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cacklespit quest torchlight 2 torrent

In Torchlight 2, %magic finding luck improves quality of items found. to summon Cacklespit and complete her Cacklespit's Brew quest (optional quest). Torchlight II Robot Parts Locations. While playing Torchlight II, it can be difficult to complete one side Quest: Cacklespit's Realm. In this dungeon, destroy three tree stumps to unlock a secret area containing the Robot Head. Place the bell, and complete the side quest to unlock Cacklespit's. HARRY POTTER CHAMBER OF SECRETS AUDIO BOOK MP3 TORRENT SSH key, you needs any type usage rules for the. Connection failure You server, and networking. Will input it some screenshots below to search.

C The business provides information pertaining to the specific customer if that information is reasonably available to the business, and provides information in standardized format if information pertaining to the specific customer is not reasonably available. B Address information, including, but not limited to, postal address or e-mail.

C Telephone number. D Account name. F Birthdate or age. G Physical characteristic information, including, but not limited to, height and weight. H Sexual information, including, but not limited to, sexual orientation, sex, gender status, gender identity, and gender expression. I Race or ethnicity. J Religious affiliation or activity. K Political affiliation or activity. L Professional or employment-related information. M Educational information. N Medical information, including, but not limited to, medical conditions or drugs, therapies, mental health, or medical products or equipment used.

O Financial information, including, but not limited to, credit, debit, or account numbers, account balances, payment history, or information related to assets, liabilities, or general creditworthiness. P Commercial information, including, but not limited to, records of property, products or services provided, obtained, or considered, or other purchasing or consuming histories or tendencies.

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A civil action to recover penalties pursuant to Section Right to Know tech privacy TechAmerica legal. A knockout is a brutal yet beautiful thing. Frankly, the terrible reality of a good bad? So we spent some time soaking in our own cackle-induced urine to extract valuable lessons from 6 of the funniest KO videos we could find.

Silva had been catching a lot of flack following a string of fairly boring contests so he was hell-bent on sending a clear message to his critics. The first two minutes of the fight were uneventful and only a captured kick that sent Griffin sprawling foreshadowed what was about to come.

Finally, Silva unleashed his first flurry and knocked Griffin down. Griffin continued throwing, whiffing on every swing as Silva expertly dodged them like a pornographic cameraman on the set of a Bang Bros flick, then countered for another knockdown. Silva assaulted Griffin on the ground, stopped, backed off, and let Griffin up, offering what must have been the most confusing helpful hand ever. Silva practically meandered away from the predictable flurry and unleashed one light, retreating jab that dropped Griffin in an instant.

Defeated, Griffin waved Silva away at the mark of the first round. Tradition demands that both contestants give a post-fight interview before leaving the Octagon, but Griffin was so terribly embarrassed that he bolted out of the ring and into the locker room before anyone could stop him.

There are few things worse than a bully, and few things better than a bully beatdown. In this video, we see two English gentlemen who appear to be arguing over the disgusting baby feces brown trash receptacle nearby. The man in the sleeveless shirt has probably had enough of that eyesore and decides to tell his neighbor so.

Nothing seems to sway Chunky Chap into action until his turd can is knocked over, at which point he loses his cool. The sleeveless guy makes the mistake of kicking the trash bin one last time and Chunky Chap snaps. With one perfectly timed prod of his meaty appendage, he confidently drops the sleeveless bully. Matter settled.

So we guess the lesson here could be that English food is so bad, it even gives inanimate objects that sickly British pallor. Brown was viewed as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in boxing at the time while Pettway was considered a reliable but unspectacular boxer.

Brown flopped back onto the mat and immediately began pawing at the air like a newborn kitten. When the ref finishes the 10 count, Brown is still swinging. We would love to know what was going through his mind at that moment, but it was probably just loose bone fragments. Muscle memory is certainly doing its job here. Should you ever find yourself needing to eradicate a boxer, we suggest napalm. Case in point: Dan Lariviere.

Apparently bored with the steady yet rather ineffective exchanges throughout the fight, Lariviere got it into his head to try something risky. Before we continue, you should know that the floor of a combat ring is typically made of a wooden foundation topped with some kind of arguably softer padding wrapped in canvas.

However, the padding is hardly thicker the awful rug on your dining room floor seriously, it looks like vomit took a dump in your house. Fight fans are probably familiar with the sound emitted when someone suddenly meets hard mat. So when Lariviere flung both his legs at Capony only to smash back-of-head first onto the ground, knocking himself out, rest assured that he was not overreacting.

He was too busy hemorrhaging internally. Capony, as surprised as anyone else, simply shrugged and walked back to his corner as though he was unsure of what to do with himself at that point. Otherwise, someone may film you pissing every last ounce of your martial credibility all over yourself when you lose bladder control.

Not everyone gets to experience the joy of getting the crap slapped out of them in a professional environment. Sometimes, people ruin their own shit just dicking around on a farm. Were Johnny and Camera Joe on bad terms? Was this a conspiracy between Camera Joe and the log to assault Johnny in the least likely way possible?

Whatever the case may be, Camera Joe is clearly enjoying the sight of what may be the first illegal knockout between a boy and a branch. He competed in both the UFC and Pride FC, a Japanese organization with rules that are considered completely illegal in all 50 states, such as stomping a grounded opponent. But his foe Yoshihiro Nakao, apparently never one to take things seriously, decided to test his luck against the Crazy Horse.

Moments before the fight was to begin, they faced each other for a ritual stare down that quickly went awry. Ostensibly unamused, Herring punched Nakao right in the kisser and put him on the ground. Nakao looked like a flashbang had exploded in his face and was unable to recover.

Herring was disqualified, but the ruling was later changed to a no contest as both Nakao and Herring were deemed to have committed fouls. Afterwards, the cornermen from both sides brawled over the sucker-kiss and had to be broken up by authorities. Molesting a mixed martial artist is not a wise way to remain conscious. If you must, try to get permission first. Or, at least, health insurance and a Last Will and Testament made up. It's not uploaded yet nor do I know that it ever will be , so here it is.

I formatted it in Google Docs but Tumblr decided to pick and choose what would work. I'll fix it up Contact me for permission to use it. No one has permission to copy or share it otherwise. It's here in full so you shouldn't need to steal it anyway.

A darkness gathered beneath Torchlight, called Ordrak. Ordrak breaks free and defeats the other two heroes, incapacitating you and slaying the Mage in battle. Defeated, the Destroyer escapes, carrying you to safety as Ordrak extinguishes Torchlight. Speak with the Destroyer.

He is too wounded to continue and sends you ahead to the Estherian Enclave to warn them of the Alchemist's impending onslaught. Afraid that he may already be there, you dash toward your destination. As you make your way to the Enclave, you will find dead Vanquishers. Eventually you come across one making his last stand. Save him for loot and coin. There will be many more dead, but you must push on until you reach the Enclave. At the Enclave, speak to the Grand Regent. You find that you are too late: the Alchemist has already passed through, injuring many and leaving disease in his wake.

Commander Vale and the Vanquishers arrived shortly after and pursued the Alchemist as he travels southward, toward the Temple Steppes. You must go to the temple and defend the Guardian of Water. Make your way to the Wellspring Approach and enter the Wellspring Temple.

Make your way down to the final floor of the Temple, the Water Guardian Palace. There you will face General Grell. He will call his minions and attempt to smash you with area-of-effect attacks. If you see him fire up into the ceiling, start running or you will be crushed by falling debris. The biggest risk in this fight is letting Grell and his minions surround you, so keep moving and strike when the area is clear.

The Guardian of Water thanks you for your help. She explains that the Alchemist is trying to siphon Guardian energy and implores you to stop him from attacking other Guardians. She instructs you to head back to the Estherian Enclave to begin planning your next move. Seek the Grand Regent in the Frosted Hills. You soon come across Elder Valin, who was traveling with the Grand Regent before they became separated. Unable to reach the Grand Regent, he asks you to collect the Passkey Ember from some slavers and the Latchkey Ember from goblins.

With them you may access another route to the Grand Regent located in the Estherian Refuge. Enter the Frosted Hills. The Passkey Ember can be found in the Slavers' Stockade in the Slavers' Camp after killing the champion bandit leaders; don't forget to free the imprisoned slaves, one of whom is a traveling enchanter who will now be available at the Enclave. The Latchkey Ember can be found in the Emberscratch Mines.

A veritable army of goblins stands between you and the key so be prepared to bathe in viscera. You may find up to 3 plungers, which can be used on broken detonators to reveal hidden areas. Eventually, you will face King Pogg; slay him for the Latchkey Ember.

Now that you have both Embers, head to the Estherian Refuge and place them into the shrine, then enter the Watchweald Temple through the portal. The Nether have infested the WatchWeald Temple. Make your way to the Grand Regent and confront him.

The Grand Regent teleports and unleashes torrents of magic upon you. His minions are a nuisance, but can also be used to quickly fill your charge bar. Dodge whenever a demonic form appears above the Grand Regent to avoid his strongest attacks. Once he has been dealth with, walk to the boss chest and the Guardian of the Wild will appear as a Nether-Beast before reverting to his normal form do not stand next to him or you may die from the explosive effect.

He will thank you and open a portal back to the Enclave. Report to Commander Vale at the Estherian Enclave. She arranges transportation to your next destination, Zeryphesh. When you're ready, speak to the Railmaster to continue to the Ossean Wastes. After being instructed to go to the Temple Steppes, a Vanquisher Scout asks you do him a favor along the way. The Sturmbeorn have blacksmiths forging armor for their warbeast and seem to be working from schematics. The Scout wants you to steal the Armor Schematics from the Sturmbeorn.

Travel to the Beast Warrens in the Temple Steppes. You will find the two blacksmiths in one of the Sturmbeorn encampments, guarding a Schematics Trunk. Kill anything in your way and take the Armor Schematics from the Schematics Trunk. Along the Path of the Honored Dead, you find a young woman named Miamin who needs your help. Give it to Miamin outside the Corrupted Crypt to complete the mission. In the area known as Skull Hollow, you will find a Shady Character with a proposition for you.

In a nearby crypt known as the Bone Gallery is a valuable item known as the Rosamortis, and he wants you to get it for him. But first, you must convince the dead Estherian spirits to release the Ghost Chains that bind the Bone Gallery shut. Defeat two elite Sturmbeorn necromancers while they work at their altar to free the spirits so that they will remove the chains, and enter the Bone Gallery.

Slay the undead hordes and make your way down to bottom floor. There you will find Mordrox. Slay Mordrox and take the Rosamortis. Return the Shady Character and give him the Rosamortis to complete the quest.

He promises to let you know if he has any work in the future. In Crows' Pass, you come across a woman named Bellethe. Her dear little ones wandered into a cave and her husband Finnas went in after them, but none have returned. She asks you to enter The Widow's Veil and find them. Wrestle through the webbed caverns until you find the Winter Widow and slay her. You find Finnas wounded nearby, but he is well enough to get out on his own. Take the little ones back to Bellethe in Crow's Pass for your reward.

While wandering through the Frosted Hills, you come across a Zeraphi envoy being assaulted. After decimating the attackers, speak with Lord Taldimut and he will ask for your aid in acquiring the Golden Gear. You will find the crests inside trunks in pagoda structures around the Frosted Hills. Return them to Lord Taldimut. From the crests, he learns that the Golden Gear is in a nearby cave. Head to the Whispering Cave and the entrance will be revealed.

Retrieve the Golden Gear from the Whispering Cave and return to the envoy for your prize. Near the entrance to the Icedeep Caverns, you meet a man named Jadok who believes he has found the Alchemist's lair. He found a journal and wants you to find the other 3 volumes of it in Icedeep Caverns. On the second floor, you will find the three journals scattered around atop prominent pedestals.

You will also find a towering beast known as Chillhoof; collect the journals and kill Chillhoof. Return to Jadok for your reward. Speak with the Guardian of Air. The Alchemist has already come to the Wastes and allied with new villains to attack the Zeraphi of Zeryphesh, but first is heading towards the Forsaken Vaults. You need permission from the Sphinx to gain entry to the Vaults and protect the Guardian of Mana.

You will find the Sphinx at the Forsaken Gate. Appropriately, the Sphinx has a riddle for you. Essentially, it wants you to bring back Manticore Flesh from the Stygian Aerie before it will let you in. Head to the Aerie. Once you reach the bottom floor of the Stygian Aerie, you will be attacked by a Manticore. Before you can slay it, its mate will join the party. Defeat them both and take their meat, then return to the Sphinx in the Wastes.

The Sphinx opens the door for you, but not before some cryptic foreshadowing. Enter the Forsaken Vaults and drive ahead. After cleaning the region free of most of the Ezrohir population, you make your way to the Artificer. This frightening wizard teleports frequently, have multiple knockback attacks, and will use his claw attack to pull you back into range. Agility is the key in this fight so stay mobile and be vigilant in assailing the Artificer, unleashing ranged attacks at every opportunity.

Once you fell the Artificer, return to Zeryphesh and report to the Guardian of Air. The Artificer had already enslaved the Guardian of Mana and now you must find a way to free him from Ezrohir control, or kill him. Prepare your gear and head out to the Barrens. Once you find Fazeer Shah, speak with him about freeing the Guardian of Mana. He tells you that Ezrek Khan, another genie of lesser power, is responsible, but Fazeer will not help.

Unless, of course, you entertain him with a few silly tasks. Make your way to the mesa and kill anything that gets in your way. At the Mesa, find the Korari Cave and enter. There you will find Aruk the Cruel and his entourage. Beat the Lamp of Wonders out of him and return to Fazeer Shah. The Shah has another task for you. Enter the portal to the Luminous Arena and do your best to survive.

A large spotlight passes through the map and you must stay within it to avoid take damage and continue progressing the mission. Clear out all the monsters to continue to the end, but don't enter the final portal when you see it. Wait inside the safety of the spotlight until a lever spawns just behind the portal, then use it to unlock a secret path.

Collect your prize then use the portal. The next area is built under your feet as you walk, so make sure you move to every edge of the map to collect all the gear. Many champions and a Manticore spawn here so be careful, but it should be easy enough to make it to the end. Return to the Shah. Now you must face Fazeer Shah's nemesis, Ezrek Khan. Fazeer wants you to steal the Khan's Lam of Marvels. Eager to stop the Alchemist by any means necessary, you enter Fazeer's portal to the Haunted Quarter and prepare to confront Ezrek Khan.

Destroy any Netherim who try to impede your way and enter Jehannum. Here you will face Ezrek Khan. Ezrek forces you to fight his minions before confronting you himself; they should be no trouble. Ezrek teleports frequently while unloading magical armageddon upon you so pick your battles. Don't just eat a torrent of arcane death and expect to live. He has three phases, between each a wave of lesser minions. In the second phase, he splits into mirror images; focus on the original one to do real damage.

The final phase is an endless onslaught of fire and wizardry, during which you will be constantly knocked back and teleported. Keep moving, keep attacking, keep drinking potions, and you will surely prevail. Once you're victorious, Fazeer Shah will appear.

He tells you that the magic imprisoning the Guardian of Mana has weakened, thus you may now rescue her. Return to Zeryphesh and speak to the Guardian of Air. You must go there and free the Guardian. When you reach the Riftkeep, enter the Witherways. You'll have to fight your way through but eventually you'll reach the Siege Guardian.

The Siege Guardian is a terrifying monstrosity, and it doesn't help that two invincible cannons lurch around the map hosing you down with hot laser any time you get too close; avoid those at all costs. To defeat the Siege Guardian, just keep attacking him away from the Siege Turrets. He doesn't do much damage, but he can push you around a little with knockback. Just don't let up and you should be fine. With the Siege Guardian slain, the Guardian of Mana is free. She opens a portal to Zeryphesh for you; take it and speak to the Guardian of Air.

Make haste to Grunnheim by speaking with the Railmaster. There is no time to waste. If he is not reclaimed, they will torture him for information to defeat the Zeraphi. He sends you to the Ossean Wastes to find Muzaffar. Muzaffar will be found in an Ezrohir Camp. Slaughter the captors and free the Zeraphi soldiers and their commander. Muzaffar thanks you for your aide and asks for another favor.

Commander Muzaffar needs you to find the Ezrohir forward camp. He wants you to check the Tower of the Moon in the Ossean Wastes, so you set out to inspect the area. He summons reinforcements from his sand pit, so end the surge of Ezrohir and kill everyone. Kasam drops a Prison Key; take it to the back of the room and free Duros the Blade.

He will allow you to gamble when you return to Zeryphesh. Before you leave, notice the gongs placed on the walls around the map. Run up to all three and attack them; you will hit the gong and ring it. Once you've hit all three, return to Duros' prison cell and go through the gate behind it, which is now interactive. Pick up the Robotic Arm to begin another quest. Now, you must return to Muzzaffar. He is glad for your service and rewards you accordingly.

An ember surveyor named Nerasis idles at his camp in the Ossean Wastes when you cross paths. He needs assistance testing a theory and asks you to take a Spent Ember into Tarroch's Rift. Then he wants you to bring it back for further research. You head out into the Wastes to see what happens. When you reach the bottom of Tarroch's Rift, place the Spent Ember in the altar.

It will summon a warrior known as the Manaforged; take him down. Once he is dead, the ember will return as a Rift Ember. Grab it and take it back to Nerasis in the Ossean Wastes. Nerasis is pleased with the results of the experiment.

No longer in need of the ember, he lets you keep it and thanks you for your service. Ratlins have stolen theirs so they ask you to reclaim it from the Mesa north of their location. You set out to reclaim the stolen goods.

You will find two champion Ratlins; kill them to reclaim the Iridian Focus. Return to the Embercraft crew and give them their goods to finish the quest. She asks if you can find her husband Hareph in the Swarm Stacks to the North. You agree and begin your journey. After some time, you find Hareph alive, with two automated cannons barely holding back the onslaught of skara trying to get at him.

He asks you to take some explosives to Swarm Point and search for his missing comrades. You warily take the explosives and make your way to Swarm Point. At Swarm Point, you meet Hoska, who tells you to use the explosives to destroy select Skara nests then make your way through the Brood Hive and destroy the eggs. Once again, you set out to accomplish your mission. Now that you've destroyed the Skara nests, work your way through the Brood Hive.

At the end of the Brood Hive is an Encrusted Hulk. Destroy him, but before you take the red portal back to the surface, follow the nearby walls to a secret area full of eggs. Now return to the surface and find Hareph back in Zeryphesh. As a reward for your service, you may now purchase magic items from Jasha, which should be a great boon as you continue hunting the Alchemist.

He has discovered Ezrohir infiltrators and needs you to destroy the machinery they've been constructing in the Undercurrents. Your blade sings as it clears the sheathe and you step into the Undercurrents. Explore the Undercurrents and destroy every Manatoxin Pump that you find. They are hardy machines so clear the area before assaulting them.

Once they are all destroyed, return to Dilawar for thanks and gifts. You meet a dark stranger in the Salt Barrens who calls himself the Faceless King. His grand vision requires access to the Vault of Souls in the Eternal Palace, but to gain access he needs the Royal Masks of ancient lineage. You agree to find them for him; he watches from behind a mask of shadow as you begin your search. There are a number of pillars around the Salt Barrens with horns nearby.

Use the horns to summon the spirits of ancient royalty and take their masks; The Guardian of Wazir, The Guardian of Queens, and The Guardian of Kings must all be slain for their masks. Once you have them, return to the Faceless King. You'll have to cut a swathe of death to the end of the Palace, but eventually you will confront the King of Masks.

Tear him down, take his possessions, then return to the surface and continue your search for the Alchemist. After picking up a Robotic Part, you will be given a quest to find the rest of the pieces. There are at least 3; one in the Brood Hive, one behind the cell where the Gambler is imprisoned, but the third Tutara hunter, skullcrusher, wrecker, cliffguard. Once you arrive at the Imperial Camp, speak with Professor Stoker.

Once again, you are too late; the Alchemist has already passed through, sealing a Great Door behind him to obstruct pursuers. Now would be a good time to clean out your inventory, enchant your equipment, and reset any skills that aren't working out. When you're ready, head for the Scrapworks via The Rotted Path. When you get there, you find a Vanquisher Captain stuck behind a cave-in. He needs you to acquire Dynamite to clear the way, so head to the Abandoned Sawmill and look for some.

As you make your way in search of Dynamite, you learn piecemeal why the Sawmill was abandoned. Defeat the culprits and take the Dynamite from a chest near the exit portal, then return to the Vanquisher Captain. With the cave-in solved, you return to your search for the Power Core. Head into Middenmine and make your way through to the Scrapworks. Here, you will find Bloatfang, a pestulent atrocity that begs to be mercy-killed.

He packs a punch, but for the most part simply charges and attacks. Hold your ground and you'll make short work of this creep. After he's gone, head to the exit portal where you'll find a Automoton Power Source; take it, then head to the Imperial Camp for Professor Stoker. Unfortunately, it's not quite ready for use. You must first make your way to the Emberworks beyond Rivenskull Pass. Another minor setback, but you carry on. You find an enormous door blocking your way in the Sundered Battlefield.

A curious character informs you that you cannot pass unless you reclaim their stolen Crown from Thiss in the Forgotten Halls. Make your way to the Forgotten Halls. Terrify your way through the Halls until you reach the Bleack Chamber; here you will face Thiss. His acid breath is painful and the constant flow of minions does not help.

Make sure your defenses or up or that you keep your distance, maybe have a finger hovering over the potion button because he hits hard. Will your way to victory, then use the portal to get to a chest holding the Goblin Crown. With it in hand, make your way back to the gate. At the Emberworks gate, you are allowed passage in exchange for the Crown. A series of dark gates impede your progress through the Emberworks, so find the nearby levers and valves to open them.

You will have to fight your way through quite a bit of dwarven machinery. Eventually you will find the War Titan; be prepared. He packs an enormous punch and casts lightning balls that spew electricity in every direction. His charges can ruin you, but they also put good distance between you in the right situation. Chug health potions and you should do fine. Professor Stoker takes the Power Source and uses it to open the gate.

You may now enter the Broken Mines. In the Minehead, speak to the Guardian of Mana. The time has come to face the Alchemist before he reaches the Clockwork Core. Make your way to the Broken Mines. One final thrust to get at the heart of your enemy. You're more than enough to slaughter anything that dares stand in your way so making it to the Dark Alchemist should be little trouble. The Dark Alchemist casts devastating spells and hits like a telephone pole.

Use everything in your arsenal to slay him, especially your buffs and pet spells don't forget to feed your companion a fish. He attacks in three phases in three different areas. The first phase is pretty standard; beat him down and move on. The second phase includes flaming geysers that quickly chew away at your health if you don't keep moving.

During this phase the Alchemist will use a beam attack that is murderous; as soon as you see it, move back out of range. But, me being a power-user and developer, I have so much going on that the system eventually runs out. As you can see, you can set it to a custom size or: Let it be system managed. Labels: page , swap , turn off , virtual memory , windows. Changing Google Chrome's cache folder. Changing Chrome's cache folder to your RAM-disk or someplace else might speed up your browsing quite a bit.

Keeping it off a spinning disk will dramatically improve your access time. I suggest not putting this on an SSD, because of wear and tear. Caching trashes the filesystem a lot. Close Chrome and locate your shortcut to Chrome. Optionally, locate the Chrome. Right-click the shortcut, and select 'Properties'. Go to the 'Shortcut' tab. This will only move your cache files, which is good enough. Click 'Apply' and start Chrome. To verify, look inside your new folder and observe Chrome creating temporary files.

There's a guide for FireFox here. Labels: cache , chrome , directory , files , temp , temporary. Moving Windows temporary folders. The default locations will be inside the Windows folder. Labels: change temporary folders , temp , tmp , windows. Portable Application Compilations PortableApps. Labels: apps , portable , utilities , wscc. I have dropped this phone, thrown it in the wall and there's hardly a scratch in the paint.

Decent sounding speakers. Doesn't crackle. This is a lighter phone and is more rectangular then the S3. I have installed CyanogenMod 9 on this one, and it's just fucking awesome. As the S indicates , it's a flagship model and it's essentially Samsung's Destroyer Of iPhones and need no further introduction, but I just have to mention this phone because after I installed CM9, the battery life on this is just ridiculous. Given, I have actually manually disabled the GSM module, this is just insane.

It's doubleplus good! Of all my phones, this is the one that brings up the camera the fastest. The proof is indeed in the pudding and so is the NSA. Myth confirmed. As you all know; when you are on your 3rd straight night and your Google Fu is strong; it is not easy to do dig those links up later, but somewhere on the web is the dialler code for disabling the GSM module.

In some tyrant countries, both in the east and the west, this might be a crime, just so you might know. Specs: Gingerbread 2. CPU: Exynos, dual-core 1. Camera: 8MP x and full p video recording. Secondary camera 1. Wi-Fi This is essentially an S III blown up to half tablet size.

This is a so-called 'phablet'. And it's also the first smartphone I've had that I can type on without going insane from hitting buttons at the same time. The screen is a fabulous 5. Think of this rather as a PDA that can make phone calls, rather than a smartphone. At x and full p over USB this actually usable as an emergency computer when travelling or just on the toilet. The plugged right into the Eclipse IDE as the and the did.

I have started development on some yet not existing! The memory arrangement is a bit different than usual; both the internal memory and application memory are merged. And then it has only 'device storage'.

This means that you cannot move apps to SD card as usual. However, I suspect this can be fixed if you root it and set up a symlink, like has been done for the S It comes with stock 4. It does of course come with a stylus pen. This will enable extra UI features, as you can use the phone from an inch's distance.

The stylus has a non-obvious button that acts as if you actually pressed against the screen. It has an 8 MP main camera and a 1. Be aware that it needs a mirco-SIM card. You 'regular' SIM card will not fit. Yeah, about the front side camera. It sees you. It stalks you. It knows.

It will rotate the screen to match your face. It will adjust the intensity level of the screen depending on ambient light, if you wish. It will tell you the time if you try to reach for it. I shit you not. You can also talk to this phone, it will even start beeping if you walk away from the stylus pen. Creepy stuff. But at least I have it enclosed in a book-cover.

This is the precursor to the Trapperkeeper ! The has a CM for it, but it's not stable, and only provides experimental and nightly builds. At this moment, several of the last 14 builds would not boot. Specs: more info here. Rumors has it that the S3 and the Note 2 will skip 4. That is a shame, because there are several bugs in the 4. There are some others I've noticed too, like the background picture mysteriously disappears sometimes, only to come back after going in to the app list and back.

The good news is that our devices has been chosen as the only two to actually receive 4. Some say even 5. A friendly warning: Do not use so-called M2 memory with Samsung phones. It's for Ericsson phones. They will die after a certain time. My wife and I got our 8 GB cards on the same day and they stopped working on the same day after a year or so! They were not rescuable. So, if you card has the letters M2 anywhere on the card itself, it is an M2 card!

Update, July 25th Here's some more useful links that you might want to visit after reading this. Confirmed to work on my GT-I Upgrade to 4. I might wait until 4. Generally, our friendly superhero chainfire has developed root techniques for several Android models. Check this site out.

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