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They are greeted by a mob of angry protesters, yelling and waving anti-big business signs. Amy brings word that there was a shooting across town and among the three dead is journalist Emily Lafuente. We are only days away from an omelet chef and a piano tuner. However, Dan already knows, as he set the whole thing up to keep her from sleeping with her ex-husband, Andrew. He's stopped by Catherine, who lunges and punches him square in the face. Selina and Catherine are hustled out uninjured, and the jobs speech is postponed.

Selina's comments about the Second Amendment are all anything the press is talking about. In years to come, a therapist will have me acting this out with dolls. Andrew insists he has important information pertaining to Selina's jobs announcement but refuses to tell her after spotting a shirtless Ray in her room. Look at guns, but don't touch guns. Though wary of Ray's idea, the team ultimately agrees that an appearance at a local women's gun show is an excellent idea.

Turville has six months left in business at most. Selina is relieved until she enters the auditorium and discovers her interviewer is Minna. The former Prime Minister unwittingly forces Selina to announce the non-existent jobs and insists the Veep not downplay the announcement's significance. Aggrieved that Ray is there talking with smart people, Ben searches out a drink. She chats with the bar's owner but struggles to understand his thick accent.

The owner calls out encouragement. Fat people have to learn self-discipline until they are rid of the demon that lives within them. Ben assures him he wouldn't consider it comfortable. In another room, the staff watches the press conference unfold in horror. Suddenly, Ben is forced to leave for D. While Amy brings Dan to the hospital, Kent takes Ray aside to fire him, but Ray is too stupid to understand. Jonah arrives to at the hospital to tell Dan he's the one who leaked the Ray story, and Selina sends a text firing Dan.

Gary enters, beating a sorry excuse for a drumroll on his chest, and presents a Selina, made over with a short new haircut and pantsuit. Everyone struggles to mask their horror. Dan reveals that the ex-baseball manager once had an affair, which should be powerful ammunition against him. The group also notices that Selina has developed a rather nasty eye twitch, and Amy urges her to smile through it in hopes of disguising it.

Gary reminds him that Mike's married to a reporter, and Mike rushes off to call Wendy. You'd fit right in in the military. After Selina and Amy fail to bring down Thornhill's mojo with a mind game, Selina's eye twitch returns with a vengeance. But on stage, Selina denies that anyone but her makes decisions in her office. Wendy presses Mike for details, but he insists he can't reveal anything about the First Lady. He offers her Thornhill's affair in exchange. However, Thornhill admits to the affair and explains that he and his wife were able to work things out.

He tells America that if they can forgive him, they can vote for him. The audience applauds his candidness. When he refuses to budge, Wendy realizes their marriage will always be a conflict of interests. She asks the candidates how they'll protect people like her mom from the banks. At the same time, Maddox sees Selina's eye twitch and reflexively looks at her with disgust. The camera catches the look, which appears to be at Angela.

He really saved us. I love that on a guy. I can be so folksy…doing the folksy thing…with folks. Dan notes that the ex-baseball manager "cornholed" them in Iowa, and Amy admits that he's killing Selina in the polls. Ben promises Selina that they'll get her out stumping with the public to help boost her numbers, and Kent presents her with a crate, on which she can stand and address the public.

Kent leaves for D. If you tried to clap you'd miss your hands. Jonah admits the campaign is in complete chaos. Jonah tells him that he's waiting on an offer from Danny Chung's camp, but Ericsson calls his bluff -- he talked with someone on the campaign earlier that morning and knows that no offer is coming.

He only met with Jonah to confirm that "the Maddox camp is hemorrhaging like a burst dog. Dan reminds her that Quincy can swing the entire New Hampshire vote. Dan retrieves Mike from his lunch with Wendy to smooth things over with Quincy, who agrees to do an in-depth interview instead.

He begs his mom to talk to his uncle Jeff Kane, who controls the senior vote in New Hampshire. Jeff agrees to give Chung's camp a call, but the deal falls apart after he takes offense to something Jonah's mom says. Jeff hangs up on her. Dan turns it off, but no one can decide what to do about the audio file before the phone locks. Quincy returns, and they're forced to hand the phone over with the incriminating recording intact.

Sometimes, through no fault of your own, it's just one disaster after another. The community center director introduces Selina to a Syrian couple who had a hellish time leaving their country. Selina, on the verge of tears over her failed campaign, appears deeply sympathetic to their plight. Amy interrupts their conversation to tell Selina that Kent's returned from D.

POTUS has decided that he wants to devote more time to looking after her and is going to resign. She shares the big news, which excites him so much he gets a nosebleed. Amy points out that Selina is still technically running a campaign, so she must elect someone to stay behind and be the face of the campaign. Selina chooses Gary, which devastates him. It's like a Mormon orgy.

Amy reminds Selina that she still also has to campaign for her election, though it falls on deaf ears. Sue informs her of her swearing in ceremony the following day and notes that, afterwards, Selina will acquire the nuclear codes. As her first order of business, Selina tells Kent to get rid of Leslie Carr. Kent questions specifics about the particular name, but she blows him off. He begs her to spare him, claiming he was "bulimic the whole first year but didn't even lose any weight.

That's like Peter denouncing Christ. Or worse. While she recites the oath, Mike bumps into a lamp, interrupting her recitation. Selina pretends to be touched by the gesture, despite being thoroughly creeped out. As Selina approaches the podium to give her first address as president, she realizes that the "perfect shoes" squeak.

Ben, Dan, Gary, and Mike watch on in horror as Twitter explodes with the headline "President squeaks to the nation. Selina freaks out, and asks if she could just say it was an error, but Ben warns her that it would be terrible public relations. Warm, upright bodies that can still punch a hole in a card. Kent admits they need the support of Jonah's uncle, Jeff Kane, now that Maddox has backed out of the race. Amy orders Dan to talk to Jonah, who remains miffed about his new position in the White House.

He'll only help if Dan hires him an assistant, as well as gets him West Exec parking and mess hall privileges. And you can't hire anyone named Jonah! She decides they need to head to New Hampshire to do a photo op among the people, as long as it's not at a hospice. Amy delights over the fact that Selina is "so good at making people believe she's good with people.

She messed up the oath when Mike bumped into the lamp and now the Speaker is demanding she be sworn in properly. Selina refuses to head back to D. He's gotten word that Iran is "officially pissed" about her decision to fire Leslie Kerr. It must be the beard. Even the Nazis came in second. The final blow comes when CNN confirms Joe Thornhill beat her by 1 percent of the vote, placing her in third. You're second in our eyes, I'll tell you that much.

This is just noise-shaped air. Selina asked for it to be vague but then rejected a draft because it was "too vague. Google it like a best man speech? Disappointed he's not allowed to join her in an intelligence briefing, Gary is further aggrieved when a Secret Service agent requests the bag -- and only the bag -- be brought in to Selina.

It doesn't reek of moisturizer and vaginal spray anymore -- and that was just Dan! Doyle complains that Selina is freezing him out, perpetuating the "cycle of abuse. Jonah apologizes and Teddy appears to brush it off. Ben advises her to do a "cock-thumb," which Dan defines for her: "We propose a radical cut to the military, cutting off the cock; the Joint Chiefs in turn propose their own more reasonable cut, cutting off the thumb.

Ericsson reveals that Thornhill is not quitting -- but Thornhill is. Furthermore, Ericsson says he finds her job as Selina's campaign manager very interesting, which puts Amy on edge. Selina, Ben and Kent celebrate. Adds Ben, with delight: "I nearly puked. As she prepares to leave, Gary takes her glasses out of her pocket, claiming the bulge makes it look like she has a penis. After Selina leaves, Congressman Furlong enters and confronts Selina's staff about the submarine program she is about to cut, a move that would "torpedo" 1, jobs in his district.

Though Amy insists that the fleet is as useless as having an "anti-unicorn strategy," Furlong reminds them that the parts of a submarine are not made in one place -- but many. It was incredibly impressive. She orders Ben to have the submarine cuts removed from the speech -- and fast. Although she has a hard copy to work from while her team rewrites and the Teleprompter is blank, Selina is unable to read it because Gary took away her glasses. She calls for a long moment of silence for President Hughes and the former first lady, as if they are dead, and waits for her speech to reappear on the Teleprompter.

Unfortunately, Mike has uploaded the wrong draft, which still contains placeholders and blanks. Selina is forced to improvise once more, and when the text updates again, it contains the President Hughes's old spending plan. Selina announces an increase to spending on the submarine fleet she had planned to cut.

Afterwards, Selina admonishes her staff for their massive screw-up. Jonah's excitement doesn't last long; as Teddy leaves, he gives Jonah's balls a quick tap. Selina tasks Gary with making the state dinner pretty, pointing at a hideous abstract painting and explaining, "i. What is that, Picasso's heavy period? Catherine asks to be a given a "core role" in the administration. Kent fakes a national security issue to get Catherine to leave before informing Selina he's polled Catherine's popularity and found that her "likability index is shallow.

While looking at a floral centerpiece Gary complains, "Oh my God, did we get these from a homeless man's grave? They're molesting my eyes. They are on a list that you're going to give me in 30 minutes. Now get me some scalps. Get me some names. Dan strikes a deal with Pierce to bowl at the exclusive White House bowling alley in order to get him on board, but Jonah takes it one step further, promising a game with Selina, plus a photo op -- something he can't authorize and which is probably impossible to schedule.

Trouble arises when the prime minister and Israeli dignitary spot Ben getting notes passed to him, and guess that they're about the Native American painting. They point out the irony of Selina talking to them about occupation when America occupies "someone else's continent". They insist he tells Selina, but Selina dismisses him, claiming not to have time to speak with him. Furthermore, she says she needs to acquire more "butt-ugly Native American paintings" because the first one was "removed by some jerk-off with a hairball for a brain.

When the Congresswoman asks about a contradiction in the bill, Jonah freezes, then invites her to a private screening of Martin Scorsese's latest film, claiming Scorsese will be in attendance. When the Congresswoman steps away, Dan confronts Jonah about his fib.

Jonah insists he needs a staff to keep him informed about White House policy, or he'll reveal that Dan was behind the Danny Chung torture rumor. Richard quickly warms to Jonah, thinking Jonah's the "coolest guy" he ever met. Jonah, in turn, is thrilled to have someone between him and the "hands-on" Teddy.

Sue reminds them that Selina has a lot on her plate right now, and it might be a bad idea to add this to her troubles. Because I don't remember marrying you, Gary. Furthermore, Gary is the one who removed the controversial Native American painting.

Selina is livid that the press are focusing on the dinner and painting instead of the groundbreaking peace deal she brokered with Israel. She accuses him of having suckered onto her "like a car-window Garfield" and tells him he's worthless.

At the end of her tirade, Gary stands up for himself, asking when Catherine's birthday is and whose daughter is in rehab in order to prove how much Selina depends on him. Selina immediately backs down, acknowledging that Gary is indeed irreplaceable, and the only person she can trust implicitly. Another, more personal, peace deal is tentatively brokered between the two of them. Later that day, Dan informs Ben that Red-dit users put the information together and outed the little girl, Jennifer Graham.

Mike and Bill Ericsson arrive, looking for direction on how to handle the situation, but Ben refuses to tell Selina until they can find out where the data came from. Unaware that the press has been hounding Mike for a statement about Jennifer Graham, Selina walks into his briefing to ask the press to back off from Catherine's private life.

A reporter takes the op-portunity to ask a blindsided Selina if she feels that "the same privacy should be given to an 8-year-old with HIV". Selina demands her staff find a scapegoat to fire since the responsible party would be impossible to identify. Selina de-cides to make a statement to the press about Jennifer Graham. She admits having no knowledge of the data breach but takes full responsibility and vows to hold someone accountable.

Her sober tone is, un-fortunately, at odds with the ill-timed firework display that starts behind her. After getting Selina's okay, Dan fires Lee, who asks if he will spare her if she cries "like the women do in movies. Whatever happened to Ebola? I loved Ebola. Because Lee's firing did nothing to quell the press, Selina asks who is "next for the guillotine".

Dan proudly announces that he's been fattening up Jonah for just this occasion, linking him with all of the recent campaign screw-ups. As an added bonus, Dan explains, Jonah has an inherently guilty face, kind of like a "surprised masturbator". Selina asks Dan to throw Jonah under the bus -- if he can "find one that's long enough".

Then Richard arrives with a sandwich. He asks if Dan is firing Jonah for the "campaign data thing", revealing that Selina's "I Care" mailer was deliberately targeted at recently bereaved parents. Someone from the campaign used child-mortality data from the same federal data breach that identified 8-year-old Jennifer Graham.

Dan swears them both to secrecy before calling Amy, telling her, "Amy, the gates of Hell have opened and you're my plus-one. The rest of the staff enter, already apprised of the situation; Mike reveals that the second breach came from a student volunteer who's already gone. Ericsson decides that someone very high up within the Meyer administration needs to resign. Ben volunteers himself, despite Selina's objections.

Shortly after, Kent pulls Dan aside to meet with him and Ben, who informs Dan that the President has changed her mind -- Dan will resign instead. A shocked Dan sits down with Kent and Ben to negotiate a more impressive title to step down from. Mike is already giving a statement to the press and is about to announce the resigna-tion of the wrong guy. Amy rushes to stop him, and a staffer reaches Mike moments before he mistak-enly tells the press that Ben is being fired.

Mike announces that Dan is stepping down. He makes some calls but no one in DC wants to talk to him. He's toxic. And a shithead. After successful visits to Jordan and Egypt, Selina's stay in Israel goes so well she extends it by a day.

Later that week, news outlets report that Selina has ended her day world tour with a surprise, historic, visit to Iran. There is hope that while there, she'll secure the release of detained reporter Leon West. Selina, bursting with energy following her successful visit, announces that she wants to use that hour to "cure diabetes. Or learn Italian! Also Catholicism. That's actually the main one. As a result, VP Doyle will be picking up part of her schedule, starting with the Rainbow Jersey event, which supports "all sexualities in sports.

Amy pushes him out into the hallway to yell at him because Selina promised Doyle she wouldn't poll anyone else -- even though Kent didn't know that. He's the asshole of an asshole's asshole. I feel bad for the guys who had to guard him. Purcell wants Dan to take on clients that are best-served by him "shitting on the Meyer agenda. Teddy is pleased that Jonah has thrown someone "into the blender" to save his own ass and outlines a plan: Jonah will leak to the press that Doyle is unhappy and thinking of walking, forcing POTUS to back him.

He's desperate to eat and sleep, but a wired Selina is oblivious to his needs. Instead, she insists on briefing him on her peace talks, revealing that she was delayed a day in Israel. Putting two and two together, Leon concludes that it looks like she purposefully kept him detained the extra day. He threatens to board the press plane and tell them that the U. Government deliberately kept him imprisoned in Iran. Ben orders Gary to retrieve Mike from the press plane; Selina tells Ben they need to take off immediately to keep Leon from talking to the press even though that means leaving Gary and Mike behind.

In order to bribe their way onto the press plane, Mike fills trash bags with liquor miniatures. Thinking that Ericsson is referring to Teddy's grabby hands, Jonah fills him in. He's mortified to discover that he's on speakerphone, and not only have Kent and Sue heard the sordid details, but Catherine has also burst into the room to announce that she's engaged.

Jonah hangs up in a rage. They propose tell Doyle about the data breach that targeted recently bereaved parents, in order to bind him to the administration. He and Mike scramble to get them back in the bag as armed guards approach them. She needs someone "organized and capable" in the wake of all the recent turmoil.

Meanwhile, Mike calls Wendy from the Tehran airport. Meanwhile, Amy becomes increasingly agitated by Karen, the President's old friend and new senior advisor, who has yet "to speak a declarative sentence. Every-one from the Meyer Administration is out of town for the convention, and so Dan desperately throws Jonah's name into the conversation when asked who he has access to, for a meeting. Sue enters with news that a death row inmate in Louisiana was given a new drug cocktail but it only half-worked.

As Ben explains, he's been "halfacuted. Teddy urges him to change his mind. Teddy retorts: "She doesn't have time to replace you. What's she going to do? Pin a dick on Gary and give him the job? What am I stuck with? Her prayers are answered when Doyle arrives and tells her he's stepping off the ticket after the election, when he will get in his Dodge and get the hell out of Dodge.

She tries to hide her joy. Dan is humiliated when he's forced to make them coffee. In the meeting with the client, Dan attempts to big Jonah up, whilst Purcell receives the news that Doyle is quitting the ticket. Dan and Jonah panic, and call Amy. And by staff, I mean penis. He asks for time to consult his wife -- and his bible -- on the decision. She's furious, but begs him to take the job. He turns her down. Amy suggests Tom James, whom every-one but Selina and sycophantic Karen agree is the perfect choice.

Sue informs Selina that the man on death row has died. Selina's reaction is : good — one less thing to worry about. Ironically, though, it's when he becomes serious and tells the President that there's a perception she's bad at get-ting things that he blows his chances.

Selina pretends Ben has summoned her next door and dismisses Maddox, who leaves, looking glum. And maybe slavery. An increasingly ex-asperated Amy continues to suggest Tom James, but it falls on Selina's deaf ears. Selina asks Karen's opinion on Pierce, who acknowledges there's "pros and cons to every candidate," and Amy finally loses it.

I wouldn't let you run a bath without having the Coast Guard and the fire department standing by, but yet, you are running America. After Amy leaves, Selina begins to eye Karen with suspicion. She lets Mike and Kent know that she wants to talk to Tom James after all. Like Evel Knievel. No, better: Lovely Knovely.

They try to come up with a plan, but Jonah immediately screws it up. Ian, the zucchini exporter walks. Once he arrives, Selina takes Tom aside to ask him to join her on the ticket. After a champagne toast, Tom asks if he should sit down with Amy to figure out where he fits into the campaign. Selina explains that she had to let Amy go and immediately appoints Kent as her new campaign manager. A short while later, Ben takes Karen aside and fires her. You are the sun, and I the moon Not even one of the good ones.

The crowd is in love with Tom, and Selina, refusing to be outshone, won't let Tom have the last word -- or joke. I don't want to break a tit. They weren't cheap. Selina admits her humiliation to Gary, who assures her he understands her pain. To prove her point, she wants to fly solo at the following day's pancake brunch. Like denim and measles. After a snide comment from a colleague, Amy storms out of the party with Dan in tow. He's mortified to learn that there is no job offer; instead, the women are bringing a class-action lawsuit against Teddy Sykes for sexual harassment.

Furthermore, Jonah is the only male victim. Once outside, Jonah asks Richard if he really looks like a middle-aged woman. Despite her prep, Selina flails without Gary's assistance. Tom, on the other hand, does spectacularly well, remembering small details about everyone in attendance, including a man with a colostomy bag who asks Selina to make him a short stack without cow's milk, as it makes him gassy.

While Selina is confounded, Tom reveals that he mixed up batter made with soy milk in advance. Amy lasts seven minutes before calling Dan to tell him she's relaxed and ready to get back to work. He is back-up booty. Sidney is so pleased with Amy's work that he gives her Dan's biggest clients, along with his parking space and desk.

They teleconference with the North Carolina governor and persuade her to declare a state of emergency despite her misgivings. Instead of the post-storm photo op Selina planned on, she's stuck touring a local factory where Tom, yet again, dazzles the locals. She also announces that there has been a shooting in Pittsburgh that left four people dead, including the gunman - an ex-Marine.

He goes on to deny that it's in trouble, stating that it's as likely to die as his donut habit. Why isn't there an elevator to a secret bunker? Suddenly, the Secret Service enter, automatic weapons in hand: There's an intruder in the White House. I really would like to have a gun. Which is bad. So bad. That is, until he responds to a question about the shooting in Pittsburgh. He and Ericsson motion her to leave the stage, so she turns the podium over to Mike, who gets hit with questions about Tom's statement.

Despite having no real knowledge of what's happened, Mike stumbles his way through some kind of official response. He's worried it will affect his gun and security clients who sell weapons to the military. I'm not a shit cleaner! It's very well-received. Afterwards, Jonah and Richard introduce themselves to Tom, and accidentally let slip about the second data breach, which they quickly attempt to deny.

A tub of ice cream and four spoons? Jokingly, Ben asks Tom if he has any other crazy views they should know about. Tom rattles off a few silly things, suggesting he's in favor of sterilizing everyone from New Jersey, and assisted dying for anyone who talks in a movie theater. He concludes by saying that drugs should be legalized, and the others are horrified to learn that he's no longer joking. After getting them all to calm down, Tom promises not to say anything about his thoughts on drug policy, but in the spirit of honesty, wants to know about the second data breach.

Her friend Deborah doesn't think it's a good idea, especially after all the amendments that were added. But before she can leave, the Secret Service enter and surround her -- there's another intruder on the grounds. A Vietnamese lady does that.

He's been tasked by Ben with convincing the duo to lobby against the Families First bill on behalf of the administration. Dan and Amy agree to do it -- not out of loyalty to Selina, but for money. It's essential that the bill fails if Selina wants a chance at winning the election. As Ericsson explains to Mike, they're still publicly campaigning for yes votes -- they're just sending the worst possible people to do it.

Meanwhile, some of those very people -- specifically Jonah and Richard -- work to convince Congressman Moyes to help pass the bill. As Bill and Kent planned, their ineptitude effectively dissuades Moyes from voting yes. When he notices that they're using the same kind of folder of facts and numbers as Jonah and Richard, he becomes suspicious. Selina watches the debate from an iPad on a stand, sending voice memos that consistently interrupt Tom, drawing his ire.

She flips out when she gets word that Moyes is now voting yes on Families First, after initially hearing that he was a no. Away from the President, Tom confronts Ben about the massive screw-up; apparently Ben and Kent prepared lists of contacts for Amy and Dan and Jonah and Richard without checking if there was overlap.

Tom walks in as Ben chastises Gary for agreeing to pay Amy and Dan. Tom turns to leave, but Ben forces him to return, insisting that if he's going down, Tom should, too. Pleased that the President asked for his help specifically, Pierce agrees to vote yes. Dan and Amy arrive and attempt to persuade Pierce to vote no.

While the others argue over Pierce's decision, Amy spots the congressman quietly escaping and follows him in her car. Dan jumps in the car, refusing to let them leave without him. While everyone argues over the disaster that they've created, Tom loses it, calling them parasites and "an infestation of mediocrity.

In exchange for a no vote, Tom and Selina offer to make him an ambassador to any city he wants, though Selina refuses him Paris. Pierce agrees to vote no on the bill, but wants to know his posting before he leaves. Selina has fallen asleep, but Gary pretends she's just lost her voice and assigns him Paris. Pierce votes no, and Selina admits to feeling ambivalent about the outcome.

Later, Ben reviews voice memos from Selina, one of which asks whether Moyes' questioning will lead to an investigation. Cut to : a montage of Selina's current and former employees being sworn in before giving testimony. Ben is the first person up, and he manages to keep his cool, insisting that the Administration put its blood, sweat and tears into getting the bill passed. The committee questions Dan's firing when Ben reveals he wasn't responsible, merely a scapegoat.

I preferred that. To "jog" Dan's memory about the file -- and to prove that his relationship with Jonah is fractious -- one of the committee members reads out various insulting nicknames contained in the document, including "Jizzy Gillespie," "the foot Virgin," "Jonah Ono," "the Cloud Botherer" and "Spewbacca. She insists that while Selina was unaware of the data breaches, it was those closest to her -- Bill Ericsson and Gary Walsh -- who were the true masterminds.

Meanwhile, Dan attempts to bargain with the lawyers on the case using the very information Lee has just revealed. After learning of Lee's testimony, Dan agrees that Gary is the man to blame. This is news to the committee; until now, Jason's been referred to as a consultant.

Mainly I would say they are picking objects up, and then putting objects back down. Though she tries to deny that he's a lobbyist, the attorneys continue to press about the conflict of interests Jason and Catherine's relationship presents. After suggesting that the two may have broken up, Selina excuses herself to take a phone call from the "president of Africa.

Sue explains that while the two met, it was not a meeting. Sue insists that an exhaustive record is kept of the dealings within the president's office, letting slip about the voice memos used while Selina was ill, and were not disclosed to the committee.

When asked who could illuminate them on the voice memos, Sue immediately suggests Mike. He admits he was there, but only because he was going to his car to retrieve "knee medicine. The committee reminds him that they still exist in the cloud, and that they plan to listen to them for any evidence pertaining to the investigation.

Richard explains that he witnessed the abuse for the first time when Dan came to fire Jonah over the data breach. Following this admission, the committee demands to know who was truly responsible -- or the Administration will face serious consequences. One by one, everyone points their finger at the man they've been told to blame: Bill Ericsson. Jonah basks in his newfound fame as the "Testicle Man.

Gary applauds the news of Selina securing Vermont and Connecticut, but Selina isn't nearly as positive because "a bowl of hair could win those states. Sign my tits, Tom James. She and Tom chat about the election away from the others, and Selina asks Tom if he thinks they would have won if he'd been running for president, but he won't speculate. Kent then delivers some game-changing news -- the call that gave Wisconsin to O'Brien has been rescinded.

Ericsson adds to everyone's delight, announcing that Colorado has also been called for Selina. He explains that he doesn't want to be impotent in her administration, especially in light of all the positive things he's done for her campaign. Selina agrees, thinking that he wants the power and privileges historically denied to VPs, but Tom explains that's not what he's after.

He wants to be treasury secretary -- as well as her Veep. Amy mutters that she knew Selina should have gone back there. Selina, acknowledging Amy was right, asks, "Why'd you ever resign? Tom urges her not to give up just yet, reminding her that projections aren't real results.

Despite Tom's urgings, Selina decides to call O'Brien and concede. Meanwhile, Dan calls Mike to tell him that Pennsylvania was the wrong call -- they expect the votes to go to Selina after all. Mike drops the sodas he was sent to fetch and bursts back into the hotel room right before Selina tells O'Brien she's out. Kent relays the query to Selina, who, after making discreet eye contact with Amy, refuses. States continue to be called, with the final result hinging on whether Virginia is called for O'Brien or Selina.

If the votes go to O'Brien, he wins, but if they go to Selina, they tie. Is it a dance-off? The first candidate to 26 votes becomes the president, and the Senate chooses the VP. Further complicating matters are the tight races within the House. In the event of a tie in the House, the vice president-elect becomes president, meaning there's a very real possibility that Tom James could "win" the election. Jonah calls Tom, whom the crowd is begging for. He leaves "to rally the rally" while Amy consoles Selina.

You're still the leader of the free world. She calls her entire team on stage while waiting for the results on Virginia. Finally, Dan announces that the votes have gone to Selina, and the election ends in a tie. Catherine films from the sidelines of the Oval Office, attempting to capture footage for her college thesis documentary.

Ben pulls Ericsson aside and reminds him that as he's about to be indicted for the data breach, he's "as welcome as a swastika-shaped shit in a synagogue. Meanwhile, Mike, who's in a Fitbit competition with Sue, runs up and down a nearby stairwell. Ben tasks an assistant with rounding up as many black staffers as possible to diversify the event. Mike heads into the Symposium, but sets off an alarm on the stairwell door, prompting the Secret Service to rush in and surround Selina.

Sue enters the room, only to have an agent point his gun at her. She raises her hands and shouts, "I work here! Before Mike leaves the stage, he blames Bill for the trouble at the symposium as well. If Selina wins the recount, the state's six electoral votes will win her the presidency.

Richard rattles off a succinct explanation of the complicated recount process revealing one of his two doctorates is in constitutional law , and Selina decides to make him her recount specialist -- and Jonah, his former boss, his new underling. With the stress pimple discounting Selina's reassurances about the state of the nation, the stock market crashes.

As punishment, Selina decides to make him her "economy czar. Selina interviews Candi Caruso, a young up-and-comer she's using as bait to get Amy to head up her team in Nevada. Despite Amy's earlier claims that she doesn't want the job, she interrupts the meeting to tell Selina she'll take it. Later in the day, Dan, Amy and Richard review Selina's multitude of precinct changes for her recount challenge, then send their lawyers to file it at the courthouse before they miss their deadline. Liking that more than her brunch, she tasks Ben with informing Tom his task force is now hers.

Richard accidentally offers a helpful tip to O'Brien's team, leaving Dan and Amy furious. After a review of the votes in contention, Selina has enough votes for a full state recount. Later, through veiled language, she convinces Ben to arrange a second "discreet banking task force meeting," aka, a hookup with Charlie.

Selina is bewildered by the , but Ben explains that Tom believes she'll win Nevada, and thus the presidency. They stop at a closet where, Selina points out, Warren Harding fathered a child with his teenage mistress. The sexual tension high, Selina invites Charlie back to the Residence for a "tour. A sexually-charged moment passes between them, but is interrupted when Amy's sister Sophie unexpectedly emerges from Amy's hotel room. Even when we did, I was just going through the motions.

She tasks Gary with getting him out of the Residence unseen, and Charlie, just by being polite to Gary, quickly wins him over. He comes by to apologize and explain the meeting had been on the books long before he met Selina, but she doesn't care. When Sophie invites Dan back to her room, he accepts.

Their relationship is seeing positive reaction in the press, which pleases Selina. He informs her that the recount is not going in their favor, but according to Kent, there is statistical evidence of missing ballots in Nevada. Bob decides they need to delay the vote certification to track down the missing votes. He runs to stop her, but Marjorie, her body double, won't allow Mike in the Situation Room. After finally getting her attention via a security camera, Mike reveals Selina's jokes about Senator O'Brien to Charlie Baird are public, not private messages as she'd thought.

After Mike gives this story to the press, O'Brien holds a press conference about protecting the country's digital borders. Selina decides to respond to his accusations with targeted sanctions against China, despite Ben and Kent's objections. He's confused about who Amy is and leaves the office without his shoes. A short while later, Selina calls to ask him for advice about China, unaware of his deteriorating mental condition.

While swallowing random pills -- including those from a birth control pack -- Bob advises her to take charge with the Chinese -- despite their lack of wrong-doing. Afterwards, Amy tries to tell Selina about Bob's odd behavior, but Selina refuses to listen. Later, before an event at the Museum of Natural History, Selina videoconferences with Bob and finally notices his strange behavior.

Jonah interrupts their call with more strange things that Bob has said and done, like blaming hurricanes on Jews. Selina orders Amy to cancel the meeting between Bob and O'Brien's recount head, James Whitman, unaware that it's already taken place and Bob slipped out unexpectedly. After Amy leaves the call, Selina admits to Ben she told Bob, against Ben's advice, the Chinese were not responsible for her tweets. When this news reaches Amy, she tells Selina they need to a lawyer to file a Hail Mary injunction to extend the vote certification deadline.

Having already anticipated the situation, Selina reveals she sent her noncommittal lawyer friend, Karen, to take care of it. Ben interrupts the bizarre encounter to tell Selina they found the missing ballots: An anti-Meyer postal worker hoarded 10, ballots from one of her strongest districts. He also reveals the Chinese government responded to Selina's sanctions with those of their own.

Among them, a ban on adoptions from the U. Selina hardly reacts to the news as their relationship was fraught with tension and animosity. They call in Richard, Jonah and Cliff to organize their own protest in support of the recount. Catherine rushes to her father and Monica, greeting them with more warmth than Selina. She refers to Monica as "Monnie," much to Selina's chagrin. A doctor pulls Selina aside to tell her her mother is brain-dead and will remain on life support until Selina gives her consent to "pull the plug.

They find their perfect candidate in Debralee, but discover she's deeply religious and play up their religious devotion to please her. Discussing their best strategy, Kent suggests pulling the plug would net Selina an even bigger bump in ratings. Though she's supposed to be seeking an answer about whether or not to prolong her mother's life, Selina's prayers quickly turn toward herself and for help winning the election. As the woman lays dying, everyone's phones vibrate in a frenzy -- the Nevada recount will continue and the deadline push was successful.

Despite having just witnessed a death, the room erupts in cheers. Catherine walks in on the merriment and believes that her grandmother's health has improved. She's devastated to learn she wasn't in the room when her grandmother died. Mee-Maw's lawyer, George arrives, and tells Selina the front lawn is filled with well-wishers. Selina heads outside to shake hands and play to the media. Selina's merriment does not last long; Ben informs her the lost votes are being counted and they're all for O'Brien as they're mostly military absentee ballots.

Selina demands they stop the recount. Selina agrees to the deal and heads back to the service, excited. Adding insult to injury, the additional votes lost her the popular vote. Devastated, Selina heads to the podium and delivers an off-the-cuff eulogy, really a veiled reference to her losses in Nevada. After the service, George informs Selina her mother willed most of her estate to Catherine, leaving Selina out entirely.

In actuality, she's using the holiday to have plastic surgery on her eyes. Before Selina goes under the knife, Ben informs her the South Korean Prime Minister wants to discuss trouble with North Korea, and the CDC is reporting a few cases of salmonella linked to contaminated turkeys.

Dan is sent to work for Tom, who presents him with his coveted blue badge. Slowly, Tom begins using Dan as his own Gary. When the number of cases continues to rise, Ben asks Doyle to make a statement on behalf of the White House. Unfortunately, many are distracted by the salmonella outbreak, and are wondering why Selina hasn't made a statement herself. They ditch their families to celebrate at a hotel room, which Mike got for free as it was used to house the pardoned turkeys.

Sherman, the oldest member of the House, has died. Yet again Selina can't give a statement because of her appearance, but Kent sees a bright side. Sherman was a staunch supporter of O'Brien and losing him could mean a new vote for Selina -- if they can get New Hampshire to hold a special election in time. After their meeting, Doyle agrees to give a statement -- on the condition she considers him for Secretary of State.

Jeff suggests his nephew, Ezra, for the seat but he's currently serving in Afghanistan. The Artist Man and the Mother Woman. As Good a Time As Any. As the Crow Flies. As You Like It. Asara and the Sea-Monstress. The Ash Girl. Asking for It. The Aspidistra Code. The Assassination of Katie Hopkins. The Assembled Parties. The Astonished Heart. At Long Last Leo. At the Gates. At the Gates of Gaza. At the Inland Sea. At the Sound of Marching Feet. Atomic Bombers. Attempts on her Life.

August: Osage County. The Author. The Authorised Kate Bane. The Autumn Garden. Awake and Sing! The Awkward Squad. The Awkward Years. B B for Baby. Baby Dance, The. Baby Reindeer. Baby Screams Miracle. The Bacchae. Bachelors and Bachelorettes. Back of the Throat. Bad Axe. Bad Blood Blues. Bad Boy Nietzsche! Bad Roads. Bad Weather. Badenheim The Balancing Act. The Ballad of Maria Marten. Ballad of Yachiyo. The Baltimore Waltz. Banana Boys.

Bang Bang Bang. Bang the Drum Slowly. The Bankrupt. Barber Shop Chronicles. Barefoot in the Park. Bartholmew Fair. The Basement Flat. Battle Royale. Be My Baby. Be Near Me. The Beacon. The Beanfield. The Bear after Chekhov. Beat the Devil. The Beatboxer. Beautiful Burnout. Beautiful Thing. Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty of the Father. The Beaux' Stratagem. Becket, or The Honor of God. Becky Shaw. The Bedbug. Before It Rains. The Beggar or The Dead Dog. The Beggar's Opera. Behind the Sheet. Behsharam Shameless. Behud Beyond Belief. Behzti Dishonour. Being Brahms. Being Norwegian. Belgrade Trilogy. The Belle of the Belfast City. Beloved Clara. Berlin Bertie. Beside Herself. The Best Brothers. Best Man. The Best Man. The Best of Second City.

The Best of Second City: Vol. Better Days Better Knights. The Betterment Society. Between Breaths. Between Riverside and Crazy. Between the Sheets. The Bewitched. Beyond the Big Bangs. The BFG. Big Big Sky. The Big Fellah. The Biggleswades. Billy Twinkle. Billy Wonderful. Biloxi Blues. The Birds. Bitch Boxer. The Black Album. Black Dog: 4 vs the wrld. Black Jesus. Black Love.

Black Men Walking. Black Mountain. Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile. Black T-Shirt Collection. Black Watch. Black Water: An American Opera. Blinded by the Light. The Blinding Light. Blithe Spirit. Blonde Poison. Blood: A Scientific Romance. Blood and Ice. Blood Brothers. Blood Libel. The Bloody Chamber. Bloody Elle. Bloody Poetry. Bloody Sunday. Bloody Wimmin. The Blue Ball. Blue Heart. The Blue Light. Blue Murder. Blue Stockings.

Blue Water and Cold and Fresh. Boats on a River. The Body of a Woman as a battlefield in the Bosnian war. The Body of an American. Bold Girls. A Bold Stroke for a Wife. The Bomb. Bombay Black. Bone Cage. Bonganyi - A Dance Drama.

The Book Of Numbers. Boom Bang-A-Bang. Born Guilty. Born in the Gardens. Bouncers s Remix. The Bow of Ulysses. Box Clever. The Box of Delights. Boxing The Boy on the Swing. The Boy Who Fell into a Book. Boys and Girls.

Boys With Cars. Bracken Moor. The Break of Day. The Break of Noon. A Breakfast of Eels. Breakfast with Mugabe. Breaking the Code. Breathing Corpses. Breezeblock Park. Brewers Fayre. Brief Encounter. A Brief History of Women. Brighton Beach Memoirs. Brighton Beach Scumbags. A Brimful of Asha.

Britannia Waves the Rules. Broadway Bound. Broken Biscuits. Broken Eggs. Broken Glass. Brothel 9. Brother To Brother. Brothers in Arms. The Brothers Karamazov. The Browning Version. Brutal Cessation. Bubble Schmeisis. A Bucket of Eels. Build a Rocket.

Bully Boy. The Bungler. Buried Alive. Buried Child. Burning Bridges. Burning Monkey. Burying Your Brother in the Pavement. Bus Stop. The Business of Good Government. The Busy World is Hushed. But Not For Me. Butterfly Fingers.

Butterfly Kiss. Buying Time. By Many Wounds. By the Bog of Cats. Bye Bye Columbus. C The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial. Calcutta Kosher. California Suite. Called to Account. Camp Siegfried. The Cane. Can't Stand Up for Falling Down. Cardiff East. Care Takers. Caroline, or Change. Cartoon Dreams. Cash Cow. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The Catch. Category B. The Caucasian Chalk Circle. The Cave Painter. Cell Mates. The Cellar and the Almond Tree. The Censor. Ceremonies in Dark Old Men.

Certain Young Men. Chalk Farm. The Chalk Garden. The Champion of Paribanou. A Change of Tenant. The Changeling. The Changing Room. Chapel Street. Chapter Two. Charles B. Cochran's Revue. A Chaste Maid in Cheapside. Chavez Ravine. The Chemsex Monologues. The Cherry Orchard. The Cherry Sisters Revisited. Chewing Gum Dreams. Chez Nous. The Chicago Conspiracy Trial. Chicken Shop. Chicken Soup with Barley.

The Child Dreams. Child of the Divide. Childe Byron. The Children. Children of the Sun. China Doll. Chips With Everything. Choephori Play Two from The Oresteia. The Chooky Brae. A Chorus of Disapproval. The Chosen Ones. The Christ of Coldharbour Lane. Christie in Love. A Christmas Carol. Christmas Crackers. Christmas Eve. Christmas is Miles Away. The Christmas Tree. The Christmas Truce. The Chrysalids. The City. A City Flower. City of Glass. Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie.

Clear White Light. The Clearing. The Clink. The Clockmaker. Close of Play. Close To Home. Closer to God. Closing Time. Cloud Nine. Clowns: a Sequel to Joyriders. Clybourne Park. The Code of the Woosters. Coffee: A Tragedy. Cold Comfort. Colder than Here. Collective Rage: A Play in 5 Betties.

The Collector. The Colony of Unrequited Dreams. The Color of Desire. The Colour of Justice. The Columnist. Come On Over. Come to Where I'm From. The Comeback. The Comedy of Errors. Coming Clean. Comment Is Free. The Common Pursuit. Communicating Doors. The Company Man. Concord Floral. The Conquest of the South Pole. The Constant Mourner. The Constant Wife. Constellation Street. The Container. The Contingency Plan. The Contractor. Conversation Piece.

Conversations after a Burial. Conversations on a Homecoming. Coram Boy. The Cordelia Dream. Coriolanus Arden Shakespeare Third Series. The Coronation of Poppea. The cosmonaut's last message to the woman he once loved in the former Soviet Union.

Cotton Wool. The Country. The Country Girl. The Country Girls. Country Music. The Country Wife. The Cracks in my Skin. The Crackwalker. A Cradle. The Credeaux Canvas. Credible Witness. The Crime of the Twenty-First Century. Crimes of the Heart. The Critic. The Crocodile. Crocodile Seeking Refuge.

Crooked Dances. Crooked Parts. The Crossing Guard. Crown Prince. The Crucible. Cruel and Tender. Crumbs from the Table of Joy. The Cryptogram. The Cub. Cuckold Ubu. The Cure for Everything. The Cut. Cuttin' A Rug. Cymbeline Arden Shakespeare Second Series. Cymbeline Arden Shakespeare Third Series. Cyprus Avenue. Cyrano de Bergerac. D Dahling You Were Marvellous. Dallas Sweetman. The Dance and the Railroad. Dance Floor. Dance Nation. The Dance of Death.

Dances of Death. Dancing at Lughnasa. Dancing Bears. Dangerous Corner. Daniel Deronda. Danny, King of the Basement. Danton's Death. Dark Earth. The Dark Earth and the Light Sky. The Dark Philosophers. Dark Pony. Dark Race. Darker the Berry.

Darwin's Flood. Daughters of the Revolution. David and Goliath. David Mamet Shorts: Reunion. David Mamet Shorts: The Shawl. A Day At The Racists. The Day I Stood Still. A Day in the Death of Joe Egg. Day of the Living. Days of Significance. The Days of the Commune. Days of Wine and Roses. De Monfort: a Tragedy. Dead and Breathing. Dead Dog in a Suitcase and other love songs.

Dealing with Clair. The Dear Boy. Dear Brutus. Dear Santa. Death and Dancing. Death and the Maiden. The Death of a Black Man. Death of a Comedian. Death of England. Death of England: Delroy. Deed of Trust. The Deep Blue Sea. Definitely the Bahamas. Deirdre of the Sorrows. Dennis of Penge. Desert Boy. Desi Cake Lover. Design For Living. Designs for Living. Desire Under the Elms. Desolate Heaven.

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