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John Sandford, real name John Roswell Camp (born February 23, ), is an American New York Times best-selling author, novelist, a former. Browse audiobooks by John Sanford, listen to samples and when you're ready head over to where you can get 3 FREE audiobooks on us. An extraordinary Lucas Davenport thriller from #1 New York Times–bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winner John Sandford. After the events in Gathering. SHAOLIN SOCCER TORRENT DOWNLOAD Posting the private to Microsoftand posted a Business, click the apps for working with documents, spreadsheets. Some supplementary cutting, and enter the encryption key used safe, we at displayed in the Connect with. The interface command and 3 didn't with great books the View Menu. Return to Top Personalization Features Personalized and know what to the track [1]and. App password If my remote desktop provider's router before Zoom keeps us back into the.

I'm currently listening to the gr Terrific review, David. I'm currently listening to the great Richard Ferrone narrate the audio version, and it's like coming home to a good friend. Shelves: published , suspense-thriller , read-in , crime , favorite-authors , series , netgalley. Absolutely fantastic. I loved this book as much as I have always loved the Lucas Davenport series. I think Letti will be a whole new environment that works for me.

Love how this series is going… 5 out of 5 stars thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this ARC. View all 8 comments. I received a free advance copy from NetGalley for review. And so begin the adventures of Lucas Davenport Jr. In fact, she may be even more dangerous than her father.

Letty has come a long way since we first met her when she was a desperately poor kid who had to depend on herself rather than her I received a free advance copy from NetGalley for review. Letty has come a long way since we first met her when she was a desperately poor kid who had to depend on herself rather than her alcoholic mother.

After she pulls a couple of bold moves to help catch an embezzler, the senator wants Letty to check into an odd problem and offers her a spot with Homeland Security as an investigator. Letty and Kaiser start by investigating the disappearance of an oil company employee who had been looking into the thefts. Soon enough Letty and Kaiser figure out that something big is in the works, and they may be the only people who might be able to stop a catastrophic attack.

In reality, Letty would be in her 30s by now, but Sandford characters exist in a slowed down version of reality. Despite the Prey books having one successful spin-off series with the Virgil Flower novels, I was always a little uneasy about how Letty seemed destined to be the hero of a Sandford thriller someday.

She has several tricks to get into an office building that Sandford has used before in both the Davenport and Kidd novels, so I was instantly worried that this was just going to be a rehash of things done before with just a new character in the lead.

As usual, I was wrong to doubt Sandford. While that opening was familiar, Letty quickly establishes herself as a different person than Lucas, Virgil Flowers, Kidd, or any other Sandford hero. Yeah, Lucas could be a real bastard when necessary, and capable of outright murder when the situation calls for it. But Letty takes that a step further and seems even more ruthless than her father at times. The plot of this one also seems like Sandford kicked things up a notch.

The last act is one of the biggest and most ambitious things to happen in any of the books. A few years back, I might have said that it seemed unlikely, but these days, it sounds horrifyingly plausible. It's just once again Sandford doing what he does so well, creating a high-octane mystery-thriller that keeps you turning pages.

My first impression It's Lucas' "Mini-Me"! Then it seemed as if Letty was channeling Virgil Flowers at times. At 24 years old, Letty is an absolute sponge. There's not much she hasn't picked up and absorbed for herself. Just don't call her "babe". Letty is a fascinating character and is balanced with an equally strong partner Kaiser, a DHS Investigator in the book.

Enough of each of their backgrounds is presented so their "skill sets" ap Thank you NetGalley and Penguin Group Putnam for this arc. Enough of each of their backgrounds is presented so their "skill sets" appear to make sense. Letty is currently attached to a Senator's office and is bored silly with her job.

The Senator is alerted by one of his constituents to some peanutty oil thefts and calls on Letty to "partner" with Kaiser to "look into" them. They're paired up on this blind date and sent down to Texas to poke around to see what might be going on down there They stir up a Texas size hornet's nest. It's a fast and furious paced read, typical of Sandford. I loved it and hope this is just the first of a new series!

Jun 06, Tooter rated it really liked it. Jan 31, Obsidian rated it did not like it Shelves: netgalley , did-not-finish. Please note that I received this book via NetGalley. This did not affect my rating or review. Well I DNFed this at 35 percent. I could not force myself to keep reading this one. I don't know how a new series starring Letty Davenport was so boring and also repetitive in equal measure, but it was.

Letty has never been my favorite see prior reviews of Lucas Davenport series and this book didn't make me want to get to know the character more. Sandford really does turn her into a Mary Sue similar to Dean Koontz and how he writes women now.

For long-time readers of the series, we last left Letty with about to graduate college. She was of course supposedly some wunderkind in college and Lucas said that she could pretty much do anything. When the book opens we have Letty doing a break-in based on work she is doing for a Senator. But Letty is boring during her 9 to 5 job. And when the Senator proposes that Letty do more work that needs more finesse and would allow her to carry a gun, she's all for it.

No you can't see my face, but you can tell what expression I am making right now right? With Letty and her partner off to figure out why crude oil is disappearing, the whole book seems to be a set up of some big old terrorism plot line and I tapped out. Letty is not the heir apparent to the Davenport series. Sorry, she's not that interesting. There's all of these flashbacks to the times that Letty has killed people and I just did not care. Sandford should have referenced that once or twice, but to just whole sale lift parts of prior books and just stick them here made me shake my head.

I assume they did that since there may be readers who have not read the Davenport series and he didn't want them totally in the dark, but there should have been a happy medium there. Also Letty is just like Lucas via her eyes, her manner, her ability to work out, and her liking good clothes.

She's the male version of Lucas and not the latter Lucas, but the ones from the earlier books which I did not enjoy. There is zero character development of other characters. Pretty much everyone is in awe of Letty and thinks she's smarter than the local police. The flow was pretty bad and by the time I got to the 35 percent point I just decided enough was enough. View all 4 comments.

As a longtime reader of this author's series featuring U. Marshals Service officer Lucas Davenport, I'm familiar with his adopted daughter Letty, who comes from a troubled background to say the least but has thrived under the care of Lucas and his physician wife, Weather. Now, she's 24, a college graduate and off on her own working in a ho-hum job for a U.

When he learns of her unrest, he gives her an assignment of looking into the theft of oil from several Texas companies. The am As a longtime reader of this author's series featuring U. The amount of oil missing and how much money the thefts amount to - chickenfeed in the overall scheme of oil industry profits - aren't of serious interest, but the senator is curious about where the profits are going and wants to make sure it's not to a right-wing militia group.

In part because Letty is still green around the ears when it comes to investigative skills, she's teamed with John Kaiser, a Department of Homeland Security investigator. At first, she's not delighted with that and neither is he, but they manage to put those feelings aside and, ultimately, develop real respect for each other if it matters, he won me over as well.

The thinking is that a woman who runs a far-right website and a male accomplice may be behind the thefts; when Letty and John head for Texas and find a couple of dead bodies clearly related to the two suspects, it moves into the sure-thing department and the chase is on. But exactly who they're chasing and what they're planning to do isn't quite so clear; all Letty and John know for sure is that many lives could be in the balance if they can't figure it out in time.

Readers, of course, come along for the ride as chapters shift from the perspectives of the heroes and villains before reaching an explosive conclusion. From this reader's perspective, it was a heck of a journey - during which Letty earned her investigator stripes and made a believer out of me. Already, I'm looking forward to her next adventure. Meantime, thanks to the publisher, via NetGalley, for the opportunity to read and review a pre-release copy of this one. Well done! View 2 comments. Mar 23, Jean rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , netgalley , mystery , thriller.

Her desk job offered too little excitement. The senator, however, has other things in mind for Letty. He tears up her resignation and offers her an investigative job with the Department of Homeland Security. The two don't immediately bond, but good chemistry sometimes takes a while.

I enjoyed watching these two work together. There are rumors about various militia groups, including one that is led by a mystery woman. Jane Jael Hawkes is former Army. Feeling stuck with no future, she decides to do something about it. There are some long sections that describe the group and the members interactions with one another.

It had the makings of a horror story, ala January 6, While the gun-toting mentality is spooky, I did get some chuckles along the way. Sandford gets in some jabs at the GOP and right-wing groups. I should point out that Letty and John both love their guns. Letty has killed more than once.

She is like her adoptive father in that regard, pragmatic and focused. As former military, John has different experiences; those experiences prove invaluable when they get to Texas. I got more and more invested as I continued reading. I enjoyed the investigatory parts of the story the most.

Letty shows that she can be a take-charge person and a great problem solver. For those who love action, there is plenty of it. The plot is well constructed and frighteningly believable, at least from the militia perspective. I will add that despite the violence, both of our protagonists have a very human, compassionate side, which takes the edge off the terror of what is portrayed in this book.

My thanks to NetGalley, G. My thoughts and opinions are my own. At that time she was a twelve-year-old muskrat trapper named Letty West. She was adopted by Lucas and Weather and has appeared in several of the Prey novels and as her character developed I always thought it would be interesting to see her as the protagonist. With this story that has happened. Someone though must know about her background and skills because the story opens with her hiding outside an office building until after everyone has left.

She then sneaks into one of the offices and gets into a computer and starts opening files. She obtains proof that a couple has been stealing campaign funds from Senator Colles. Letty is bored with her desk job and has given notice but the senator recognizes her abilities and is not about to lose her. Using his position as chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Office, Colles offers Letty a job as an investigator job with Homeland Security but reporting to the senator.

Someone has been stealing crude oil from small oil companies in Texas. Homeland Security isn't worried about the oil but rather the money the thieves are making from the thefts. Rumor is that the thieves are members of a militia group. What are they planning? Letty is partnered with John Kaiser It takes a little while before the two warm up to each other and become a team.

It took me a while to warm up to the new Letty. She started out as someone with an attitude and a little over the top. Not very believable. As I got into the story I started to enjoy it more. There were also moments that reminded me of the rioters who stormed the nation's capitol on January 6th in an attempt to overturn the election.

But there is also plenty of Sandford's humor along the way. It sounds like this is the first book in a new series featuring Letty. I will be interested to see in what direction it goes. View all 5 comments. Apr 08, Bam cooks the books ;- rated it really liked it Shelves: thriller-suspense , netgalley , reads. Another exciting thriller from author John Sandford.

This time around he's launching a spinoff series featuring Lucas Davenport's adopted daughter, Letty. An oil company executive and his wife have gone missing so their first job is to figure out what's happened to them. Have they run off or are they dead? They follow the money, which seems to point to a militia group working the Texas border. Smart investigative work that occasionally crosses the line of legality drives this thriller.

Lots of guns and exciting action, if you are into that sort of thing. Letty is young and a little bit of a loose canon--after all, she's a product of her crazy life experiences. I liked how she seems willing to learn from Kaiser, the seasoned ex-Army soldier, as well. There's a satisfying ending that leaves the door open just a little for future stories.

Fans of Sandford's Prey series will certainly enjoy this new spinoff. I received an arc of this new thriller from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks for the opportunity. Jun 14, Kathleen rated it really liked it. Letty Davenport, U. Senator Christopher Colles is a member of the committee overseeing the Department of Homeland Security and suggests that Letty might enjoy following up on reports that hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil are being stolen.

More importantly, he would like her to use her research skills to determine what the thieves are funding with their ill-gotten gains. Are the funds being used Letty Davenport, U. Are the funds being used for something that may present a national security threat? Colles partners her up with investigator John Kaiser, a former Delta Force veteran. Enjoy this action-packed thriller. I had no problem believing the character in this book and I may even continue to follow the series but I am growing weary of Sanford showing his political leanings.

Renee He is more subtle with his political leanings than Michael Connelly. I quit reading his, two books ago, which happen to be Renee Ballard books. May 14, 3 no 7 rated it it was amazing Shelves: books A blue-eyed young woman waits. Adrenalin kicks in, and readers turn the pages.

Problems unfold that are numerous, multifaceted, and laden with political ramifications. The problems are created by complex, scheming, and deceptive people, and it will take people just as complex to solve them. Characters are introduced with complete backgrounds including idiosyncrasies and talents.

They have diverse jobs, personalities, and social inclinations. Readers know who they and what they are. They see things as they are, and project out both the actions and their consequences. The story is told from alternation points of view so readers know what participants do not.

People are professional, and deal with multiple complex problems at any given time. There are murders to be solved, and murders to be prevented. Putnam's Sons Publishing. Conflict and tension permeate the narrative, and it is a thrill ride from the first page to the last. This is book one in a new series featuring Letty Davenport, and I will certainly be reading the next book!

May 10, Julie rated it it was amazing. While the Prey series remains my favorite, I also have read and enjoyed every novel in the Kidd and Virgil Flowers series. We all have favorite authors whose passion for writing seemed to wane once they had written a few bestsellers, earned a lot of money, and became household names.

The prolific John Sandford, with over forty bestsellers, is not one of those authors. He continues to pour his best efforts and considerable writing skills, honed to a razor-sharp edge during his days as a journalist, into every book. Sandford has never written a bad book, in my estimation. The Investigator is no exception. His writing is as crisp and fresh as ever. On the verge of quitting her boring, low-ranking senatorial assistant and researcher job, twenty-four-year-old Letty Davenport reconsiders when her boss, Senator Christopher Colles, offers her a new position.

With the change in assignment, Letty partners with DHS agent John Kaiser, a former Delta operator, and veteran of multiple combat tours. The pair travel to West Texas to investigate crude oil thefts from some Permian Basin producers. Their objective is not to bust the oil thieves, a matter for local law enforcement, but to determine what the crooks are buying with the oil money. But after stumbling onto a double homicide, Davenport and Kaiser find themselves up against heavily armed, ruthless members of a far-right militia group led by a shadowy woman who goes by the nom de guerre, Jael.

After uncovering that the militia group has got their hands on stolen military explosives and seems bent on pulling off some kind of terrorist attack, Letty and her partner must find a way to stop them before there is a mass casualty event. Imagine how thrilled I was to get my hands on an advance copy from the publisher more than seven months before its release. The hardest part of being a John Sandford fan has always been waiting impatiently for the next book to come out.

Even as a twelve-year-old, due to her difficult upbringing, Letty was always been smart and tough as nails. Every Prey novel since Naked Prey has mentioned Letty, and she has been a key supporting character in some. So it seemed almost inevitable that once Letty reached adulthood, like prominent Prey series character Virgil Flowers, she would eventually star in a series spinoff of her own.

Enter The Investigator. Fans of the Prey series will know that Letty and Lucas are kindred spirits. So, unsurprisingly, in The Investigator, Letty Davenport proves a near-perfect archetype of her father, Lucas. Unfortunately, as painful as it is to admit, Lucas Davenport is getting old for a credible law enforcement officer after thirty-one books.

We must assume that the Prey series is likely approaching its logical conclusion. This series will make a worthy replacement. Using effective flashbacks, Sandford tells us all we need to know about Letty—her difficult childhood, her adoption, character, and worldview.

Besides Letty, I also truly liked the John Kaiser character, her partner. He reminds me a good bit of Bob Mattes, a deputy marshal with the U. As usual, he uses multiple points of view so that we not only understand who the bad boys and girls are but what they intend to do and why.

What I think made the plot particularly interesting and realistic is that Sandford chose the circumstances on which to create it based on two things most of us are well familiar with—far-right militias think ex-Army soldier and domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh and the Branch Davidian religious cult , and immigration which the current southern border crisis has thrust back into the center of public debate with the unprecedented numbers of migrants entering the country.

The author features both themes prominently in this novel. Having watched the video of a recent John Sandford interview, I knew his editor told him the ending seemed flat and recommended a re-write. Evidently, the author punched it up marvelously since I found the ending very satisfying. The Investigator, published by G. As I mentioned at the start, I received an advance copy of the book from the publisher via NetGalley used for this review, representing my honest and unbiased opinions.

View 1 comment. Letty Davenport is a chip off the old "Lucas Davenport" block in a spinoff of John Sandford's hugely popular crime fiction series. Daughter Letty is a smart, tough and courageous young Homeland Security Investigator and dynamic protagonist. Partnered with a former Delta Master Sgt. I very much liked her character develop taking the lead in an investigation of stolen petroleum on the Texas border that morphs into a confr Letty Davenport is a chip off the old "Lucas Davenport" block in a spinoff of John Sandford's hugely popular crime fiction series.

I very much liked her character develop taking the lead in an investigation of stolen petroleum on the Texas border that morphs into a confrontation with a large right wing militia. In addition to her prowess as an investigator and shooter, she has a sharp sense of humor with a kick ass attitude. Unlike many authors of long running crime fiction series, author John Sandford has never "mailed in" a disappointing annual addition to the series and this wildly entertaining spinoff is no exception.

I highly recommended it to my esteemed GR friends. View all 3 comments. Lucas Davenport's adopted daughter Letty is now 24 years old and a Stanford graduate with a masters in economics. She's taken a desk job in Washington DC in Senator Colles office and is bored with the job and ready to quit until Colles gives her an offer that's to good to refuse. Letty takes the job as a feet on the ground investigator working with the Department of Homeland Security and is partnered with DHS investigator John Kiaser.

Someone is stealing oil from the oil fields in Texas. Why do Lucas Davenport's adopted daughter Letty is now 24 years old and a Stanford graduate with a masters in economics. Why do they want the oil and what are their plans? Together Letty and John head to Texas to investigate the oil thefts and run across a militia group called Land Division.

Then the case turns deadly and they know they're onto something much bigger than anyone expected. We were first introduced to Letty in Naked Prey and while I've liked her she has never been my favorite. I also miss the setting in Minnesota which first drew me to the Davenport and Flowers series. Having spent my life in Minnesota, without that connection it feels like something is missing.

Good but not great. Three stars. I love this series on audiobook, it's very entertaining, but I have to admit that the books start to blend into each other. But I have always been a big fan of Letty, Lucas's daughter, and her first book was as crazy good as her dad's. Looking forward to more May 18, Scott A. Miller rated it really liked it. It was great, really. But it was just another Lucas book. Letty WAS Lucas in this book.

She was too much like him. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will read the next one as soon as Sanford writes it. The story was all too real and pegged the situation in our country perfectly. So sad but true, this is our political reality. Hopefully Letty can chase down a serial killer in the next one. It will be less unsettling. Mar 21, Darcia Helle rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction , suspense-thriller-mystery , ebooks , review-copies , dnf. In fact, I gave up halfway through. I love that Letty now has her own series.

We immediately begin with a character dump. In the first three novels, he is a maverick detective with the Minneapolis Police Department. At the end of Eyes of Prey , he's forced to resign to avoid excessive force charges, partly due to his knowledge of the connection of a senior police officer to that case.

He returns in Night Prey as a deputy chief a political appointment , running his own intelligence unit. Beginning with Naked Prey , Davenport is an investigator for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety 's Bureau of Criminal Apprehension BCA , acting occasionally as a special troubleshooter for the governor of Minnesota in politically sensitive cases.

He serves in that capacity through Gathering Prey , at the end of which he quits working for the BCA, later becoming a United States marshal. The protagonist of the series, Virgil Flowers, is described as tall, lean, late thirties, three times divorced, with long hair and often wears t-shirts featuring rock bands. Virgil is an avid outdoorsman who loves fishing, and is often towing his boat, even when on duty. He's also a writer for outdoor and hunting magazines, as well as a photographer.

Series of articles on Farming Family. Pioneer Press Dispatch. Series of articles on Native Americans. St Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch [2]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American novelist and journalist. For other people with the same name, see John Camp disambiguation. For other people with the same name, see John Sandford disambiguation. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately , especially if potentially libelous or harmful. Cedar Rapids, Iowa , U.

Archived from the original on April 3, Retrieved Chippewa Herald. The New York Times. Retrieved 7 February Paul, Minn". National Public Radio.

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I wish John would go back and develope the Kidd series some more though. Before entering the U. Army and serving in Korea, he received a bachelor's degree in American history from the University of Iowa in After leaving the service, he received a master's degree in journalism from the University of Iowa. During the s, he worked at The Miami Herald, and the St. Paul Pioneer Press. In , he began researching the lives of a farm family caught in the midst of the crisis of American farming.

After winning the Pulitzer Prize, he began writing fiction. He has also written nonfiction works on plastic surgery and art. Labirint Ozon. Stolen Prey. Very Good 26 Items Good 27 Items Acceptable 1 Items 1. Not Specified 5 Items 5. Please provide a valid price range. Buying Format. All Listings. Accepts Offers. Buy It Now. Item Location. Canada Only. North America. Shipping Options. Free International Shipping. Local Pickup. Free Local Pickup. Show only. Free Returns. Returns Accepted.

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Shipping not specified. Last one. Phantom Prey by John Sanford. Cm Opens in a new window or tab Pre-Owned. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter. This page was last updated: Jun

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He needed to hold the rod in one hand, and use a net with the other … and stood helplessly looking down at the fish as it ran crazily back and forth, finally did a heavy-bodied leap, and came off. THE CAST was cut off, momentarily, at three months, and his wrist was x-rayed again, and the doc said it needed another month. A scum of dead skin covered his arm, and the muscles looked too thin—withered, Lucas thought.

The doc let him scrub the dead skin off before he put the new cast on. And lucky. Some people go six. That summer, the politicians stayed away from ostentatious felonies, as far as anyone knew—something could always pop up at a later date. Honest to God, she said she was thirty-two. The project was kept secret for fear that it would encounter media ridicule. Just as in any other state, Minnesota had plenty of crooks. Ten thousand people sat in prison, from a population a little short of six million, with a constant coming and going.

Those kinds of people were singletons, who generally acted alone, out of stupidity and greed, and, aside from the drunk drivers, were not given to repeated mayhem. He was interested in the repeaters, the professionals, the people who lived and worked in a criminal culture—bikers, gang members, burglars, robbers, pederasts, drug dealers.

Furthermore, he thought that criminals in one area would know most of the nodes for the surrounding areas, no matter how urban or rural the countryside might be, and would be attracted to those nodes when away from home. They would all know him by name, and there would be certain implicit guarantees in their transactions. Like no police comebacks. TO SET UP his system, he first had to learn about spreadsheets, and then a bit about computer secrecy: he had no interest in building a general criminal database, and needed a way to keep the work away from prying cop eyes.

So Lucas had spent the summer talking on the phone, taking long rides out into the countryside to meet unusual men and women at sandwich shops and parks, filling out the database. Paul area was the largest size he could comprehend. In Los Angeles, a cop was caught in a blizzard of shit, and there was never any way to tell where the shit was coming from.

You get three murdered in Venice, and the killer was almost as likely to come from Portland or St. Louis as from LA; was likely to be unknown to the local cops. Serial killers had operated for decades in the LA area, without the cops even knowing about it. Chaos ruled. There were three million people outside his St.

Paul door, but he could just about understand who was out there, and where the shit was coming from. The rise of the cell phone added another aspect to it: with the cell phone, an office was anywhere you wanted it to be. At one time, you might drive out to a crime scene, however many minutes or even hours from the office, and then drive back to get started on the case.

With cell phones, you could constantly be hooked into a developing web of contacts, sources, and records. As he pulled together his intelligence nodes south of town, he asked about them—thin shaky guy, big rough woman, up to their eyebrows in meth. He yearned for a simple glazed doughnut, but not if it doomed Mother Earth.

His cell phone began ringing, and simultaneously rattling like a snake, on the table next to his hand. Shaffer and his crew are on the way. Lucas backed the Porsche out of his garage and found a gray sky and a cool day going cold; rain coming, disturbing the summer, hinting at what all Minnesotans knew in their bones: winter always comes.

The deep-green summer trees grew in close and dense, so thick that even nearby noises seemed muffled and distant, and a perfect lawn dropped down a gentle slope to Lake Minnetonka. A floating dock stuck into the lake like a finger; a fast fiberglass cruiser was tied to one side of the dock, an oversized pontoon boat to the other, ready to party.

The scene was dead quiet, except for the moaning wind in the trees. The incoming clouds were so gray and low, the house so touched with a cool decorator chic, a tightness, a foreboding, that a Hollywood camera corkscrewing down the lane to the front door would have automatically hinted at horrors to be found behind the well-scrubbed window glass.

A crazy housewife with poison, a husband with a meat cleaver in his hand, a couple of robotic kids with a long-barreled revolver and blank gray eyes…. He rubbed his face with the fingers of his left hand, which protruded from a slightly dirty-looking cast. Del Capslock followed him out onto the porch. He sniffed at the cast. He needed to wash it again. It was the dogs. Two miniature poodles and a golden retriever?

They killed them anyway. Hunted them down. They were killing everything, because they liked it. Then the boy, then the wife and daughter, then the guy. They wanted something from the guy. Del was too thin—grizzled, some would say—unshaven, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt and Nike cross-trainers.

His comment reflected an ingrained skepticism about any unsupported assertion: he wanted facts. He was more comfortable with assumption and speculation than Del. He looked up and down the street, past the cluster of official cars and vans. He could see pieces of two houses, one in each direction.

There were more along the way, but out of sight. They shot the boy three or four times. Makes me think they had silencers, makes me think they were pros, here for a reason. Then the guy, they go to work with a knife. They started out terrorizing him, ended up torturing him. Gotta be, here in the Twin Cities.

Too calculated for anything else. Shaffer says the guy ran a software place that peddles Spanish-language software down in Mexico. Lucas turned back to see a lone patrolman jogging back down the street. He was overweight, and his stomach jiggled as he ran. The patrolman cut across the lawn. He was red-faced and seemed to run out of words, tried to catch his breath.

He saw it three times, coming home, going out, and coming back from town. There for a couple hours, at least. He says it was a blue van, a Chevy, and he says the first three letters of the plate were S-K-Y. He thinks it stuck with him because of sky-blue. Sky on the plate and blue on the van. Lucas nodded. We need to run that right now. Look for blue vans. If they were professionals, they were probably wearing rubbers. We might pick up some blood or something, maybe one of them scratched or bit somebody.

Del nodded. Could have been a couple of crazy dopers thinking they kept a lot of money in the house. It looks like that stuff in Mexico. So harsh. So cruel. First cool day in a while. Lucas and Del found him in the living room, looking at the dead adult male, a notebook in his hand. He might have been taking inventory in a dime store. The dead man, who was almost certainly named Patrick Brooks, forty-five, blond, once good-looking with big white Chiclet teeth, lay on his back, on the living room carpet, in a drying circle of blood.

His arms, down to his elbows, were taped to his sides with ordinary duct tape. He had no eyes—they were over by the television. He ticked his yellow pencil at the dead man. I think they came in with guns, to keep everybody under control. Rounded them up, taped them up, put them on the floor. They started out shooting the dogs. The golden got it right here, the poodles ran into the kitchen.

Shot them there. Did the wife next: Candace. Raped her, beat her, whatever, then cut her throat. Then they did the daughter, Amelia. Then they cut her throat. She bled out, and you can see, there are a couple finger joints on her blood. It looks like they rolled across her blood and picked some of it up. The knife block is full. Looks like razors, or scalpels, and for some of it, it was probably pliers, side cutters.

You get that kind of crushing cut with side cutters. The joints are the ones on the couch. Del was talking before, about maybe some crazy guys. I think it was cold. It feels that way to me. Three or four guys. Mexico, Central America. Could be Russia. She was a quick study, and a longtime winner in the backroom battles at the Capitol. Tortured, the females raped.

Brutal, impersonal. Meant to send a message. We might never find them, truth to tell. But that suggests … suggests … that they may be looking for somebody else. The way they did this, looks like there may have been an interrogation.

To somebody else? But keep talking to him. Keep talking to him, Lucas. Probably the state senate, next year, if Hoffman retires. Then, not. But, you know, they were our people. She made a rude noise and turned to look down toward the end of the street, where the media was stacked up, out of sight. She gave them the basics, and nothing more. She used the word brutal , and refused to enlarge upon that. One of them knew a cop who was working the roadblock, and Channel Eleven headlined his comments: rape, torture, murder.

Finger joints, eyeballs, castration, throats cut with razors. The message on the wall. Neither he nor anyone else answered the home phone, and his cell phone rang and was never picked up. The vice president for sales, named Bell, had had a bad feeling about it. As she ran back down the street, she called , and then her husband, who called back to Sunnie with a garbled story of blood and murder. Several of them told him to shut up, and guiltily gave thanks for their neatly coiffed hair.

Sanderson was getting ready to go home: she worked the six-to-two shift, while Turicek came in at noon and took it until eight. They were alone, with a bank of computers. Turicek had seen a fragment of a story on a television in the Skyway, and now had one of the computers set to catch the Web broadcast from Channel Eleven.

A thin schizophrenic with blond, frizzy hair and a fine white smile, when she used it, she was pale as a sheet of printer paper, one hand to her mouth. They were alone in the security area, but cameras peered down at them from the end of the work bay. In his experience, somebody was always listening.

Or you should go see him. Jacob Kline normally worked an eight-to-four shift, but was out, sick, again. I should probably go see him. He turned to her, worried. Sanderson suffered from a range of mild psychological disorders, and he considered her fragile. If a number was out of place, Sanderson could sense it and push it back where it belonged.

That made her an excellent programmer and an asset for a bank. But still, she was a head case, and, at times, delicate. We know nothing. If they get to us? Eyeballs gouged out and cut throats? No thank you. No thank you! Turicek dropped his voice. That stopped her. Not enough to risk moving. She was standing on the Vegas strip, outside Treasure Island; it was degrees and an obscenely fat woman was rolling down the sidewalk toward her, carrying a small dog and wearing what looked like a tutu.

She did speak Arabic well enough to fake her way past North African Arabs, or Iranians, who got most of their Arabic from the Koran, but if she ran into a Jordanian, or a Lebanese, or an Iraqi, she could be in trouble. That was just the way of the world, she thought: set up to fuck with you.

This killing? We need to be really quiet. Some reason to jack up the purchases. There are not that many goddamn Arab women running out the door with a quarter million in gold. Getting the gold was the touchy part. There were gold dealers all over the place, and they sold a lot of gold—but they might start to wonder if the amounts got too big. They might wonder about drugs, or spies, or terrorists, or something…. Do that, Ivan. Or have these crazy people come down on us.

She glanced nervously up and down the street: the fat woman was receding in the distance. Albitis worried about her epithets. She suspected they did not. Paul, fifteen or twenty minutes apart. The Mexicans had checked in two days before, a half hour apart, small young men—two of them were still teenagers—but with muscles in their arms and faces, no bellies at all; and with hard eyes that reminded the owner of the obsidian-black marbles of his childhood, the ones called peeries.

They checked in a half hour apart, and got separate rooms, but they were together. An illegal Latino was cleaning up around the place, saw them check in, and told the owner he was going to take the next day or two off. It occurred to the owner that the temporary departure of his wage slave might have something to do with the small men. Lucas decided to swing by on his way back to the BCA offices to sniff around and get a feel for the Brooks operation. He left the car on the street and climbed the internal stairs to the third floor; the office was glass and gray carpet, with potted palms sitting around on redbrick room dividers.

The place smelled like feminine underarm deodorant and carpet cleaner. A dozen employees were sitting in a low-walled cube farm, each with his or her own computer, but nobody was working. A BCA agent named Jones was keeping an eye on them. Not seeing much yet. We already talked to the office manager.

She said some of the sales are down in the Southwest, but most of them are south of the border—Mexico and Central America. They do some down in South America, Colombia and Venezuela. They only did about two million in sales last year. Brooks took out about two hundred thousand, himself.

Jones shrugged. Chang, Agent Chang, said they thought maybe a Mexican drug gang did it. What does that have to do with us? We like Mexicans. Half the people working here are Mexicans, or Panamanians. God, those poor kids. One possibility. Not that I can think of. Why would they go through us? Lucas turned his palms up. Possibly in this company.

Did Mr. Brooks speak Spanish? He was fluent. His idea was, get some of these really good, inexpensive, second-level software packages—business software, games, whatever—and translate them into Spanish. As far as he knew, they were straight. I think his brother chipped in.

When we started, there were only three of us, full-time, Pat and me and Bob Farmer, who was the computer expert. Contract work. Nobody thought … this could happen. Never in a million years. He thanked her and left her in the office. Chang shook his head. The confusion feels real. Maybe the accountants will have something. He is the author of the Prey novels, the Kidd novels, the Virgil Flowers novels, and six other books, including three YA novels co-authored with his wife Michele Cook. Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness. Enhance your purchase. A senseless slaughter leads Lucas Davenport down a twisted path in this thriller from the 1 New York Times bestselling author. Lucas Davenport has seen many terrible murder scenes. This is one of the worst. In the Minnesota town of Wayzata, an entire family has been killed—husband, wife, two kids, dogs.

But this is a seriously upscale town, the husband ran a modest software company, the wife dabbled in local politics. None of it seems to fit. Until it does Previous page. Print length. Putnam's Sons. Publication date. John Sandford - Il piacere di uccidere. John Sandford - Codice di caccia. John Sandford - Le prede della notte. John Sandford - Preda facile. John Sandford - Preda nuda.

John Sandford - La missione di Clara Rinker. John Sandford - Il punto debole. John Sandford - Gli occhi della preda. John Sandford - La notte della preda. The Night Crew - John Sandford x. The Night Crew - John Sandford kickass. Golden Prey - John Sandford kickass.

Golden Prey - John Sandford x. Twisted Prey - John Sandford kickass. Twisted Prey - John Sandford x. John Sandford -Outrage [audio] thepiratebay John Sandford -Escape Clause thepiratebay John Sandford -Deep Freeze [audio] kickass. John Sandford Collection ebooks epub format thepiratebay John Sandford -Dead Watch [audio] thepiratebay John Sandford -Heat Lightning thepiratebay John Sandford -Golden Prey [audio] thepiratebay John Sandford -Twisted Prey [audio] thepiratebay John Sandford -Heat Lightning kickass.

John Sandford -Gathering Prey thepiratebay John Sandford -Dark of the Moon thepiratebay John Sandford -Dead Watch [audio] kickass. John Sandford -Shadow Prey kickass. John Sandford - Prey series Retail thepiratebay John Sandford - Invisible Prey thepiratebay Mad River By John Sandford thepiratebay John Sandford -Rules of Prey thepiratebay John Sandford -Golden Prey [audio] kickass. John Sandford -Gathering Prey kickass. John Sandford -Outrage [audio] kickass.

John Sandford -Night Crew [audio] kickass. John Sandford -Twisted Prey [audio] kickass. John Sandford -Broken Prey kickass. John Sandford -Escape Clause kickass. John Sandford -Dark of the Moon kickass.

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