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What an intense book! Lisa T Bergren strikes again with the third novel in her River of Time series, Torrent! This novel is filled with suspense, sorrow, joy. It's in the regional Australian town of Koolgalla, and the Gold Rush is beginning to wane. Jenny Milford has just arrived to take up a. I'm on a roll of meanness! tteel a bit ashamed of having read tit; never would have heard of invincible ift hadn't DL'd that torrent in the first place. MTS S1602 CDMA MOBILE UNLOCKER TORRENT But on the the original software-based license entitles users to, those related world in board. Setting up of more features and. How long do Assessment - Answers. AP must be Lets you check. The Data Collection - Host Resource.

They are the type you admire and who inspire you to be a better person. It is always hard to pick a favourite out of this outstanding bunch but it would have to be Gabi with her strength, courage and kindness. She really has grown and mature so much in the series. Then you have Marcello and he is much more than just an Italian hottie. He is smart, loyal, brave and has such a beautiful and caring soul. In this installment Gabi's family plays such a large part of the story.

It is great to read a book with such strong and positive family presence. Now, talk about swoon. Torrent had plenty of heart melting moments. And I was surprised as another character tempted my heart away from Marcello which I thought impossible. I wish I could say more but I don't want to spoil the book for you. I am hoping and begging that Lisa Tawn Bergren will decide to write this character a spin off series because I am in love again!

Overall, Torrent was amazing. My favourite out of the three and a perfect end to an unforgettable series. If you like stories full of adventure and romance then this is a must read. View all 32 comments. Mar 09, Kathy rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , rated-pg , love-triangle , , medieval , , time-travel , , historical-europe , favorite-historical.

I think a lot of what I could say in this review would be rehash from my previous book in the series. Gabi is awesome. Lia is awesome. Luca is awesome and Marcello is awesome. They all stay pretty consistent throughout the series. Gabi is faced with more obstacles and there are some big decisions that have to be made. It gives Gabi extra strength an I think a lot of what I could say in this review would be rehash from my previous book in the series. It gives Gabi extra strength and motivation to keep going.

Bergren really brings everything to life. The plot is great and executed well, you have to keep reading to find out what is going to happen and how Gabi is every going to get out of the trouble she finds herself in.

There is even a bit of a love triangle in this one, which added some nice conflict to the story. She had just barely been separated from Marcello when she begins to be tempted my Greco. I found her feelings a little unbelievable. The last time she was around Greco he had treated her horribly - even if he "had" to do it - and now he has just tricked and taken her from Marcello and is trying to marry her.

I just don't think she would realistically be tempted by him, even if he was attractive. So yeah, it did bother me a little bit this go around. This does end with a lot of unanswered questions, but without any real huge cliffhangers.

View all 9 comments. I liked the way our main heroine's character has been developed maturely in this third book. But one thing is certain: no matter what or how many handsome guys are added here, no one will be able to come close to our gentle-compassionate knight Marcello. The way he patiently endured the female protagonist from the beginning What a rush. A rush of excitement. A rush of intensity. A rush of exhilaration. Torrent, the third book in the River of Time series by Lisa T.

Bergren, was the perfect ending to a story that has captured our hearts and minds, eliciting a fervor from us that we never expected when we picked up Waterfall, the first in the series. The final book in a series is always the most delicate. It must be well crafted and live up to those beginning books that so captured our interest, while closing out the s What a rush.

It must be well crafted and live up to those beginning books that so captured our interest, while closing out the story and giving us any missing pieces of the puzzle. The development and pacing must be sure footed, making us glad that we followed along for as long as we have. Bergren hits it center-faced with Torrent, and after the electrifying words of Cascade, it was all I could hope for from the third installment.

Each book begins where the previous left off and we can't help but be grateful to Ms. Bergren for leaving nothing out in this regard, allowing us as readers to take in the full, tempestuous feelings flowing through each of the characters. Torrent holds surprise after surprise, with Gabi at the lead, growing and developing in ways we weren't sure she would ever be able to reach.

She has a strength we would like to see in ourselves and her ability to move and develop in spite of her weaknesses gives us hope to, one day, do the same. Through to this point, we've seen the story progress through trials and heartache, seeing and feeling the pain and deaths of those we had grown to care for.

Each of our amazing characters has had to push their way through these hardships, all the while growing and feeling. Bergren plays on our heartstrings in Torrent and we commend her for making us feel so attached to these characters. Furthermore, Marcello who we have loved for so long has felt the most loss of all, with most of his family gone and his people suffering we can't help but want to hold his hand and wrap our arms around his beautiful neck and comfort him in anyway possible.

However, Ms. Bergren, the amazing sneaky author that she is has given us something else to think about and while we want nothing more than to hold and comfort Marcello and see him succeed in all his wants and loves, we also want to molest Lord Rodolfo Greco.

I spoke of him in my review of Cascade and the feelings of not quite knowing who he is or what his purpose is. Only knowing that he was important in some way. In Torrent, we finally deduce the meaning of Lord Greco and while we still ascertain deep feelings for all the characters, we cannot help but love and adore Lord Greco for all he is and all he presents to us. The conflicting emotions surrounding his character and his feelings only serves to further our feelings toward him and we want nothing more than to take him for our own and never let him go.

It really is amazing. For all those who have jumped into this series, you know what I'm talking about. Lisa T. Bergren has started on book 4, but hasn't signed on for it yet. They need to see how her other 3 books do, so GO buy the books, read them, they are amazing.

Aug 23, Chantel rated it it was amazing Shelves: blastthe-past , noteworthy-reads , owned-books , my-favorites , best-of , kindle , i-heart-y-a , favorite-series , reads. If haven't said it before, I will say it again I am convinced this needs to be a movie series! I had bittersweet feeling when I started Torrent, because I thought it was the last book in the series, and I wasn't ready to say goodbye.

But thanks to my awesome goodreads friends I see It's not over y'all!!! There's novellas and a book 4, lol, I'm soooo excited. Every book I read in the series just gets better and better! Gabriella, Marcell If haven't said it before, I will say it again Gabriella, Marcello, Luca, and Lia are just my favorite! I feel like I've seen them really grow into their own in this third installment.

This book really deals with the tense political climent between Siena and Florence in the mid to late s. You see Marcello and Gabriella taking key roles in a growing war. I love how Bergren integrates real history throughout the story. But don't worry there is still plenty of awesome action and heartfelt drama mixed in.

There are so many major things happening in this book, I don't want to spoil it. All In have to say is read this series!! View all 4 comments. Aug 30, Kelli rated it it was ok Shelves: young-adult. The concept of this book could have been really good. I read this one because, after hating the middle book, I wanted to finish the series as a whole to see how the end turned out.

I still think the first book is the strongest of the three. This one is probably just as awkward as the second book, sadly. Time travel is never an easy thing to write about. The language the author puts into her main characters head seems so mom-ish.

Its what a mom thinks a teenager thinks like. One of the major flaw The concept of this book could have been really good. One of the major flaws of the series is in the second book. The whole awkwardness with the mom appearing, making Marcello and Gabriella's moments together childish and super awkward. This is 5x intensified with awkwardness with the appearance of the dad. This 'one big happy family' thing in the story is so old, and makes the romantic love seem unbelievable.

I also find it really hard to believe, that every member of the family would be ok with living out the rest of their lives never seeing the present time again, just to satisfy Gabi being able to be with Marcello. The concept is just to 'perfect' at the end.

And the selfishness Gabriella eludes is annoying. She doesn't consider any option but staying with Marcello. She gets overly sensitive when her parents start talking about other possibilities. Its just weird. In the middle of the story, their are glimmers of what this book could have been. The bits when Gabriella is away from Marcello and captured and forced into almost marrying that other guy, it was actually intriguing.

It makes me think that at least I know their is a good story hidden somewhere in this book, but it does not come into focus, because it was not executed well. The dialog is riddled with cliches. I got to eye rolling every time I read a "yeah, this is gonna be good" or "Marcello is the one, this is true love! If the author was going to write a fun, witty, love story then Luca should have been the lead. His character was actually enjoyable to read. He had the best lines. View 1 comment.

Jun 25, Katie rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. If you've heard me talk about the River of Time series before, you know I thought Waterfall was awesome and Cascade was awesome-er…but I think Torrent was awesome-est!! Each book just kept getting better, and better, and better! Starting Torrent sometime in the afternoon, I did not stop reading till I finished it. Clinging to the pages in breathless suspense, I devoured the new adventures that Gabi and Lia go through with their guys, Marcello an Oh.

Clinging to the pages in breathless suspense, I devoured the new adventures that Gabi and Lia go through with their guys, Marcello and Luca. All the characters were just as amazing as in the previous books. I kept willing her not to give up on her man! All the adventures were new and had twists in the plot nearly every way they turned. When you pick up Waterfall, Cascade, or Torrent, you just have to hold onto your seat and prepare for a wild ride! All the tension and suspense wrapped up in Torrent would be enough to break the weak of heart.

But, as all River of Time fans know, none of the Betarrini's are weak. Each one bears up under all odds! In a very hedge-sort of way, Gabi is told that not only will she be forced to marry the enemy of Marcello, but that several prominent men would watch the consummation to ensure the plan was carried all the way out. Awful thought, if you ask me! But, then again, that was the way it was back then. Marriage was important, and to successfully marry Gabi away from Marcello would've aided the Firenze's plans.

There was more sensual tension in Torrent then the others, as both Marcello and Gabi are itching to get married. There are several heated kisses and Gabi even raises the question why they have to wait for their wedding night, but Marcello instantly rejects the idea.

My respect for them went up! They begin kissing and the scene cuts off as they fall into bed. Lord Rodolfo Greco was introduced in the last half of Cascade and I really liked how, while he was on Firenze's side, he was really trying to help Marcello and Siena. A double agent! I was so excited to see Lord Greco back in Torrent! I fell in love with him all over again. I know Gabi was in love with Marcello; but, man, Rodolfo sure can be tempting! While I always liked Marcello and Luca, I never felt head-over-heels for them.

But I sure do with Rodolfo! He was totally awesome!!! It made me want to find my own time-capsule-transportation and go back in time with them and find Lord Greco, of course! I know the River of Time series will forever be a favorite of mine and one that I will read over, and over, and over again!

Lisa Bergren has written a winner with this series! An enchanting time period, a complex and unique plot, and in-depth characters that leap from the pages all come together to make an AMAZING and award-worthy book! They need to be read in order to get the whole effect, but all are totally awesome and Torrent is sure to sweep you off your feet! Words just can't do this series justice! Nov 23, Elaina rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , books-i-own , christian-fiction , historical-fiction , favorites , time-travel.

Torrent was definitely my favorite book in the River of Time series so far :D There was so much more going on in this book compared to the others! I felt more connected to the characters and the world in this book and I could easily picture all of the beautiful scenery of Siena, Italy.

A big plus for me in this book is that we got to see more of Lord Greco Rodolfo. And I have to say tha Torrent was definitely my favorite book in the River of Time series so far :D There was so much more going on in this book compared to the others! And I have to say that I really did enjoy his character, because he made the story waaaaay more interesting :P And is it bad that I kind of liked Lord Greco better than Marcello?

Just as rockin' awesome as the first time through. Loved falling for him all over again. I can't wait till Tributary comes out!! More Lord Greco. View all 7 comments. Feb 27, Tessa rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Nobody. Recommended to Tessa by: Goodreads, may god have mercy on the poor souls who rated this series so highly. I finished the first 3 books a while ago but I feel that I need to write this review. I know mine will not matter much but I need to try to get the number of stars down, because it definitely doesn't deserve an average of 4.

I mean come on! Do you know who has around the same amount? Diana Gabaldon. Are you really going to tell me that her Outlander series is equal to this one? Let me tell you this, it's not even coming close! If you want to read a GREAT time travel novel with admirable chara I finished the first 3 books a while ago but I feel that I need to write this review.

Read Outlander, it will not disappoint. I have never been more disappointed in a book I picked based on goodreads reviews, I was expecting a lot because of that. I probably shouldn't have the last mortal instrument got 4. SPOILERS First of all the author is trying to be way to 'cool' in her writing style, since it's been a while I don't remember all the specific typical teenage girl words she used but I'll give you the one I remember; 'Duh!

I don't even know what to say about that. This is not fanfiction lady! You can show in a different way that you are writing about a young teenage girl. The amount of time I have been rolling my eyes reading shit like this is not normal, it should have damaged them.

But it didn't, luckily. The heroine Gabriella. Bergren probably tried to write about a brave young girl who her readers could relate to but it was just laughable. Gabriella was not brave, she was stupid. Nothing more, nothing less. She throws herself in every dangerous situation she can, forcing the people who love her to risk their lifes. No, you didn't but you knew very well they would do it.

If you don't want to think about your own safety then for goodness sake think about the safety of the people around you. Selfish entitled brat. Your kidding me right? Do I have to feel sorry now? Nope sorry not happening Ok, lets talk about all those dangerous situations the characters in this novel have to face. Do you think for one moment they suffered anything worse then a broken bone? One even survived the plague, the infamous black death.

You know? Not to worry, back on his feet in a day or two One likeable fairly major character died throughout the 3 books. Let's repeat that again; ONE! If you don't want your characters do die Mrs Lisa T. Bergren, i'm sure you could have found yourself a peaceful time in history, without war and the black dead knocking on your backdoor.

It would have made everything a little more believable, to use your words; DUH! The last thing im going to throw on the table is the time travel concept. Way to easy. You can cross it as many times as you want, nothing happens. You can even take someone with you, all they have to do is hold onto you really tight! Isn't that great? Welp, that's certainly easy! Last but certainly not least, you just simply bring someone back from the dead by travelling back to before they died and get them the hell out of there.

That way Gabriella, her sister, father and mother can be one big happy family in fourteenth century Italy. Practical down to earth sissy falls in love too how convenient, could have seen that one coming from the beginning and mother and father decide that in modern times we lost the essence of life, or some stupid shit like that.

I need alcohol even thinking about it, lots of it. Now let me get to bed and cry myself to sleep again that I waisted all that time reading the river of time series. May 21, TinaB rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult. For Gabi she is racing back to her true love, for Lia she races back to save her family and an unspoken romance that has risen in her own heart.

Coming back this time however will have its consequences, getting back home will be almost impossible and perhaps out of the question now that a life hangs in the balance. Gabi knows her family will be making a huge sacrifice to Spoil-Free-Review After Cascades emotional and fantastic ending, Gabi and Lia find themselves racing back to 14th-Century Italy.

Gabi knows her family will be making a huge sacrifice to stay in ancient Italy but also knows she tied to Marcello in a way that cant be broken, that is until events change the political atmosphere surrounding Marcello and the nation of Sienna. With a shocking wrench thrown into the plotting, Gabi's life may take a completely new direction than she ever imagined.

While those who love her fight back and Gabi risks everything, the torrent that threatens to devour them all rears it ugly head. My favorite of three, Torrent was a fast rollercoaster of emotion, shocking plot twists and a gorgeous well-done end. I cant review any of the stuff that made Torrent what it was due to not spoiling it for readers, is all I can say is that things happened that I wanted to happen and things happened that shocked me. Lisa threw in some added drama for Gabi that she needed in order to truly see what being with Marcello would mean, she also by the end grew Gabi into a fully developed character that shreds the last lingering thoughts of a 21st century teenager yet still maintains her spunk, bravery and courage.

Now that Ive finally docked the boat after being on a river that turns, spins, crashes, rips you under with its current and then gently calms you with its tranquility, I must say reading the River of Time series has been a marvelous adventure. I love these novels more than cake and that's saying a lot!!

Lisa Bergren with her Jedi Master skills at romance, history that doesn't put me to sleep and action that jumps off the pages had me at page one in Waterfall, made me fall in love in Cascade and stole my heart with Torrent. This is a series that will stick with you long after you finish View all 10 comments.

Jan 23, J. Stengl rated it really liked it Shelves: medieval-fantasy , fantasy , i-own , time-travel. Another action-packed story about modern teen sisters Gabi and Lia and their parents who travel back through time to 14th century Tuscany. Like the first two tales, this one is jam-packed with romance and drama and gorgeous settings.

What can I say? This series was perfectly targeted and brilliantly executed--hitting all the sweet spots for a teen series. Lots of fun. AND it features the wedding fans crave! The violence gets intense and somewhat graphic, so not for the faint of heart. But t Another action-packed story about modern teen sisters Gabi and Lia and their parents who travel back through time to 14th century Tuscany.

But the romance is very sweet. These books are entertaining not deep, so don't expect much realism. I would consider the series appropriate for maybe 15 and up. Mar 27, Haley S rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , favorites , books-i-would-recommend , teen. And I especially loved the ending. The series could have ended there and i would be happy but i am glad that Lisa wrote on!! Jul 03, Emma rated it really liked it Shelves: medieval. Where do I begin? This was a very intense, fast-paced book!

I loved how it brought all the characters together again, getting to see how they've changed, fallen in love. Bergren is such an amazing, talented author! I could hardly put this down! So much action, war, people getting captured, released, almost killed Marcello is just the biggest hero in the entire world! I mean, what would this book do without him? There were some parts that I thought were more for a little older readers, therefore only 4 stars, but overall an amazing read that I will definitely pick up again!

View all 3 comments. Jul 11, Jennifer rated it really liked it. What an intense book! This novel is filled with suspense, sorrow, joy, love, and some intense battle scenes! I admit I was a bit skeptical to read this series, but I am so glad I took the plunge and cannot wait to see what Ms. Bergren has up her sleeve for the rest of this series. It has been such a joy to watch Gabriella and Evangelia and even their mother change, grow, and mature in fourteenth-century Ital What an intense book!

It has been such a joy to watch Gabriella and Evangelia and even their mother change, grow, and mature in fourteenth-century Italy. They have grown closer as a family in the past two novels, and it is beautiful to see their renewed relationship in this third novel. I can't wait to move on to the following novellas and novels that finish out this series to see the characters continue to blossom and thrive! Note: Though this books is labeled as Young Adult, I would not recommend it to very young readers due to the violent battles and intimate romance described throughout the book.

Oct 26, Abigail rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , books-to-buy , medieval , time-travel , royalty , historical-fiction , all-time-favorites , christian-romance , 5-star-books , christian-ya. Maybe even more! This book was an amazing third book to this already amazing series!! This book was beyond amazing!! I have read only a few other book series where the second and third books are either as good or better then the first one!!! There were so many plot twists and things that I thought would end badly that ended well or things that I thought would end well that ended up bad.

I loved seeing the characters continue to grow closer to e Um I loved seeing the characters continue to grow closer to each other and to God. I loved watching their development. It is so beautiful and I cannot wait to see how they mature more in the books to come! Except I am hoping that nothing bad happens to them with the black plague coming Bergren is such an amazing writer and she knows how to keep your hooked until the last page, and even beyond that.

Though, she doesn't leave these books off on large cliffhangers, they are still slightly cliff hangers that make you want to read the next book asap. Re-reading this series definitely confirmed that it is a favorite and probably will forever be. I love everything in this series, especially the rich history that is woven throughout. We definitely need more time travel books in the Christian fiction industry. Apr 15, Maria rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian-fantasy , badass-heroine , ya , medieval , romance , historical.

Another epic journey!! I was so excited to be thrust back into the world of Medieval Italy, and boy, was it exciting! They are literally the epitome of the perfect book boyfriend!! They're everything you could want and more!

Hottest guys ever? Super chivalrous? Kind and caring? Crazy about our girls? I loved seeing Gabi and Lia in action again! They have matured so much from the first bo Wow!! They have matured so much from the first book, and it was so cool to see them fighting to protect their people. The plot was also super fast-paced!

At times I wanted it to slow down just a bit so I could catch my breath, but as soon as they were back from a battle or adventure, they were right at it again! A new character was developed: Rodolfo Greco. I can't wait to see what happens with him. The development with Gabi and Marcello's relationship was so cute and I was squealing with delight the whole time. I literally read books 2, 3, 3. That's how hooked I am!

Rife with political intrigue and drama, I'd recommend this to all lovers of historical romance with plenty of action. Apr 20, Kelvey rated it it was amazing. They really are great and I am enjoying marathoning these books! The characters are still awesome, and I especially loved that Lord Greco was in this book.

The storyline was super fast-paced and entertaining. I finished Torrent in two days, and immediately went to the novella, Bourne. It was a really sweet scene and it made me excited for the next book in the series. Overall, Torrent was really good, and I would definitely recommend continuing with the series. If you liked this review and would like to read more, com visit my blog! All opinions are my own. I was in no way compensated for this review.

View all 11 comments. Jul 01, Dominique rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-own , , , favorite , read-more-than-once , Nov 06, Reading Teen rated it it was amazing Shelves: own-paperback. Let me first start out by saying this: This is the third book in the River of Time trilogy, which means two things. First, if you haven't read the first two books, you should check out our reviews of Waterfall and Cascade.

Second, if I made it to the third book, you know it has to be good. I don't have a lot of time to spend on a book series that isn't awesome, so you can be assured, this series is awesome! I wondered, going into this book, what Lisa could possibly have in store for us.

How could Let me first start out by saying this: This is the third book in the River of Time trilogy, which means two things. How could she keep this story interesting? How could she hold up to the high standard she herself set with the first two books? Well, I shouldn't have been worried, because Lisa is a wonderful story teller. She kept me on the edge of my seat this entire book, wondering how Gabi would escape or overcome each obstacle placed before her.

This book is so action-packed and intense that at one point I felt out of breath. I kept thinking that if I were Gabi, I would just scream in exasperation. Like how much more could she possibly endure! The love story takes a new turn with the amazingly hot and charming Lord Greco.

Let me just say, that he stole my heart. He was just The thing I love most about this series is that there is this modern family placed in the middle of 14th century Italy. It's so intriguing to think about what would happen if I somehow landed in that time period. Would they think I was amazing, or would they think I was a heretic? Would they be in awe of me, or throw me in jail? Who knows how they would behave, but it was exciting to read about this possibility. This series has everything I love in a book!

Gorgeous setting, lots of action and adventure, an amazing family, an intense and well-developed romance, and a storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for? Even though this is a trilogy, Lisa is hoping to write a fourth book, called Tributary read an excerpt , and it looks like it will be from Lia's perspective!

I'm so excited about this, and I love that Lia will be our voice this time. I hope Lord Greco gets some more face time! Apr 12, Amber rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , , all-time-favorites , time-travel , arc , ebooks. The title Torrent is so perfectly suited for the third and final installment of the River of Time series. It had me completely and utterly captivated The River of Time series is a Timeless Masterpiece that will capture your heart… Torrent: 1.

Director Tod Williams. Stephen King based on the novel by Adam Alleca screenplay by. John Cusack Samuel L. Jackson Isabelle Fuhrman. Top credits Director Tod Williams. See more at IMDbPro. Trailer Official Trailer. Photos Top cast Edit. Samuel L. Owen Teague Jordan as Jordan. Joshua Mikel Raggedy as Raggedy. Anthony Reynolds Ray as Ray. Erin Elizabeth Burns Denise as Denise. Mark Ashworth Bartender as Bartender. Wilbur Fitzgerald Geoff as Geoff. Catherine Dyer Sally as Sally.

Roger Mitchell Roscoe as Roscoe. Alex ter Avest Chloe as Chloe. Gaby Leyner Maddy as Maddy. Tod Williams. Stephen King based on the novel by screenplay by Adam Alleca screenplay by. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia In the scene where Clay Riddell John Cusack sits on his son's bed, he faces a painting of a ship on stormy waters hanging on the wall.

It is the same infamous painting which hung on the wall of Cusack's hotel room in Stephen King's Goofs The open credit sequence clearly takes place at the Atlanta Airport Harttsfield Jackson , signs are clearly seen throughout the Delta terminals, Boston Airport announcements are dubbed in until we see John Cusack come off the airplane. Crazy credits After the closing credits have finished, the catalyst signal from the movie plays for approximately seconds, with no image, as if attempting to convert the audience.

User reviews Review. Top review. Considering I went into Cell with abysmally low expectations, it turned out to be not too bad. Not that this necessarily means that it's all good, but there are some good things I can say about this. I'm pretty sure, from what I've heard about the book at best it's liked but not loved, sort of a middle-tier King work, not one of his triumphs but not a failure either, something fun he could knock off in a month or two as one of those 'hey this is happening in the real world, I'll use it for one of my spooktacular stories' things that this actually makes for an accurate assessment.

Meanwhile, Samuel L Jackson does his best Ken Foree intentional or not from Dawn of the Dead, and is a reason to see the movie - even in the midst of some mediocre writing or plotting, or moments that can make one groan, he's there to work and it's not something to be embarrassed about on his resume.

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Fantasy Rex — Jeepster Remastered Green Day — Basket Case Soundgarden — Black Hole Sun Montrose — Rock The Nation Remaster Foghat — Slow Ride Kansas — Carry On Wayward Son Led Zeppelin — Immigrant Song Remaster Faith No More — Epic Pearl Jam — Black Ted Nugent — Stranglehold Streetheart — Here Comes The Night Van Halen — Jump Remaster Jethro Tull — Cross-Eyed Mary Golden Earring — Radar Love Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby.

Tony Bennett - Winter Wonderland. Ray Coniff - Ring Christmas Bells. Aled Jones - Walking in the Air. CD Elton John - Step Into Christmas Slade - Merry Xmas Everybody Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmastime Leona Lewis - One More Sleep Kelly Clarkson - Underneath the Tree The Ronettes - Sleigh Ride Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas Mud - Lonely This Christmas Mike Oldfield - In Dulci Jubilo Steeleye Span - Gaudete Pretenders - Miles The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone Darlene Love - Winter Wonderland The Ronettes - Frosty the Snowman Bobby Helms - Jingle Bell Rock Jona Lewie - Stop the Cavalry David Essex - A Winter's Tale Donna Summer - Winter Melody Stevie Wonder - Someday At Christmas Roy Orbison - Pretty Paper Chris Rea - Driving Home for Christmas East 17 - Stay Another Day Coldplay - Christmas Lights Ellie Goulding - River Justin Bieber - Mistletoe Robbie Williams - Can't Stop Christmas Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby Tony Bennett - Winter Wonderland Ray Coniff - Ring Christmas Bells Aled Jones - Walking in the Air Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out.

Mary J. Blige - Family Affair. Lady Gaga - Poker Face. Trinidad Cardona - Dinero. Jonas Blue - Fast Car. Daisy the Great - Record Player. Roxy Music - Avalon. ABBA - Waterloo. Kungs - This Girl. Avicii - Levels Radio Edit. Navos - Believe Me. Gryffin - Tie Me Down. Jackson 5 - ABC. Stromae - Alors on danse Radio Edit. ZEDD - Stay. Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved. The Killers - Mr. Jonas Blue - Rise. Sublime - Santeria. Jonas Blue - Perfect Strangers.

ABBA - Chiquitita. Justin Bieber - Baby. Marshmello - Happier. Meduza - Piece Of Your Heart. Maroon 5 - This Love. Daddy Yankee - Con Calma. Tom Petty - Free Fallin'. Katy Perry - Hot N Cold. Topic - Breaking Me. Roxy Music - More Than This. Lorde - Royals. Meduza - Lose Control. Surf Mesa - ily i love you baby. Diana Ross - Upside Down. Katy Perry - Dark Horse. ABBA - Gimme! A Man After Midnight. Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love.

Lipps Inc. The Cardigans - Lovefool Radio Edit. The Temptations - My Girl. Psy - Gangnam Style. Level 42 - Lessons In Love. Lady Gaga - Just Dance. Bee Gees - Night Fever. Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance. Spice Girls - Wannabe. Jonasu - Black Magic. Avicii - Without You. Cedric Gervais. Avicii - SOS. ZEDD - Clarity. Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance. Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Jonas Blue - Mama.

Nelly - Hot In Herre. Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning. Alesso - Midnight. The Beach Boys - Surfin' U. Sublime - What I Got. Rick James - Super Freak. Alesso - Heroes we could be. Lady Gaga - Judas. Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke. NOTD - Nobody. Nicky Romero. Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out Blige - Family Affair Lady Gaga - Poker Face Trinidad Cardona - Dinero Jonas Blue - Fast Car Daisy the Great - Record Player Roxy Music - Avalon ABBA - Waterloo Kungs - This Girl Avicii - Levels Radio Edit Navos - Believe Me Gryffin - Tie Me Down Jackson 5 - ABC Stromae - Alors on danse Radio Edit ZEDD - Stay Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved Brightside Jonas Blue - Rise Sublime - Santeria Jonas Blue - Perfect Strangers ABBA - Chiquitita Justin Bieber - Baby Marshmello - Happier Meduza - Piece Of Your Heart Maroon 5 - This Love Daddy Yankee - Con Calma Tom Petty - Free Fallin' Katy Perry - Hot N Cold Topic - Breaking Me Roxy Music - More Than This Lorde - Royals Meduza - Lose Control Surf Mesa - ily i love you baby Diana Ross - Upside Down Katy Perry - Dark Horse A Man After Midnight Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love The Cardigans - Lovefool Radio Edit The Temptations - My Girl Psy - Gangnam Style Level 42 - Lessons In Love Lady Gaga - Just Dance Bee Gees - Night Fever Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive Lady Gaga - Bad Romance Spice Girls - Wannabe Jonasu - Black Magic Avicii - Without You Cedric Gervais Avicii - SOS ZEDD - Clarity Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance Goode Jonas Blue - Mama Nelly - Hot In Herre Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning Alesso - Midnight A Sublime - What I Got Rick James - Super Freak Alesso - Heroes we could be Lady Gaga - Judas Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke NOTD - Nobody Nicky Romero Rob Zombie - Dragula.

AFI - Halloween. White Zombie - I'm Your Boogieman. Hollywood Vampires - Raise The Dead. Ryan Adams - Halloweenhead. SoulWave - Halhatatlan. Misfits - Halloween. AFI - Miss Murder. Evanescence - Haunted. Misfits - Dig Up Her Bones. Cream - Strange Brew. Oingo Boingo - Weird Science. Hobo Blues Band - Farkashajsza. Evanescence - Bring Me To Life.

Rob Zombie - Dragula AFI - Halloween White Zombie - I'm Your Boogieman Hollywood Vampires - Raise The Dead Ryan Adams - Halloweenhead SoulWave - Halhatatlan Misfits - Halloween AFI - Miss Murder Evanescence - Haunted Misfits - Dig Up Her Bones Cream - Strange Brew Oingo Boingo - Weird Science Hobo Blues Band - Farkashajsza Evanescence - Bring Me To Life Aqua - Halloween.

Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party. Ufo - Tarzan. Neo - Aiiaiiiyo Radio Edit. Cher - Dark Lady. New York Dolls - Frankenstein. Ella Fitzgerald - Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead. The Ventures - The Twilight Zone. Stevie Wonder - Superstition. Kozmix - Angyal. Sugarloaf - Barbie. Frank Sinatra - Witchcraft. The Frantics - Werewolf. The Blenders - Graveyard. Aqua - Halloween Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party Ufo - Tarzan Neo - Aiiaiiiyo Radio Edit Cher - Dark Lady New York Dolls - Frankenstein The Witch Is Dead The Ventures - The Twilight Zone Stevie Wonder - Superstition Kozmix - Angyal Sugarloaf - Barbie Frank Sinatra - Witchcraft The Frantics - Werewolf Feelgood - Milk And Alcohol.

The Top Most Played. Disturbed - The Sound of Silence. Nirvana - Come As You Are. Imagine Dragons - Thunder. Papa Roach - Last Resort. Guns N' Roses - Paradise City. Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun. System of a Down - Chop Suey!. Bad Wolves - Zombie. Imagine Dragons - Whatever It Takes. Shinedown - Simple Man.

Alice in Chains - Rooster. Staind - It's Been Awhile. Disturbed - Down with the Sickness. Nirvana - Lithium.

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