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The Decin castle was first built around as a wooden fortress. It was replaced by a royal stone castle in the 13th century. In the 16th century, a grand Renaissance palace was constructed on the site, to be renovated in the Baroque style from the 17th century onward. The castle was occupied by German troops during WW2 and then Soviet troops after the war.

After the departure of Soviet troops in , the castle was restored and now used as a museum and for hosting private events. After checking into my hotel, I locked my bike in a shed at the back of the hotel. All the hotels on the trip were well-equipped to store bikes. There must have been other bikers staying at these hotels also, because I saw several bikes in the storage rooms.

Afterwards, I had dinner at an Indian restaurant, right next door to the hotel. The lookout has a restaurant which was closed when I arrived and offers amazing views of the river and Decin. I highly recommend going there. There are very few bridges on the Elbe in that area, so to cross the river, you must take a ferry which costs a Euros and run every min. You can take a bike on the ferry. Hrensko is a town of inhabitants situated at the confluence of the Kamenice and Elbe rivers in the heart of the Czech Switzerland National Park and offers many attractive activities, especially for hikers.

Many trails lead through scenic rock formations, passes, deep gorges and hillsides. After crossing the river, I tried to figure out the best way to explore the area. I asked some local shops on what to do, but my complete lack of Czech and German language skills became an impediment. What to do after the hike was a little bit confusing. The activity list provided by the bike tour indicated a popular boat ride on the Kamenice river, that flows into the Elbe at Hrensko.

I also saw buses carrying hikers up and down the road that I had biked along. From Mezna, I followed a steep trail down to the stream. I walked along the stream a few kilometers, going through a couple of tunnels and passing by two restaurants before reaching the dock. There were about 20 people on the boat. I caught snippets of some of these stories being translated into English by a tour guide leading a small tour of English speaking tourists.

One of the stories was about the area being a popular smuggling route for smugglers going back and forth between the Czech and German lands.. Other stories were about how the features on the cliffs lining the river resemble animal faces. After the boat ride, I walked back to my bike and got some food at a restaurant nearby. I found the interaction a bit bizarre.

The entire Hresnsko excursion took about 5 hours and was very much worth it. I took the ferry back across the river and continued along to Bad Schandau, the next city on my itinerary and the first in Germany. The first two ferry crossings to Bad Schandau were closed so I had to bike for an extra couple of kilometres to find an open ferry crossing.

It is a picturesque border town, with a lots of charming houses and restaurants along the riverside. A river promenade and cycle path along the River Elbe stretches for 2. The activity guide described several excursions in Bad Schandau — the Toskana Therme spa water world with 4 indoor pools, a whirlpool, a baby paddling pool, and an open air pool , botanical garden, Kirnitzschtal tram a historic electrical tram, the shortest line in Germany, started its service back in and connects the Bad Schandau town centre, along a 7.

On the way to the restaurant, I passed by this sign showing the water level of the Elbe during flooding. Bad Schandau is quite vulnerable to flooding and was badly hit by the flooding of the Elbe in the years , and The sign was a good reminder of the power of the forces of nature — how a gentle, placid, serene river that sustains life and serves as a beautiful backdrop for countless pictures can turn into a raging torrent threatening to devour everything in its way!

Day 5 was packed with historic delights. The highlights were Konigstein fortress, Bastei bridge and Pilnitz castle see map. To cover all three in one day would have been quite difficult. Thankfully, I had already visited the Bastei bridge and nearby Neurathen castle on a previous trip, so I was able to spend more time at Konigstein and have a more relaxed day. I looked at the map and tried to follow a trail that seemed to be leading up to the fortress.

So I locked my bike to a sturdy looking tree nearby and hiked the rest of the way up. Upon arriving at the base of the fortress, I bought a ticket and took an elevator to the top of the fortress walls. The castle changed hands several times in the centuries that followed, ultimately landing firmly in the control of the kingdom of Saxony, one of the constituent kingdoms of the holy Roman empire, and later the country of Germany.

Over the centuries, the fortress was used as a state prison, as a military fortress and even for religious purposes. It was also used as a country retreat due to its lovely surroundings. There are several buildings in the fortress one can visit. I visited the armory that exhibited several canons and canon balls, a description of how gunpowder is made, the first hand-held rifles etc. The canons mounted on the fortress walls never posed much of a challenge to any adversarial ships traveling on the Elbe or to troops near the base of the fortress because the canon barrels could not be pointed below the horizontal otherwise the canon ball would simply roll out of the barrel.

In , by order the elector August, the deepest well in Saxony was sunk This independent water source made it possible to support a permanent, large settlement in the fortress and fueled expansion of the fortress. According to an information display near the well, the miners arduously dug their way into the hard rock, equipped only with chisel and hammer.

They received a certain pay for each 20 cubic-meter of rock removed, depending on its hardness. The miners climbed down into the well using a scaffolding. For this, they cut four square holes into the wall and fastened beams constructing intermediate floors which were then connected by ladders. In addition to the hard cutting work, the miners had to transport the cut rock and incoming water upwards.

Astonishingly, the bulk of the work was completed within only two and half years train connection to the Dulles airport — are you reading this? The well is still in operation, although the water is drawn from a motor operated pulley system, rather than using horse power what a pity.. I also enjoyed walking along the walls of the fortress and the breathtaking views of the landscape, particularly the Elbe river.

I exited the castle from the main gates, which are largely unchanged from medieval times and are quite an imposing sight. From Konigstein, I continued along the bike trail passing by some beautiful houses and well-maintained gardens. Near the town of Kurort, I saw a nice view of the Bastei bridge, which I had visited on a previous trip. The next stop was the Pillnitz chateau. The activity guide recommended stopping by in the medieval town of Pirna for lunch.

However I passed Pirna without realizing it. This was one of the many times during the trip I wished the map provided by the tour had the recommended activities of the day marked clearly on the map.. The day was pretty hot and I was getting a bit tired and hungry. Frustrated and a bit annoyed, I decided to continue along to Pillnitz hoping to find a good restaurant near the castle.

I finally arrived at Pillnitz around when the museums had already closed. I got myself a big lunch and a well-deserved glass of wine and contended myself with taking a picture of the Pillnitz palace with the Elbe river behind me. From Pillnitz, it was only about 10 km to Dresden. I made a short video of the view as I got closer to Dresden. Finally, upon arriving in Dresden, I crossed the Elbe for the last time for the bike trip and made my way to the hotel, concluding an incredible 5 day journey, sure to be the first of many such trips in the future!

I hope you enjoyed reading this trip description and found it useful. Please leave a comment if you did! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The bike tour company takes care of providing a well-equipped bike, biking gear, maps, making hotel reservations and most importantly, luggage transfer.

Make sure you are provided with a phone mount and digital maps that you can use on your phone read below for details. Pedal toe clips are good to have as well, though not required. If you are biking solo, you are free to bike at your own pace, stop at restaurants, as you please, do day hikes.. You can also ride with a group — your own friends or other people. Read below for more info. Biking long distances can get a bit arduous when it is hot and the sun is out in full force, so ideal time to do multi-city bike trips is spring, early summer and fall.

The details.. This is how page 1 of the map for Day 1 Prague to Melnik looked like. Lovely views of the Czech countryside About half-way to Melnik, a small disaster struck. Two branches of the Vltava river coming together. A thin sliver of the Elbe can be seen near the left margin Panoramic view of the countryside, including a few grapevines I had dinner at U sv.

After the hike, I got a nice, big dinner at a local restaurant and called it in for the day. The cell where Gavrilo Princip, guy who assassinated Franz Ferdinand was imprisoned. Excelsior Maassluis Extremadura UD vs. Talavera Rheingold Poll vs. Porz TEC vs. GVVV Loja vs. Juventud Torremolinos Brighouse Town vs. Farsley Celtic East Grinstead Town vs. Horsham Warrington Town vs. Southport Bideford vs.

Bodmin Town Hitchin Town vs. Bedford Town Slimbridge vs. Weston-super-Mare Hyde United vs. Curzon Ashton Trafford vs. Ashton United Faversham Town vs. Margate Cray Valley PM vs. Leatherhead Hungerford Town vs. Uxbridge Lincoln United vs. Spalding United Stourbridge vs. Halesowen Town Witton Albion vs.

Marine Metropolitan Police vs. Stafford Rangers Alvechurch vs. Sutton Coldfield Town Aveley vs. Lewes Bishop's Stortford vs. Peterborough Sports Unirea Bascov vs. Hunedoara Sabadell vs. Europa Al Ittihad vs. Progresul Spartac Dubrava Zagreb vs. Marino de Luanco Willingen vs. Racing Murcia Lokeren-Temse vs. Dender La Virgen del Camino vs. Villarreal II Lealtad vs. Gonsenheim SF Baumberg vs. Reusrath Alcoyano vs.

Linares Deportivo La Calzada vs. Levante II Albacete vs. Vitoria Kettering Town vs. Jarun Real Oviedo II vs. Algeciras La Virgen del Camino vs. Toledo Rodgau vs. Paderborn II Wesseling-Urfeld vs. Viktoria Frechen Silla vs. Torrent Arosa vs. Racing Ferrol Niedernhausen vs. SV Zeilsheim Tres Cantos vs. Galapagar Don Benito vs. Badajoz Market Drayton Town vs. Newcastle Town East Thurrock United vs. Maidstone United Grantham Town vs.

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Westlandia Ramsbottom United vs. Basara Mainz Brackley Town vs. Oxford City Mossley vs. Stalybridge Celtic Biggleswade Town vs. Cambridge City Braintree Town vs. Peterborough Sports Nuneaton Borough vs. Basford United Cirencester Town vs.

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Sasa Pobeda vs. Ohrid Onisilos vs. Nea Salamis Vlasina vs.

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