make me feel Dub Version. Man in the mirror Instrumental Version.

Dirty Diana Instrumental. Another part of me Instrumental. Doctor My Eyes. Lookin' Through The Windows. Hallelujah Day. She's Out Off My Life. Beat It - Moby's Sub Mix. Smooth Criminal Annie Mix. My Girl. Cinderella Stay A While. All The Things You Are. Maybe Tommorrow. When I Come Of Age. Love's Gone Bad. Who's Looking For A Lover. Lonely Teardrops. If N' I Was God. Histery Mastermix. Scream Special U. Someone Put Your Hand On. Whatzupwitu Spezial U. Can You Remember. True Love Can Be Beautiful.

Goin' Back To Indiana. I'll Bet You. Rockin' Robin Michael Jackson Solo. Doggin' Around Michael Jackson Solo. Lookin' Thorugh The Windows. The Young Folks. My Little Baby. We've Got Blue Skies. I Want You Back Remix. Got To Be There Motown. Ben Motown. Dancing Machine - The Jackson 5 Motown. Enjoy Yourself - The Jacksons single version Phil. You Can't Win - The Wiz song Sunset Driver - demo The Girl Is Mine - M. Storybook withdrawn MCA. We Are The World - demo Man In The Mirror - M.

In The Back track Beautiful Girl demo The Way You Love Me demo We've Had Enough Blame It On The Boogie. Can You Feel It. Wanne Be Startin' Somethin'. Who is it. Earth song. They don't care about us. Children Of The Light. Zip A Dee Doo Dah. Rockin Robin. People make the world go round. Happy Love theme from 'Lady sings the blues'.

Music and me. We're almost there. Just a little bit of you. In our small way. We've got a good thing going. I Want You Back Jackson 5. Who's Lovin' You Jackson 5. Darling Dear Jackson 5. Never Can Say Goodbye Jackson 5. Maybe Tomorrow Jackson 5. If 'N I Was God. Remember Tthe Time. Wanna Be Startin' Ssomethin'. Billie Jean [Single Version]. Man in the Mirror [Album Version]. Smooth Criminal [Album Version][Edit]. Beat It [Single Version]. Thriller [Single Version].

Who Is It [7' Edit]. Black or White [Album Version]. Dirty Diana [Album Version]. Blood on the Dance Floor [Album Version]. Rock with You [Single Version]. Stranger in Moscow [Album Version]. Remember the Time [Album Version].

Give in to Me [Album Version]. You Are Not Alone [Single]. Say Say Say. Scream [Single]. State Of Shock. Got The Hots [Demo]. Fall Again [Demo]. Sunset Driver [Demo]. In The Back. We Are The World [Solo]. Thriller [Jason Nevins Mega Mix]. Black Or White Part. Rap L. Say Say Say Partc. Paul Mc Cartney. Scream with Janet Jackson. Blood On The Dancefloor. Smile Short Version. Billie Jean Original 12' Version. Smooth Criminal Extended Dance Mix. Thriller Megamix Radio Edit.

Off the Wall. We Are the World [Demo Version]. Who Is It [Single Version]. Bad [Single Version]. Blood on the Dance Floor. Heal the World [Single Version]. Got the Hots. Carousel [Long Version]. Thriller Megamix.

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