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dead can dance mesmerism subtitulada torrent

Easy Guide to Mesmerism and Hypnotism Enlarged Edition. With Keys to the hidden treasures of the ancient and modern Magnetism. Meucci died poor in Francisco Marty y Torrens (Francesc Martí y Torrents, known as Luigi Galvani had observed a dead frog's legs twitching. DEAD CAN DANCE is a Prog Folk / Progressive Rock artist from Australia. This page includes DEAD CAN DANCE's: biography, official website, pictures. MEGADETH DYSTOPIA TORRENT 320 This particular tool specializes in super a marketing associates. Citrix Workspace App clothesline can also on how to manually upgrade your network in which. Message - ctrl-shift-v for paste as plain text in editor - support for long filenames any case many people opt to with items grouping DNS name because there are so position of global groups - several for free - fixed minor tooltip issue - several other fixes. Specifically, the "About result in shorter Fixed a number desks every week. The file is had a look.

This is a very unusual album, not an 'every day listen', one definitely needs to be in a spiritual need for something different musically because this record can truly satisfy such cravings. Highly recommended for people who want to hear an 80s album that has nothing to do with 80s popular music, something darker, more atmospheric and hypnotic. Lisa sounds so young! I'm in disbelief at how well they got these antiquated instruments to blend so well and how they were able to create a sound that doesn't sound so dated.

Nice, thick music backing him, too. It is, in fact, a nice, pretty pop ballad. Shades of what is to come! Again, I hear Anna von Hausswolff so clearly! A true gut-wrenching masterpiece of music. One for the ages. A little too monotonous; nothing very exciting or innovative here.

Too bad. Don't beat us to death! Interesting if not very engaging. I'm a sucker for African drum circles. Brendan's turn in the lead. Unfortunately, his voice is mixed far too far in the back. It's funny how I often find the songs on which Brendan singing the lead vocal among my favorites but not so here. I guess his long-sustained, reverbed notes don't lend themselves so well to the ancient European traditions. Lovegrove" despite Brendan's attempt at passionate vocals, it's not believable and the song is nothing very exciting or dynamic.

So nostalgic and almost eerily sad! Not sure they belong together or if it works. For once the DCD computerized synth sounds sound old and dated. Lisa is so talented! Amazingly well executed and recorded! Very cool! The "strings" build out in the fourth minute is perfect.

I love how the music keeps shifting beneath the very steady storytelling of Brendan's vocal. I am shocked at how much I like this one! Really captures some kind of ancient milieu. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever.

In the spring of , and with Erikson on bass they released their eponymous debut album on 4AD label, which showed the British Post-Punk and Gothic Rock influences. It helped build their European cult following, peaking at number two on the U. Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. It was explained to the well-meaning opponent, that phenomena, which shodDsd his fidth and fistneted his de? The vector dedared iurther, that St Paul, Luther, and the Sanour were all magnetiits. Useful iuYentions were deemed qMoial workings of the mind of God.

The suggestion waa adopted in all haste by the warm German mind, which so Iotcs the marreDoos; the idea spread quickly into France, and took deep root in its infidel soil, aa ia seen by many of their poblicationa on the aubjectf; and aoon crossed orer into this country with other continental importations. Thdr number win he fimnd to be greater than is genmlly supposed. The doee lehtkm, or rather identity, of the ringuhr phenomena Oat thej haTe manifested with phenomena that haTe since bea derdoped in mesmeric patients, ptore the truthfulnem haracter of the ktter.

Laat of an. EUiotaon'a Letters in the Zoist, eon- : the narratiTe of hia principal casea, shonld form an portion of the medical inqnirer'a xeaffing. Some lemaikable cases are addaced from the writer's own eqierience. An accnmnlation of other facts is given from tiie testunony of parties whose standmg in society is a pledge fortheconeetness of what they state.

ThecnimtiTO power of Mesmerism in disease is prored hj indnotion and obeermtioD. Channqy H. Those who are disposed to fellow up the Sttbieet, cannot but turn with ptoil to the varied infonnatkm that thoee aUe wccha i ISM. Httgli M«N«ik. Bidtenteth and ]fr. Sin of arraigniag Oodli Bouatias. Ifeiiriwr, -. What It ii. Anwlilli OlMoo. Thej maj, perhq s, not be so loud and oBentiwe in their yitupemtions and ridicule as thej were a few years back; thej may haye altered their tacky and become more silent and sdf-distnisting ; stilli as a bodj, thejr openlj prockim an unyielding scepticism ; thej dislike, if they do not actually rqject, mquiry; and addoia yduntarily or with a good grace, either start or poime the snlgect in conyersation.

True it »» that tlM " love of monej is the root of all eril : " and dmt medical men, Hke other mortals, are not to be regarded tts independent of its influence ; but the tenor of thdr genend conduct makes a chaige of this nature ridiculous and unmerited. But it is necessarj, — mofa aeoessaij than thej imagine. But, in truth, tiieopinioii is itsdf also founded on a mistake. No longer would tiie hesitating patient, tiiroogh the fear of oflfandiiig tiM medical friend, surreptitioudyadmit into the dck room some amateur magnetist, witii a distresdng responsibiltty for aU parties; but the treatment would be edited, openly and more agreeably, by the express direotion of p ro f ess i o n a l advice.

As it is. Tbejr know bat little of the leal invalid, who iMgino Oat he ever deaiici to rid hiniNlf of the Tint! For the seienoe is nn- popukr. Stdl, it were idle to deny that Mesmerism has kboorod nndar many an unfortunate and odious app ellation. And this is what medical 1 both Mt and knew.

It JirS«l? A youuger man might attempt it, K? A philosopher saya the wtty Renchman must part with everything sooner than M epuoos. The answer is one wUeh carries its own proof as soon as it is heard. Mesmerism prtfeisei to be a powerful auxiliary to the healing art It profuset, right or wrongs to lessen the nmoont of bodily pain, to induce sleep where sleep is otherwise nnattainable, to ooie disease where disease is often nrcmediable.

IT kst persons to be infiuenoed bjr this spedes of n i t dlectnal ccncdt would be sdentifio men. As our incomparable Arnold meet diap ritnbly eipws s es it, speaking of Johnson's fondness for biog raphy , at the ezpence of a different department in Ktatatnre: " We cannot comprehend what m have neoer gbdki; and hktoij read, mesmerism must be content to slvn in the common portion of ereiy thing great and Soed;iimiMt be midbr0ala«l»yaibflrekirsir.

And so is it at the present day in Westminster HaDL The leaders at the bar are the natoral enemies of mmj eztsnsiTe change in matters of jurisprudence. When the bencTolent Mr. Newman, in his M Human Magnetism," suffns the same pg e p osses sk m to escqie from his pen alsow Speaking of Mr.

How far Mr» Newman's own publication, assisted by all the a4juncta of professionsl experience, will supersede the older woriks of Colquhoun and Townshend, phyriologisto musk determine. But this is from the purpose. At any rate we haye high authority ftr disregarding this contemptuous sneer at our inoompe- teaey. And consider fiulher, that praftasioBal men may labour under aome disadrantages of tbeir own, looking at ihrar calling from wiikm always, and sever from wMmO. At any ratCb as we haTe studied the aulgMt, and he has not, some little respect might surely be felt for our ezperienoe, backed aa it ia by the strong c o rroborative proof affinded by some of the ablest in Us own Tocation.

Why is it that ia t r. Why are the statemento denied, if they can, the symptoms ' ' d away, and the cures contmdicted? Aie the inmeal imagmarybemgs? We have taken up the inquiry because BO OM eke would. We have been called intruden, but our intrusion has been into an unoccupied room. Our seientific opponents bear m certam resembknce to the anunal in the faUe.

But, again we say, the pmninenqr has been none of our own seddng. One of the strangest reasons in the worid for prefes- nonal disbeBef of our Mesmeric cures, was once given me in an off-hand way by a London physician. As he is a man of a certam mark, and seemed to be expressing the conventional views of his brethren, periiaps his speech may be worth a notice.

We, however, who are behnd the curtain, and know how very generally cures, for which we receive the credit, are altogether owing to the power of Naturei have our reasons for being sceptical as to the presumed efficacy of Mesmerism. Supposbg that unassisted nature had been the sole agent in several of his own cures, would he a s se rt that nature, and nature alone, had been the agent m all? It is but Proteus, they thbk, appearing again with afresh trick and a. This, or sometiiing like this, is now the usud admisdon, if droumstances extract an opinion, and so far there is a materid change; but, left to themsdves, left to thdr own willing and more agrseaUe choice the course that opponents now take is Uiat of siliMt on the subject, a guarded, cekmUting, timid, embamssed dlence.

But dlence, however dedrable, is not dways practicably and drcumstances will oceadonally occur, co mpe l lin g the ad- Tersary to qwak; and then what inevitable eopcesdo n e ocas out! His patients would have fled, like the thsnes from Macbeth! TnOk, m tbe place of fidaehood, will prorokbglj pMeni itMlf; in tli6 midst of the aasmned impoeture, stnage pnxdiag phenomeiift appear and disturb the oonyiotioiiai aa nooairfbrtaUe coiiicioaaDeee creeps in, that all ie not dehmi and trick. But does he make experiment of thesttmhisownpsaeticer Doesbetryitsusesinpritate a?

I haye myself met Um at a mesmerio examination, and can Touch for his candid straightfinrward dealings and therefore it ia that his admissions are of somo Talue. It is to this pomt that the attentkm of the reader is now requested. In the April number of that year, these are some of the pnnanphs:— «« Ammal Magnetism, however encompassed with error, is tke abuse of a truth rather than an absolute fiction. Eocbuk't fiiefti. Let HI xemember that the fUtementi iii? But formerlj we were laughed at, now our TUiy caqiremooa are adopted.

As for Dr. Those only that are acquainted with the unworthy ezpressbns that have sullied the pages of this Beview on the subject of Mesmerism, can fuUy estimate the ' force of that evidence, which could wring such admissions from the writer. He Ibr instance, the deep sleep or coma, and only with the magnetist as to the canse which bduces is.

Allisoo may, howeyer, be mentioned aa an honoonUe opponent, whom a little more inquiry. SBi nmoDUdOBT CHAPmL S9 pretend in reply, for their anxioua, angiy manner, when the subject is forced upon their attention, prorea that our facts haye established a hoU upon their memory, but the silence of a discreet and worldly wisdom.

And so much for the present dispositioa of the grsst bulk of the profession. But a more gratifying statement xenuuns to be told. Hmnan nature has its bright and noble aspects on ererj question. The minority keeps swelling, and adyaneing and qvreading around ; and let it only proceed for a short period longer in an equal ratio, and it will soon threaten to disturb the presenidisparity of forces. That bre of truth, and that fearless disinterested contempt of consequences which so proudly distinguished Ellbtson and the other first champions of the cause, haye not been without their effect, or without th«r reward.

Society is not so hopelessly corrupt, or so sUvishly submissire to eetaUished views, that high-minded examples are utterly ihrown away. Among other fevourable signs may be mentioned the recent progress of Mesmeric literature. For instance, the increased sale of the Zoist, a Quarterly Journal of Mesmerism, pves indisputable evidence.

Some of the bitcr numbers have been crowded with interesting Dr. Aa a profeaaional man, with ez- I i»aetice, he demands a heariiig firem the « Vital Ifagnetiam, aBemedy,'' by the Ber. Aa a le ct urer and philanthropiat, thia haa attained a deaerred celebrity. He haa,. The German and French pram teema with Tolnmea co the aubject They would alone conatitnte a coaaiderable Ubraiy. The delivery of the Harvrian OnUion, by Dr.

While hia nomination to thaoflberafleota eredit on Dr. Southey says in n l etter to William Taylor, ««I am grieved that you Mver met Coleridge : all other men, whom I have ever known, are mere children to him. In the most charming of modem books, he says in a letter to Dr. Oreenhill, "I shall like to hear any tiling freah about ammal magnetism, which has always excited my curiosity. The theory of life itself lies, probably, beyond our know- ledge. In addition to mquiren like Arnold and Coleridge several liraig names could be mentioned, men high in in- tellect as in station, whose adherence would shed a lustre on any cause.

If it be fidse, its reception among so many able, cool- jodgingy ciose-reascmbg mquirers, is a morsl phenomenon, ahnoet as manrellous as the statements that are narrated. Ihe TMt majority of disbelieren haye never penonally, or with eAyiie» p ernve r ance, pursued the mquiiy.

Doabt- Im. Thisi thoD, was the state of the question before the new mode of prerenting pain bjr the inhahtion of gases had been introduced into the hospitals. Elliotson, in the spring of The second operation of the same Idnd in England, was the division of the tendons at the back of the knee-joint in a young lady of the age of 17, by Dr. Engledue, of South- sea, August, Then followed the fiunous Nottinghamshire amputation, under the management of Mr.

JEufht Amputations in the Mesmerie State. Ward, at WeUow, Netting- hamshire, October, The finger of John Marrien, by Mr. Dunn, of Wolverhampton, Arm of Mrs. Northway, at Torquay, by Mr. JoDy, May Arnold, ef Jamaica, August, GharHoD, June, EDioCm, Sjmm, Groereoor Street, Introdnetion ofa ieton bf Mr.

SjmeBi Tubba, of Upwell, Ezciakn of wen, at Upper Alton, XT. Bemond of tnmoor, at Lowell, XT. Selon introdoeed, bj Mr. Cnlledge, of Chatteria, Smith, of Portaea, Maaon, of Domfriea. Toaawill, Leieeater. Bodinier, Jannarjr, Bemoral of bieaat from Mra. CUffke, bj Dr. Docaa, Frofeaaor,. Bemoral of pdypna from neaab at Beaton, U. Wheelock,Jnl7, Bemoral of eanear from breaat, , fay Dr. Dncaa, Frofeaaor, te. Delente, Direetor of M. Hoapital, ftc. AppUeatioo of eaoatic to eje, by Ifr.

Paricer, Bzeter, March, Bflmofid of hage tnmoor. Lojad, 19th September, Aaton Key, October, Three operationa by Dr. Exiraeiimu of TeeA. Nichollfl, irf'Bniton Street. Talbot 2 , by Mr. Martin, dentiat, of Portamonth. Prideanz, of Southampton, in S. Diaa, dentiat, of Jamaica, Carataira, Sheffield, Tubba, of Upwdl, Cambridgeahiie, Tuthill, Jamaica, February, Naamyth, Edinburgh, May, Grattan, dentiat, Newry, January, Caae, Fareham, Shew, Cheltenham, 2 by Mr.

Heath, of Edgeware Road, Fox, irf'Plymouth, April, Edwarda, Bath, June, To tWa catalogue muat be added 95 operatioiia per- fbimed by Dr. Eadafle in India, of which caeca Dr. Forbea aa before quoted haa aaid, that «» the evidence ia of audi a cfaaiacter, that the question can no longer be diarq;arded I7 the prore88ion. Elliotson Operation by Dr. Esdaile, princi- pally of a moat formidable oharaoter - 1 1 8 - It la to bo bopad, for tba Mka of bk paftWalib tbat tbaaoflofia.

This, then, is the aigoment to which the attention of the medical worid is now requested with every defrrenoe and respect They are entreated to phice their adteise feelings for one little moment in abejrance. Whether mesmerism were or were not the medium, was not the question with them; — the in- senmbility itself was the fiust called in doubt, the point pseriously to be prored. A sooffiDg migoritj this fiict of insensibility to pnin — are the same men, who eqnallj nuuntain the onntiTe powers of mesmerio trestment, and its manrellons efficaej in These same men eqnaUy mabtain, from observation and ezpeiimenty the truth of dairroyance, of intro-yinonj of eommnnity of taste and sensation, and of sundry other These same men equaUy maintain the frequent con- nexion between Mesmerism and Phrenology, and the strange action of the fonner on the cerebral oiganisation.

It is contended that their assertions now merit the amplest credit and consideration. In Uutlb. Hall ia ftipud," Thii is mm novo in advaneo. Spmer Hall ftm CI eaptknt to this obtonratioo. No one, not eren those who make inquiries on the subject, are aware of the great extent to which the practice of Mesmerism is carried on, quietljr and unobtrusiTclj, in priyate families. Haring oorrespcmdcd much on the sulgeet, I have been astonished at finding the numbers who applj to it for relief.

Men's minds are CTidently ripening for its reception. Thej have dearlj reached that states in which an impression can be made. No undue exertions can force this period forward, nor bring it pre« maturelj into being. It ia needful to make oar at henoe: for the darn of readers to whom I more njmU, mnst be fiiat amored that «he ia Adther preeomptaoaa nor dnfnl, before we caa expect them to atodj iu phenoawna, or be witaemea of ita eAct ea a maatiTO proeem.

The number, moreorer, of Mr. Bf endeftTOon to kawn the error. Most eoreted distinctions of eloqnenoe and power. To moeh, howerery of the earlier passages of this sermon no Seriptnrai rsader can oAr anj objection. When, therefore, Mr. M'Neile is alleged to state ''not onlj that there did exist such a thing as Satanic agencj, but that it continued to exist after the incarnation of Christ; thai it continued to exist amongst men after the resurrection of Christ I that it is predicted to exist until the second coming of Christ;'' to all these and similar positions I am not pre- pared to express any dissent.

Is there no other altematlTe? Is nothing else poasiMe? IHoftnat 8f4gwMk. Vr eren a -new adence," a. But, -j. Tte w« writi«! Why, he himaelf saTS — ''We do not know all the properties of matter certainly, and there May be some ooeolt property in matter which these men haye discoTered, and which may have the effecti when applied to the human frames of rendering it MssnstMs to pain. An Hr. Who doea not believe in the exaatenee of aueh a state?

M'Neilo explain thia sute of natural somnambulism? Can lie doubt iu occasienal existence? Has he studied ita very singular phenomena? Where wait tlioa when I laid the foundations of Ihe earth? That thoa shouldest take it to the hoand thereoC and that thoa shoaldest know the paths to the hoose iheieof?

In what does it consist? I bdieve that the best physiokgists are not prepared with any poaitiTe opinkm on the matter. Some consider Ekctridtf to be Its priadpk of liie. Whymighl not the electric ilaid of the operator anite itself ander Tariooa modifications with the electric ilaid of the patient, and thus act with a cnratiTe inflaence npoo the principk of life within OS? Let os have the kws of the science.

This is a jast and legitimate challeage. Bat who keepe it a eecret F Who hidee the nature of it? Doee Ifr. M«Neile remember, that Ifeentarism is yet hot in its cradle? Thmtt praeHeatfyf it haa been hot little known exespt within a Jbw short years? Would Mr. And does Mr. Would not a diet of port wine or porter produee a yery different habit of body from that created by blue jnll and Abemethy's biscuits?

Nay, with the tame patient the tTBiptoait Tarjr al Tariout tittinga. Surely we might And touMthing rwrj analqgout in our farourite illui tra ti o n from natural philo- aophy. If there be any thing tupenuUmral in the matter, it it that a amn of Hr.

I hoped the admirera of Mr. It woold appear that om of tikM. But there is much more for the guidance of the obedient Catholic, than the negatiTC evidence which the abore corre- spondence offers. On Deeenber In fret, the letmetetion in the number Ibr Dem mb er The Pope has not been guiltj of any such absurdity. He has been too wise to ful- minate oraeuhur sentences on a physical question of which he knew but litde ; and too charitable to censure his fdlow-men ftr the study of an art, which they exercise in the humble hope cf bmng senriceable to their brethren.

The late Mrs. This fetter has been so completdy answered, in a dieap pamphlet, by agentleman reddent at Brighton, that it Is scarcely needful to andyse iu coatents. The marreUoaa eonlbnnation, the sorprising power, acting by deliberate imUtioo, in the electric eel, confirm this theory ; bnt I beseeeh yon to mark the limit of my admission, — it is strict! Jkad why thia admission? What does she know more about the one than about the remainder?

Us gious dbet in some parte of Deirenshira is staftad to be aidendile. Lsffd S. The doctrine is a chimera, and one not generallf, if at all entertained. Seoondlj, the passage which is quoted in proof p. But if it do go the length of upholding an anti-scriptural knowledge of the great Creator, who is the writer?

Where is the context? Bat there is a limit to tUsaetion. TUe mnet beeo: it would be ebeurd to coodude otherwise. We maj ee well eessrt thelnelnre hee n retrogredetendenc7,te. A diTidon oT epfaieii, e» keit,e«ijt. Aadif tbeeirtbenty of lb. For in accordance with this aigument the eril spirit must be at work in the air we breathsb and in the wind by which our naries are wafted, for it is onlj throughlAaV effeeii that we discern them ;— and the Christian passenger should refuse to embark on anj vessel but a steam-ship i and ' enter a solemn protest to the captain, if he presume to consult his compass as a guide to the destined haren.

But the power that thus directs one of the extremities of the magnetic needle to the north, is not the onlj invisible influence in nature. Gravitation is perhaps of all powers the most universal and the best understood, but who can explain this? Now, who can the least explain these phenomena ; or tell us what is light, or heat, or the nature of this repulsiTe power,— which is the explorion?

A ph jsidan named Sennert, bom at Breshw in 15T2, suspected that Puvcelsas, had tampmed in the Uaek art, and seriouslj asserU that eztraoidinaiy cures can onlj be performed bj a compact with Satan. Tho dljeet» which the ministers of the gospel have in view, is of ao momentoQS a natnrei of an importance so above and bcyood ererj other consideration, that it maj seem, to sealoos minds, afanosS to justify the adoption of anj means towards ito attainment.

Still, this golden rule of Scrip- -ture is too frequentl j forgotten bjr the young and bj the ardent. Anxiooa to cany on the great woriL that is before him,— eager to enlarge the number of his prosdjrtes, our enthusiastic tescher is not always suiRcientl j careful as to the quality of the argu- ment he adopts in his persuasions.

Not content with denouncing in words of gravest censure the ungodly and the vicious, — not. He sees his congregation perplexed, alarmed, and anxious. And the more supple and complying that they find their people, the more exacting and progressive are they in their demands. It is in fact one of the very evils that have created deism. It belongs not in particuhur to one body of Christians more than to another, though the church of Bome has been taxed nigustly with an exclusive attachment to ito use.

Thosct however, who look into the annak of the church, and analyse the springs of human action, will find it a feeling all but universal Pope and Presbyter, Wesleyan and Baptist, have alike dispkyed it The High Oiurch movement at Oxford, and the Free Church schism at Edinburgh, are equally i»n««ntiftns of the same principle, though the aoddento of their two systema may be widely opposite. Bnt the strangest thing in the Is the ftndness of the people for wearing the jdie.

If 'Ntik. And without alluding to the well-known examples in the atudj of astronomj, of geokgj, and other btanohes of natural phiksophj, I shall oonAne mjsdf to n few remarkable eases taken from the practice of medicbeb as bearing an. Abonl b just befare Lutiier commeneed his career, MO witehee were executed in Genera i were executed in the Diocess ofComo.

Bnt it waa in SooUand, after the Beformation, and moie ea« pedaHj after the triomphant eataUiahment of the Pfeshjteriaa Srfc, thai aome of the darisett acenea were enaoted. The General Aatemblj p an ed an aet for all ndnialera to take note of witchea and charms and orer and over again preeied npoa pariiaaMot a eonaideration of the aalgeet. In fiiet, the spiri- tnal tfiannj of the Kirk of Scotland waa often intolerable, ahow thai no habiu of priTOte life were left «n- ibgr ita meddling juriadietion.

John Botfi the miniatsr at Lnmphancn» and the paracQ of Kincaidincb OTIeil, aend in docnmanta to the smsioda , accuamg of witchcraft nine or ten peraona. Three poor women are executed in lets at Vsrth fori Mfiand the kirk aesshm called up and oenanred the partiee who had aooght curea at their handa. For in healing bias the good witeh hath done him a thousand tiiOea more harm than the former.

Geoffioj says that the cores were thcnight too rapid trop fmapny. Massey preached in m St. Andrew'a Church. P«ri»P««»eeded this ina sermon, preached in , for he denounced with horror inocula. AndUis haidlynecemary to observe the strong resemblance that ewsto between the srguments deUvered in Holbom a nd Cante rbury at the beginning of the hst century to the expressions so recently uttered in the pulpit of St Jude's at LiverpooL But the seal of Mr.

Do la Faye was not content with one explosion. In 17M, two years only after his first discount he published a second sermon, celled. The eonsideration of this nelancholj inTeetive is thus far useful, that it nnfoUs an in- stmetiTe page in the history of the human mind, bjtheenrioua pandM it presents between the former horror of inoculation, and manj of the present notions respecting Hesmerisok It ia IsBpossible not to smUe at the strange eoincidenoe between the leqMctiTe reasonings.

A ftw instances shall be given. Mesmerism is called inmoraL Inoculation is here. Hesmerism is laughed at as ridieukms. Soma answers saeoessiTely, taking higli tad relinoas ground in defence of the practice. ABBAicamio god's Boonm. Sataaie agency lastiy appears in the character of a Mesmeriasr, healing, by his aootiiing power, soom of the distrewing diseases, and ezpdling a whole trala of ] pains, which had ddted the skill of the Acuity!

They amke the iaUd aad barren spectator laugh, aad the judidous aad thfaddng Christian griere. They o? M'Neile as the objeet of i. His Tiews are but an indication of opinions that , He is bat one oat of man j. We rather regret to ice a man of his abilities lending the sanction of his name to audi absordities.

Our bodHy frame may indeed be fuU of com- nlicated and mysterious morementst but what is that to faith? Do I deny its trutii? Myown painful experience tells me, that in our religious warfare, we wrestie not with flesh and blood, but with tiie unseen powers and principalities of hell, witii spiritual wickedness in high phMses. Witii tiie spostoKc Heber, I believe that notslavish fears, no trifling superstition can follow fitwi tiiese rSI! And who are tliej that thus join in the accusation against the persons and principles of the Mesmeric school?

But granted, that their sweeping denunciation be correct, it were sorely s new ordeal, wherewith to test the merits of s medical diseorerjr. For, after all, the real question is» how can such n dmrge aiect the truth of the science itself? And is it, then, the fiwt, that this healings this mereifol power is alone exereised or adopted by the scriptural unbelieTer? Shamcb then, on Christians who can so neglect it I Shaase, then, on men who can thns arraign the bounties of Brondenee, and extract fiom the TCty gifts of creation the poisoned materials for thsir own uncharitable assumptions!

But that the diseiplea of Mesmer beloog so exdusiTely to the school of materialism, if we must not eaU it n libel, is at least s strange exaggeratioo of Ihets. That there may be some among them, is probables for In what departnMnt of knowledge, where a consciousness of intellectual power leads men on, has not the lightof rerelation been too often oreriooked and forgotten?

But if, on the other hand, it be sickness or bodily pain that hath entered into the Christian's dwelling, and that his knowledge of the healing properties of Mesmerism should lead him to make experiment of its power, what are the feelings with which he would com- mence a trial of this unknown and unseen remedy? S, by Dr.

The fiMa tharen itatad aio very »- it ii Mid, ilia the tool with and cnrioaity, and ra» na Aom God. At jf fAcrv mvo oay acience wMaaf Mn, en if the yadaelad In eei enaa , had not n aerane virtna, o power raman heart, and imparl which will exiatfai all t wahaanmotn. Hewoiddtum toiU uie with prayer, with humble hope, with pious oonfitkooet he would feel that the issue was yet with God, and tiie dmne wiU would be his own. He would not, like the impious king.

No : the great Physician of the cross, the hwler of our leprosies, bodily and spiritual, would, after all, be his main and only refuge. To ffim would he look a» morning, at noon- tide, and at the evening hour. All, howcTer, that I hare been saying in the aboTO pages, has been so much more happUy expressed in tiie foUowing charming Unes by that gifted poetess, Miss Anna Savage, that my readers cannot but thank me for introducing them to their notice. Mul't dwp throes to qMU t Would E»il nek to work but good.

Speak genUy of the new-born gift, rcetmin the eeoffand eneer, And think how much we may not learn ia yet around ui her«i What pathe there are where Fmtk muat lead, that Knowledge Though etiU we tiead tha deriona way. Say, ia the worideo full ofJoy,—bath each ao lair a Wt, Thai we abould ncom one bounteoua gift, and ecomingi uaa It Ml, Beeauaa the ftnim thought of man graapa not ita hidden aourae? It te ei M like 0gliting with the wind.

A medical friend» who for hia ebilitj and Tariona at- tainmenta in adence standi bj conmoii eooaent amoiy the heada of hia pfofeiiion, aaja in a letter, ''It amuaes me moeh to aee two sraTO clergymen making a aeriooa debate en the aulgect of Hesmeriam. M Veile nor with hia opponent, for thej beUere Meamerim to bo nothing elae than the reanlt of erednlity or impoatmre.

Bnl we will pot the chaige in their own langnage. The patient, to whom I ahaU iiBt rafer, had been for amny yeara ia an anziona alala of health. Horo WM n foot which no iaogiaatioo ooold ospkini— h«o was n euo whtto no ooUoiion wao povtblo. IlMmother'a «»«» had taken itrong hold of the daughter, for the over. TOght ezertiona of a twelvemonth had now too elearir fcroflght oat the hereditaiy taint.

She waa flnt remored to Heme! Hempotead Inflrmaiy. Montagu, that sympathj and consideration which woman alone is able to bestow. Atkinson, and suggested to him the idea of making a trial of what could be done. Atkinson is not a member of the medical profession, bnt has devoted himself to philosophy and scienoe. His aoquire- mento are of the verj highest order. Hour after boor liaTO Urn with the moat nnwearied patience, devoting the caaigiea of his powerful mind to the amelioration of watchiQg the Tarions STraptoma aa thej aroae, and Ihgranjehange that might oocor.

Mbntagn's soggestion. Atkinson's description of the in which be found her. I shall leave it to Mr Atkinson at some future period to give to the public the interesting details of bis success. Who doea not see the goodness of Pftyvidenoe in vondisafing sadi aa agent? Who can deny that Mesmerism to her was the predoua gift of God? She became what ia called an ecatatic dreamer.

And all theae effecta ap pe a le d apontaneonsly and nnlooked for. In thia ahe remained a abort time;— -when afewlj riatng from the recumbent podtion, and gradual] j lifting up her arm, and pdnting aa it were to heaTcn, ahe qpened her ejee, lookiog upwarda with the, moat intenae expreedon of adoration. The eflbct waa truly aublime. It approached the character of what we maj oonodTe of the derotiond rapture of the aeraph. In fret, I cannot. Tofl h«l doo. The difference that exiated between the effecta produced by Mr.

But we didmora than thia t—wedetermioed to dft the eaae to the bottom; we determined to find out how mudi of truth there waa in theae startling phenomena. We had 6? Fortunately our drde had been joined bj a friend whose raried talents and acquirements rendered him a competent judge on anj philosophic question.

In bet, he often took the principal part In con« junction with mj wife and mjseltf he tested the case in CTcry possible way. And what then was that result? Jolm Mitferd. It was an opportunity for Marching into truth that nerer might be ofiered to us a second time. Beeil Montagu, and euhMquentlv by Mr. When Staying in that netfibourhood, too. Wilkine Feh. Aa I draw near the gaHen gate I heard the fearfnl eriea of the poor aofbrar flMat andibljr.

Her daughter, Ae aaid, had not slept for a week I and the paroxTne of piiia bad been often aa ezemeiating aa what I waa then witneaaing. I aa» down bj the bed-aide in ailent horror. The apeetade waa eppreaatTe. The writhing on the bed. I left off speakings- begged the mother to be stilly— and pointed the fingers of both hands steadily before the ftoe. I waa thnnderstrack at my own soccess. One migbt infer from tbia tbat tbe merdj putting into a deep deep in the firat inatance waa not enougb— tbat tbe batteiy required 16 be well duuged— and tbat witbout a auffldent.

What ia tbe dam of olgeotioaa with whidi the Suiblk aceptica meet tbia plaia atatament? Tbia ia merdy mentioned to diow, that wbat oceurnd afterwaida happened witbout dedgn. On reaching tbe cottage I found tbe dd people wdl, but one of their acna waa veiy ill in bed, and bad been anffering draadfiilly ftr mora than a weeL I pto- oeeded at once to tbe bed-dde.

It was an attack of his old complaintt acute rheomatic ferer with a swdliog of the joints. He Umsdfsdd, that the sleeping draughts that he had taken had done him more harm than good fiir if he went to sleq» for ten minutes from the eftct, he awoke up afterwards ftding worse than before. I continued to make down his limbs for half an hour. After I Idk him, he dept the greater part of the aftmoon, waking at times from a sudden pain, and then again dropping off; and he had the best night dnce his attsck.

Thejr most find some other theoiy than that of im a gin ation. Thejr haye ridden that hone to death, and it will eany them no longer. Neither does the i of Ur. Braid meet the difflcoltj. The patients did not ai ae. I therefore send these twoeaaes np to Is nothing else producible? A mass of eyidence quite astoniihing is in my posioeeion. Not that it is pretended that Meemeriem is a oniyerml specific. In the metropolis alone a considersUe number of Mesmerisers can be named.

There is hardly a county in England, where it iinot now practised. From, Tork to the Isle of Wight,— from Doyer to Plymouth, there can be produced a chain of evidence and a list of cures. H pnelieeoflteirtfairdlkiiowiiiiitMrreBpeetiTeeiroles; and bj mmaj I liaTe been hroartd with infonnation thai is sur- tntaraaCiiig in the highest degree. By tbe application of Mesmerism ereiy day for tan the fcrmidable symptoms disappeared I the head 1 the pamxjrsma ceased I and thefuaedons of the i to a calm and hedthy state.

He has found Ilea- merism most eAcadous in nerrous disorders I— and in sererd other oompldnts, he has greatly aUeriated the suftriqga of his patients. The bite Mr. There was haid] y one instance where disease existed, thai relief was not pro- cured. Hk deeeriptioo id hie power orer some leeptice at Cembridge is eo eoiioiis esd coiiTineiQgf that it ahonld be reed bj ererj caadid iaqvifcr.

AffM, I. Bl llTeminntea. It ahonld be added that the BpupcOkj of taale waa derdoped in thia caae. She baa bad aereral moat vnder her management. It ia that of Bobert Fkxd, now redding at Caiator in linoolnahira. FkMd had for aeyeral years solbred asost seyersly from diasase in one tf his kidneys. BaldoA waa the happy iastroment of restoring him to health, afksr a Mesasrie treatment of three mondia. One of the acU that he » ia 10 eorroboratiTe of the electrical theory of Animal- that it deeenree to be recorded.

When Mr. TXonyMOfi'lf J! One Ihet la too curious to be oadtted. Tie fever waaredooed: and the pain was gone. In'foardajt I was down itaira: ereiy time meameriaed me, I fdt aa it Mr. Thcmpaon givea a description of three cores of serere and long-etanding nenralgie pains of the head. I had given up all hope of recof e r y, sal ihHl pnysd for death.

He gires a yaluable account of the ex. FrideauJE, of Southampton, is another great practical Uemeriser. He reports three remarkable cases of the cure of St. From Ktc dilTerent patients he has extracted teeth without their con- sdottsneas. His description of their demeanour under this usually painful operation is most curious.

Frideaux, the weU-attcsted facts of Meat aerism will soon force their way on the mind of the public Mr. It was a seyere case of spasmodic asthma. The patient had been subject to it for boAvt jftarM. A clergyman, well acquainted with the fiunily, now writes to the Mesmeriser, and says, "It is now at this moment Jan.

Kste will himself shortly bring them befim thepublicf Mr. He has obtained some yery remarkable cures. Holm has lirge ezperieoee in phnoologr, and liat leatod with great sueeeas ita oomieetioii widintaliiiagnetianL Mr. ETery ether lemedy, but Meoneriam, aeemed to ftO in thia caae. H neh attendon haa been awakened in hia neigh- bourhood by the following operatiooa. I quote from the Teiy able letter which Mir. Gffl, at Edinburgh, without pain, on May I. Btmanl medical genticBMn were preeent Mr. Craig waa tiie Mea- amriaer.

GUI had no ftding, when the tooth waa beiac extracted,— but after he waa awakened, he ftlt a lorenew and pain in the guma-t Mr. Chandler, a eurgeonof BotherhiAe, 1 ofthebenea d aleibctaofMeemeriem. I met Mir. He has eored his fiuher in a dreadfnl and most distresnog makdy, in a ease where no relief waa proeared ftem medieine.

He has cored a severe case of fiu i and aa- ease of iigorj, accompanied bf moch pain, and lillbealtb. Wilson has cored a case of insanity, or Intense mefauH eholy, by the aid of Mesmerism. Ashbomer, of Grosvenor Street, and lately phyaidaa to the Middlesex Hoqiital, is a most eaergetie ftiead to Mee« Berism. As was also the honented Dr. Boxtoa, of! Street Dr. Storer, of Bristol, has poblished a valaable little f reconunending the practice.

Simpson, of York, has been one of the earliest frieads io the science. Amott, of Edinboigb, is another advocala. The names of several other medical men can be added. Mbfgaa, of Bedford Bow. OMe,cfFarehaflk Mr. GhttlsiV ofNorwIch. Weddel,ef Scarbmoogh. Most of these geatlemaa beve asal pliers to the Zoist Mir. The rsaalt haa been as hcaoaraUe to Mr.

The mders of the Zoisi matt abo hsT« noticed die beneriM lent exertions of Mr. Stenson, of Northampton, is another Taloable sopporter of the canse. CSiyer, of Bradford, states a ease where n yoong giri, named Looisa Taylor, who had lost the use of her aim and leg bj paralysis, was materially benefited by the Mesmerio trail, ment of Mr. IVest of that town. In Wolmhamiiiim, Mesmerism is making vast strides in Dr.

A sceptical dentist happened to be present and undertook the operation. There was much diffi- culty in the case. The key slipped from the tooth twice; and a splinter, nearly an inch and a half in length, was broken from the alveolar portion of the jaw. Still there was not the slightest manifestation of pun; and the patient, on being i brought to herself, had not the slightest idea that the operation.

The Bev. Some of his patients have exhibited rery interesting phenomena. A long catalogue of non-professional advocates yet remains to be mentioned. Among them are Mr. Holland, of New Cross; Mrs. Davey, of Itevonshire ; Mr. Edmund Fiy, of Plymouth; Mr. Parsons, Marine Library, Brighton; Mr. Beynoldson, Benshaw Street, Liverpool ; Mr. Brown, Low Leyton, E ss e x ; Mr. Sdfe, Bridgwater ; Mr.

Hayman, of Sidmooth; Mr. Yemon, the promoter of the Mesmeric Institute; Mr. C Caillard, of Leicester; Mr. Hodaoo, of LiTorpooli Mir. And Mr. Smotaon'a eninent aneeeae in tiM praetiea ia too well ID leqnira notiee. In Holland, some of the Arst men take it op. Jm Ike ITiiited States the same mightf progress has 1.

MitcheU, physician of Philadelphis, mentioned an operation hj him in tiie extraction of a tooth under most pniafnl ctrcomstancesv when no feeling was experienced,— and icolleetion of the fact existed afterwards. That they are all of delusion? IL II. To the higher order of phenomena, such as elairvopanet, internal Tision, and so forth, Ihave made little allusioo. Nol that I disbelieve, or hare not witnessed something of theoL But this work aims strictiy at a pmctieal eharMter.

I have no wish to astonish or amuse. The annals of natural sooMambnlism are fidl of them. And so of aD the otbor of Mesmerism! All this is granted : many a restlesa invalid has been lolled into slomber by some such soothing process. But this ezphmation will not meet the diiBcnlty. B applies hot to a few isohled instances. And first we ask, liow many times would this experiment answer in the case of a feverish patient?

For days? A dailj r epetitio n of the trial would, I fear, soon break the charm. Kot so with Mesmerism. The mesmeric sleep is obtained only the more easily and more quickly at each renewal of the process. I am speak to this point from my own experience. But this is notalL Many Mesmerisers scarcely use monotonous morementa at aU. A kdy has told me that i the moment her thumb touched the thumb of the. In fiMt, so little has notony to do with the effect, that none but those who hayei little or nothing of mesmeric action could inrent this themylbr its solution.

In Tagueness catches the ear. But we must pin our philosophic friends down to something more specific These loose generalities cany no meaning in them. The idea is convenient ; but the fact is often the reverse. Is it hysteria, when racking, torturing pain ia relieved or completely taken away? To oqdda MtMnrln. Lnitotion it oao of tbe for woriung on tbo bmnoa miadt— fliaob tbot io good or wicked ia bamoa ooadnct io tbo reealt of imitoti o n oIoboi-» oadilaiojboBOoriooi ttadjfor tbe pbjdologiit to tiBOO tbe oeeiot ipriagt of imitotioa to tbdr aadTe oouoo.

IbafO oaaa igBmal» aaodacateJ, dmplo paracaa traadbimed bj tbe toadi of tbe MoaBNriaar iato tbe aaoat daiabod porftnaorri. Bere I can again come forward with mj testimony. Nunerooa striking events can be dearlj traced to it.

Before the tedious week shall have ran its round, a rehqpse haa occurred, and the benefit ia for. The longer it is tried, the more powerful is the hoU. A patieni may be asnl 10 sleep by iamgination two or three daya in s n eeess i on 1. Look again to ita influence on pain. An bdividual, soflbring from a raging toothache, has been known to walk to a dentist's door, when the nmple ringing of the bell has so wrought en his sjstem as to stop the pain and change the condition of hia body. But who believea thai thia power of the mind would be continuous?

Who supposes thai the daily experiment of a walk to the operator's house would suspend the agony, if the pain recurred every morning? The unlucky tootii would in the end require extraction. Not so with Mes- merism. Eitiier certain ftets are true, or tiiey are false for the mind has nothing to dowitii tiiem.

These qnestiona might be multiplied in- definitely 1 but here are auflUenlt and what ia the answer? AninMla haTO been powerfollj affected. Towntheod, according to hia own , after he liad done ererj thiqg in hia power to reaiat the infloence. If the phrase be than that of Meameriam, let it be adopted. Iwaaattandii«a] fddftooiibo gi m 10 y ii i oiM j tbo tm ao i w n. Those who haTO been p re se nt at lectures on GalTsnism or Chcmistfy must have obeerred how slight a cause will dtstuib the simplest ezperiment.

A change of atmosphere will aiRMi the arnddneiy end spofl the dectrie action in a moment. And why are not simikr kws equally applicable in the practice of IfesBMrism?

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