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cardfight vanguard 30 vostfr torrent

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Vanguard is a reboot of the original series. The reboot started airing on May 5, and ended on May 4, Vanguard: High School Arc Cont. Vanguard: Shinemon started airing on August 24, Vanguard Gaiden if was originally scheduled to premiere on April 25, A new anime series Cardfight!! Aichi Sendou, the protagonist of the show, is a timid young boy in his third year of junior high school. The one thing that keeps him going is his trading card Blaster Blade from Cardfight!! Vanguard , a trading card game that takes place on a different planet called "Cray" and is popular throughout the world.

There, Aichi has his first cardfight with Toshiki Kai, an aloof and cold-hearted high schooler who has outstanding abilities and who originally gave Aichi his Blaster Blade when Aichi was little. Aichi wins the fight, reclaiming Blaster Blade , and begins to enjoy a fulfilling life as he delves deeper into Vanguard.

Aichi's primary goal throughout the series is to become a stronger fighter, so he can once again battle Kai and have him recognize his worth. Aichi eventually places high enough at a local tournament to join with Kai, Misaki Tokura, and Kamui Katsuragi to form Team Quadrifoglio "Q4" for short. Together, they enter regional and national tournaments to test their skills against fighters from all over Japan.

Aichi's principal rival becomes Ren Suzugamori, a powerful but despicable cardfighter who is the leader of the reigning national champion team. Ren eventually makes Aichi awaken a power that Ren also possesses: Psyqualia, a psychic-like ability that lets its user foresee victory in cardfights.

However, Aichi's usage of Psyqualia slowly distorts him into becoming a dark person like Ren. Thanks to Kai's efforts, Aichi decides to no longer use Psyqualia and reverts to his normal self. When Aichi battles Ren at the finals of the national championships, it is revealed that Cray is real, and Psyqualia is the power given to those who will determine Cray's future.

Aichi manages to reconcile his good-natured personality with his dark desires to become stronger. Aichi defeats Ren, and Team Q4 becomes the national champions of Japan. The season concludes with Aichi's Psyqualia mysteriously vanishing and Kai fulfilling Aichi's wish to cardfight him again. Shortly after Q4 wins the national tournament, a strange phenomenon occurs when Aichi meets a young boy named Takuto Tatsunagi. Aichi reunites with Q4 excluding Kai and travels across Asia to participate in the Vanguard Fight Circuit, an invitational multi-stage tournament featuring the world's best cardfighters, for the opportunity to meet and seek answers from the sponsor, Takuto.

Throughout the circuit, Aichi, whose Psyqualia has reactivated, encounters a mix of familiar friends and new rivals. One noteworthy rival is Team Dreadnought's Leon Soryu, a man possessing Psyqualia who is on a mission to lead the second coming of both his family and the long-lost Aqua Force clan.

Furthermore, Leon is exposed as having made an alliance with Void, allowing the three clans to be sealed away in exchange for Void's promise to return Aqua Force to power. In a final confrontation, Aichi defeats Leon, who had absorbed Void's power. With a reformed Leon's help, Aichi uses his Gold Paladins to drive Void out of Cray and subsequently free the captured clans. The VF Circuit concludes with Q4 crowned as the winning team. Afterward, life returns to normal, except that Aichi now has a new deck featuring his signature Royal Paladin units as Gold Paladins.

Aichi enters his first year of high school at Miyaji Academy, where the instructors and students focus on looking towards the future and studying. Aichi thinks Vanguard can be a future that people can believe in, and he tries to establish a Cardfight Club on campus. Despite the interference of the Student Council, he manages to recruit the requisite five members for the club: Kourin Tatsunagi, Naoki Ishida, Shingo Komoi, and Misaki, who is also a Miyaji Academy student but was reluctant to join the club.

Kai remarks on how much stronger both Aichi and Ren have become. The second major story arc of the season revolves around an extraterrestrial entity called "Link Joker", the clan which is the avatar of Void. Various fighters become corrupted by Void's power and turn into "Reversed" fighters driven to seek out stronger opponents and bring them under Void's influence. Kai visits Takuto to seek answers, and in a moment of weakness while cardfighting the Reversed Takuto, he allows himself to become Reversed in exchange for additional power.

More and more cardfighters around the world become Reversed, including several of Aichi's friends. Although Ren and Leon manage to fend off and free their respective comrades from Reverse, Aichi is unaware of what is happening until he sees Reversed Takuto announcing the end of the world. At first hesitant to face his Reversed friends, especially Kai, Aichi eventually resolves himself to fight them to save the world.

After many battles, Aichi and his friends emerge victorious over Link Joker, but at the cost of losing the original Takuto. Moreover, Aichi faces Kai in one last fight to decide the strongest fighter. In the end, Aichi wins after Kai realizes what a true friend Aichi has been for him.

Several days after the mortal battle against Link Joker, life seems to have returned to normal. However, Aichi Sendou, the hero who saved the earth from the invasion of Link Joker and Void, has disappeared, and Kai, his closest friend "mate" , seems to be the only person who remembers him.

After receiving a Royal Paladin deck containing a new version of Aichi's avatar card Blaster Blade , Kai sets out not only to remind everyone about Aichi but also find him. Kai manages to gather other comrades who remember Aichi: Naoki, Misaki, his classmate Miwa, and Kamui. However, Kai realizes that Kourin is also missing.

His investigation leads to the discovery of four magically-gifted cardfighters called the Quatre Knights: Olivier Gaillard, Phillip Neve, Rati Curti, and Raul Serra, who intend to stop anyone finding Aichi. Ren gives Kai a tip to Aichi's location where he discovers that Kourin is allied with the Quatre Knights, and Aichi was behind both the memory loss and the Quatre Knights. During training with Leon, Kai gains new resolve and returns to using a Kagero deck. Naoki spies Serra's butler Morris entering a portal leading to a sanctuary on the moon where Aichi is located.

Kai and his friends are confronted by Serra when they enter the sanctuary. They learn that in order to awaken Aichi they must defeat the four Quatre knights to break the four seals, but if they lose in the sanctuary they lose their memories of Aichi.

With only Kai and Naoki remaining, Kai battles Gaillard, who blames Kai for the Link Joker incident and will not allow him to free Aichi because of it. Despite this, Kai defeats Gaillard, releasing the second seal. Suddenly, Serra arrives and uses his ice magic to imprison Kai, Naoki, and Gaillard.

It is then that Gaillard reveals the truth; a Link Joker "seed" was implanted inside Aichi's body after he defeated Reversed Takuto. To contain the seed, Aichi now wants to seal himself away in the sanctuary with the Quatre Knights as his guardians. However, Serra reveals that his plan all along was to use Kai and his friends to weaken the seals, release the seed within Aichi, and obtain its power all for himself.

Having discovered the meaning of "mates" thanks to Kai and Aichi, Gaillard finds new resolve and defeats Serra, stripping him of his powers and banishing him from the sanctuary. With Serra gone, Gaillard resets his sights towards Kai and fights him again. Kai defeats Gaillard again and then faces Aichi for a final battle.

After Kai makes Aichi realize that sealing himself away was wrong, Kai defeats him. The Link Joker seed then tries to implant itself into Kai's body but is then broken apart by Blaster Blade. Nevertheless, the shattered pieces of the seed enter the bodies of each of Aichi's friends and will grow benign over time. Afterwards, Aichi, Kai, and the rest of their friends return to their normal lives.

Aichi and Kai face each other in one last shop tournament, and despite the different paths they will take in the future, they know they will meet again as long as they keep playing Vanguard. Set 3 years later after the events of Legion Mate, the story follows Chrono Shindou, an apathetic teenager who finds a Vanguard deck and a map in his school locker one day.

Following the map, he is led to Card Capital 2, a card shop where he meets Kamui Katsuragi who works part-time there. After being taught how to play Vanguard and winning his first fight against Kamui, Chrono begins his venture in the world of Vanguard. Chrono finds Vanguard enjoyable, so he decides to return to Card Capital 2, where he takes up a quest and becomes a Grade 1 fighter.

Then, he meets and fights Kouji Ibuki, who reveals that Chrono is and always has been completely alone. As a result, Ibuki crushes Chrono with no difficulty and refuses to even tell Chrono his name until Chrono becomes stronger. FIVA is holding a national tournament, and the only one not fired up is Tokoha. Being the younger sister of Mamoru, she is tired of being forced to live up to her brother's legacy.

Meanwhile, Chrono is trying to get to Grade 3 so he can enter the tournament. They ultimately turn out to be a formidable foe. Chrono beats their first fighter with no problems. Unfortunately, Shion and Tokoha ultimately lose in the second two games. In the aftermath of their defeat, Chrono's aunt discovers Chrono's new hobby and reveals the truth behind the disappearance of his father. They find that the United Sanctuary branch is turning fighters into people obsessed with victory, and challenge the Branch leader over the management of the United Sanctuary branch.

Those who conquer the 6 Branch Quests will be honored with the title "Generation Master", and the chance to become a Clan Leader. The three members of TRY3 are all fired up by the new goal ahead of them, but behind the scenes, a massive plot that would lead to the destruction of Vanguard has been set in motion Will Vanguard be led to a perfect future?

The fight to save the Zodiac Time Beasts and Vanguard itself! The second part of Plan G is now in action! Five months have passed after Team TRY3's battle against the Company and the team decided to split up and go their separate ways with all three of them enrolling to different high schools. Chrono forms a new team with Taiyou Asukawa and Kazuma Shouji, a gloomy boy who attends the same school as Chrono.

Shion and Tokoha have formed their own teams as well. What new challenges await Chrono in the aftermath of all these changes? The final season of the G Series. A group of six units from Planet Cray, called the "Apostles", have invaded Earth. Armed with the power of the six Zeroth Dragons, the Apostles aim to revive the sealed Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze who attempted to destroy Cray in the past.

The final battle between the Vanguards and the Dragon Deity of Destruction begins. A reboot of the original Cardfight Vanguard with Aichi Sendou, the rest of Q4, and other returning characters from the original series. Starting 15 years before the first V series season, this season focuses on Shinemon Nitta, the present manager of Card Capital, attempting to save the shop from becoming a branch of Cardshop: Esuka.

The final season of the V Series. Dubbed episodes also began being released on YouTube from May 29, Hulu began hosting the English-dubbed version on August 26, in partnership with Aniplex of America. An official card game by Bushiroad was released on February 26, The English release of the game was first produced in Singapore on May 5, It has continued to be released internationally since May 12, The basic premise of the trading card game, as explained in the anime, is that the two players represent "astral spirits" duelling on the fictional planet Cray.

The cards in the players' decks, called "Units", represent characters from Cray that players can "Call" to the field to fight for them. Players alternate turns calling, attacking, and defending with units. Vanguard cards are sold in Booster Sets, Extra Boosters, and Trial Decks, each containing a selection of new cards and occasionally reprints. SP cards are alternate versions of lower-rarity cards in the same set, but have different flavor text and sometimes artwork.

Cards of R rarity or higher also have special holographic foiling patterns, which vary depending on set and rarity. With Kerokero Ace ceasing publication with its September issue, new chapters of the manga continued starting with the first issue of Monthly Bushiroad magazine. Vertical has licensed the manga series and began releasing it in North America on April 29, A side story referred as Episode 0 was released on May 23, Its storyline follows Toshiki Kai's childhood.

The first chapter of the spinoff was released with the sixth chapter of the main manga series. Mini Vanguard is a short yonkoma comedy manga by Quily featuring all of the characters as super deformed. Like the original manga series, Mini Vanguard continued in the first issue of Monthly Bushiroad magazine after the final September issue of Kerokero Ace magazine.

Another spin-off manga series titled Cardfight!! Its story focuses on the lore of the Cardfight!! Vanguard trading card game. A page novel based on the anime series was released in Japan on May 15, A mobile app game titled Cardfight!! Vanguard Planet Wars [36] was released on March 12, It is a strategy role-playing game and is region-locked to prevent devices outside Japan from installing it.

A Nintendo 3DS video game adaption titled Cardfight!! Vanguard: Ride to Victory!! The game features an original story which stars a new cardfighter protagonist who is aiming to win at a national tournament. A second 3DS game adaption titled Cardfight!! Vanguard: Lock on Victory!! This game's story is based on the Link Joker arc of the anime series. A downloadable game for Microsoft Windows titled Cardfight!! Online was planned to be released in early , but cancelled.

The game was intended to be free-to-play with in-game transactions. On January 14, , Cardfight!! A video game for Nintendo Switch titled Cardfight!! A mobile app titled Cardfight!! Vanguard Zero was released globally on April 9, Many mechanics from the original card game have been changed in favor of fast game play over full simulation.

A live-action minute drama titled Stand Up! Vanguard was aired on May 3, Two of Breakerz's songs, "Climber x Climber" and "Nonai Survivor" , are used as background music for this drama as well as some live-action Cardfight!!

Vanguard commercials. Much like in the anime, this drama features cameo appearances of the main characters of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. In this case, three girls cosplay as Nero, Cordelia, and Hercule as one of the teams in the Vanguard team tournament.

Daigo is a wanderer who claims to be a genius and strongly believes in justice. One day, at a playground, he sees Hiroki Miura being bullied by other kids, including his classmate Teru Minamihara. Daigo attempts to save the day, but he gets beaten up in Hiroki's place. The kids' homeroom teacher, Maria Kagami, arrives to the scene and scares the bullies away. As Hiroki walks back home, Maria explains to Daigo about how Hiroki is a timid boy who never speaks his mind, which has warranted him to be picked on.

To help Hiroki and win Maria's affection , Daigo gets a job as a special teacher at the school. As we are overhauling major features, we will need more time for development. In addition to the overhaul, we are working to implement some of the features highly suggested by players during the Closed Beta Test. We will only announce the dates for the next phase of Closed Beta phase when we are ready. We are not announcing any specific dates for the Open Beta nor release date yet.

Changer la langue. Voir version ordi. Installer Steam. Il n'est maintenant visible que par vous. Cet article est incompatible avec Greenlight. Description Discussions 74 Annonces 9 Commentaires Description Discussions Annonces Commentaires. Genre: Strategy , Casual , Free to play. Platforms: PC. Languages: English. Players: Multi-player.

Bushiroad Hors ligne. Words from the Cardfight!! Online Team 8 mai - Bushiroad. En savoir plus. Enter a whole new world of "Cardfight!! Vanguard" with "Cardfight!! MosNue 19 nov. Come back pls. I wanna to play this game.

Rurs 15 juil.

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