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pumpkinhead movie torrents 1989

A man conjures up a gigantic vengeance demon called Pumpkinhead to destroy the teenagers who accidentally killed his son. Genre: Fantasy, Horror. Download YIFY Movies: Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat, The Curse of the Komodo, The Witch Who Came from the Sea, Maniac Cop, Forest Warrior, Pumpkinhead. Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings () Yify Movies - Download YTS movie torrent, Thrill-seeking teenagers resurrect a demon from his grave and a. CS SOURCE DOWNLOAD NO TORRENT Comodo SecureBox uses Last post by that you are code available for that you have by following the version of the into environments of. Identify which applications are being used, and raw files. For example, use this table and local recording is done to the.

Loading video, please wait Synopsis Mark Ravenna, a famous Italian horror film director, sets out to script his latest film entitled 'Suspiria : De Profundis'. Luigi Cozzi. Urbano Barberini as Marc Ravenna. Caroline Munro as Nora. Brett Halsey as Leonard Levin. Luisa Maneri as Sara. Tech specs p. Blu p. Blu 1. January 01, Home Trending Browse. Kevin Tenney. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Linnea Quigley Suzanne and special effects artist Steve Johnson met when she came in to get the mold for her fake breasts done.

They were later married. Goofs In the convenience store, the repeated sounds from the arcade machine are actually from the Atari home version of Pac-Man. Quotes Stooge : Eat a bowl of fuck! The following scenes included in the unrated version were cut from the theatrical release to earn an MPAA rating of "R" rather than an "X": The scene in which Angela bites off Stooge's tongue is a few seconds longer with a little bit more blood.

When Suzanne gouges out Jay's eyes, the shot lingers slightly longer, exposing more gore. The close up shot of the razor blade ripping from the old man's throat is slightly extended with more gore. Additional scenes, cut from the R-rated version for content or running time, include: In the convenience store scene at the beginning of the unrated version, Linnea Quigley's character asks the two male clerks if they have "Sour Balls". In the R rated version, she simply walks past them, and out of the store.

In the unrated version, the party scene is a little longer with more exposition. There are substantially more shots of Angela floating through the hallway. For reasons still unknown, the giant demon head that appears over Hull House at the end of the film has animated glowing red eyes in the unrated version, but does not in the R-rated theatrical cut.

User reviews Review. Top review. This film has the best that 80's horror had to offer without none of the crap. I could never remember if the film was actually any good because a lot of films back then I have fond memories of but now in recent viewing I see that they're not actually that good. But my fears were quickly put to rest when I saw this bad boy of an 80's classic.

How hard does it rock? It rocks all kinds of ass. It owns the 80's movie. It is what I think about good 80's horror. Script wise It's tightly written, funny as hell, has great characters,a great plot and an interesting take on the haunted house set up. But best of all this film isn't just a horror movie The humor comes naturally and isn't forced and is never too cute for it's own good. The writer knew what kind of film he was making and so he kept everything to make it fit in it's own tone.

But best of all the film has a timeless and never feels dated. This film came out about 18 years ago and it's still freaking fun as hell. The jokes still keep me laughing and I've seen it a bunch of times since. I laugh out loud ever single time. Hell, the lines in this film are so damn catchy and the actors deliver them with such life that I can't help but to love them.

Man, the script is so well done that I actually know them by heart. I can repeat every catchy line from the film out of the blue and they still make me laugh. I love it. What makes it so great it has a perfect mix of laughs and pure horror. This film is for fans of the genre and they give the fans what they want This film captures an era where horror was fun and wasn't scared to try new things while still delivering a good film.

It's a classic. Cast wise They all know how to deliver their lines and they know how to keep their characters alive and fun. First let's start off with our lead Cathy Podewell as Judy" the good girl virgin". You know what I love her performance. That's it.

I love her in this film. She's really sweet and I love her acting You know what I know what I mean. She's not really a great actress but she's on that boarder line of being wonderfully bad. A lot of people won't like her but I love her.

She's adorable and cute. They both are funny as hell have some of the best lines in the film. They are a blast. I love both their characters. But it's their acting and personalities which makes us like their "jerk" characters in the film. They're both jerks but fun jerks. Everyone else is great to in our group of teens.

Directing wise I love director Keven S. I love his directing on this film. I adore it, I study it and marvel at it. It's amazing. For the first 40 minutes it's mostly a comedy but he shoots it in a very interesting way. He has kick ass angles, camera moves and I just dug everything he brought to the table.

The man knows how to make a cool looking film. I love his shots.

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pumpkinhead movie torrents 1989

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It's the biggest motivation to help us to make the site better. Report an Issue. Pumpkinhead Video: No video Wrong video Other Please describe below. Send Report. Create Account. Create an account to enjoy more features Username. Email address. Password confirmation. Already have an account? Sign in. Sign In. Your account. Password Forgot your password? Remember me. Don't have an account? Reset Password. This film stands as one of the most underrated I have seen.

It has a compelling story of a father's love and the powerful grip of vengeful desires. It is well acted, has amazing creature affects, and takes the road less traveled by most horror films. It takes no easy ways out. The plot prefers to turn slowly into a gnarled tale of battling with an inner demon. The lighting in the fog and the mere visual presence of the witch, Haggis, with her wispy hairs in the fire light, are genuinely creepy.

I think Lance Henriksen gives one of his best performances in this film. Definitely give it a look if you haven't yet. Ed Harley lives with his young son in the country, where they live a simple life and run a small store. Some city teens stop by at the store and get on their bikes for some fun.

While this is happening Ed leaves his son to look after the shop as he delivers a item to a customer. When Ed arrives back he finds out his boy has been accidentally killed by one the careless riders. In fist of anger he seeks out an old lady who can summon up a demon which shall exact revenge on those involved in the death of his son. However, Ed starts to realise it was a bad idea and he eventually finds out that conjuring up this demon comes at a price.

Oh hail, B-legend Lance Henriksen! It's Henriksen's burning conviction and special effects whiz Stan Winston's masterful monster design that lifts this B-grade monster feature out of the very ordinary mould. I can see why those factors get highly praised.

Pretty much it's typical 80s horror fodder, but on that point I found this minor piece be an enthralling backwoods shocker that's effectively creepy and ominous in its set-up. The atmospheric air just has that feel of the old style monster flicks. I found it to be a vivid treasure in that department with the empty woodlands being so chillingly, foreboding in presence.

The dread of it all just swallows you up! Especially the glum conclusion. The night scenes are sensationally staged with very classy touches with the moon's rays shinning through, swirling mists and the shades of blues flood the screen with great impact. Director Stan Winston making his debut utilizes the scenery with skillful execution by giving the film such an organic feel and producing some blinding images within some eerie and thrilling set-pieces the transformation scene being one.

Chiming in also is that of the score which creaks an unsteady terror with it's alienating chords. I thought the dark feel and slick look of the film is perfect and that's rightfully so. Though, it's not without its flaws. The main one being the scratchy writing with it being riddled with cliches, loose characters and repetition.

The premise and feeble script could have done with a polish up, because the urban legend of this rural demon does make for an interesting viewing. Thrown up in the story are some thoughtful questions and a emotional edge, but still it was kinda lacking. The stock characters are reasonably an unlikeable bunch, but thank goodness Lance Henriksen gives out a powerful and hypnotic performance that you totally feel his hurt.

While, the rest of the cast were modest even if their characters are vague as can be and had very little to work with. Now the other star of the film was the magnificent, but horrific looking demon that's simply grand in stature and hands out punishment with such ease by toying around with it's victims in such a cruel manner.

Death scenes might be brutal, but if you want some gore out of those moments? There ain't any. Some blood, but no gore. But if you're looking for some suspense leading up to the kills it seems to mishandle those moments by being very foreseeable. Pacing wise the film is solid even though after the intense beginning it seems to stall for a while, well that's until Pumpkinhead reappears and things really do get going with it's quest for relentless horror.

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